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  1. sulzerned

    new toy delivered today

    Nice one .this one already looks in.good nik so enjoy it .oh and old 10ps are a must !
  2. sulzerned

    CTL Eachway Shuffle (SRU)

    Heres my double top set up and you can see the double purple coming out of the main loom and other speaker wire coming from the mpu You can see the original white speaker case too .
  3. sulzerned

    CTL Eachway Shuffle (SRU)

    Nice one ronnie .saved me.from delving into my pics I'll take a look at mine when I get home ronnie and get back to you .
  4. sulzerned

    CTL Eachway Shuffle (SRU)

    I'll take a look at mine when I get home ronnie and get back to you .
  5. sulzerned

    CTL Eachway Shuffle (SRU)

    https://rover.ebay.com/rover/0/0/0?mpre=https%3A%2F%2Fwww.ebay.co.uk%2Fulk%2Fitm%2F172419981948 Ronnie if you go down the vinyl roll option heres the link .
  6. sulzerned

    CTL Eachway Shuffle (SRU)

    No worries ron I'll take a look and get back to you .
  7. sulzerned

    CTL Eachway Shuffle (SRU)

    Ronnie that's not a original sru speaker it's too big !they sit on the wall at the back of the psu. There should be a couple of holes where it was originally fitted .the original speakers were tiny and were housed inside a white plastic case. I'm not sure but they were something like 1w speakers 1/2 ohm .someone on here will know .I'm sure I have a few spare cases if you are missing yours .you are correct with what you say about ndu it only has the one wire .I'm sure mine is connected to a spare purple wire where the main loom runs down the side of the cab from the mpu and psu.
  8. sulzerned

    CTL Eachway Shuffle (SRU)

    Here you go ronnie the edge wedge I replaced and the closest vinyl I could find .I can probably forward the link for the vinyl if you need it .
  9. sulzerned

    Can you identify this?

    Nice one stef and looks like the %is spot on .
  10. sulzerned

    CTL Eachway Shuffle (SRU)

    Good luck with this ronnie .I've been there a few times before with restorations like this so know what a headache this kind of repair will be .I've recently done a nudge shuffle which was rotten but most things are possible to repair .I replaced most of the bottom part inc front door and rear panel and cash box shelves plus the kick step .also side bit by the button panel and also the wood at the very top of the machine . I can show pics of this restoration if you d like to see it as the nudge shuffle uses the same cab . A few ideas might be to replace the side part by button panel .cut out and cut a new bit of wood .dowels /screws and glue to hold it .also replace the panel entirely on the one side that s cracked .the main problem is that I've not been able to find sheets of laminated vinyled chip board to same pattern or colour as the original .however you can get rolls of sticky backed wood effect vinyl or fablon of the same pattern.
  11. sulzerned

    Can you identify this?

    Oh yeah I remember those big Ben's. They use to stick them at the entrances of the arcades .couldn't help but have a few plays on them as they were so ludicrously big !bet the arcade owners were glad to see the back of them due to the size and where to put them !
  12. sulzerned

    Can you identify this?

    Looks like a real lovely sys85 game stef .well done for getting it .didnt think it was your your type of thing .
  13. sulzerned

    Solder Joints!

    Thanks for the offer andrew .
  14. sulzerned

    Golden ghost/golden stepper inbreed

    Well said tony dont blame you .I'm sure we'll all look out for other switch back glasses for you should they surface .
  15. sulzerned

    2 SRU machines discovered

    Very nice Chris. Poor old girls have had a good life s. Will be sad to see them go