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  1. sulzerned

    JPM, my view from the inside. Frank Bird.

    Cant believe I've missed this thread so far .awesome stuff Frank good reading
  2. sulzerned

    Maygay grandslam proconn

    Thanks lou had a feeling it was PCl .
  3. sulzerned

    Maygay grandslam proconn

    Cheere Tony. Looks like a good game .what tech is it running on?
  4. sulzerned

    BWB Line Up

    Agreed but those conversion s are just as popular with some people
  5. sulzerned

    BWB Line Up

    It was a stop the clock
  6. sulzerned

    Line UP and ACE Eclipse repairer required !

    Maybe you could put some good pictures up of both machines showing the internals and where the burning smell is emanating from . Not sure what tech the eclipse is running on so a picture of that would be handy .there are one or two on here that maybe able to help.
  7. sulzerned

    MPU4 Motherboard Repair WELL ATTEMPT

    Second that .worth a go if.you have the time rich !
  8. sulzerned

    Latest arrival

    Looks like belting electro Chris well done
  9. sulzerned

    jpm pyramid 1600 dx

    Like wise the fb sites are the best way to sell it .possibly not worth spending 25 on a permit for Ebay. Also try marketplace .
  10. sulzerned

    Golden ghost/golden stepper inbreed

    Surely if this has golden steppa roms it wont work properly as the steppa has the fourth reel cash advance feature ?🤔
  11. sulzerned

    1984 MPU3 Naughty but Nice

    Second that. Cant find much on here now
  12. sulzerned

    My YouTube channel. chris217

    Most modern upto date phones make a good vid these days .
  13. sulzerned

    Lamp Mask Creation

    Looks great stef cracking job and it works a treat. Well done
  14. sulzerned

    Gold Fever Repair

    Great machine .a good period of machine s for ace and always gave you something to play for
  15. sulzerned

    12 volt bayonet lamp

    They need to be 2.2s stef as per original spec s .1.2 s just dont light up enough in ews