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  1. sulzerned

    Jpm sys80 frog hop rebuild

    😄ain't it just mate 😄
  2. sulzerned

    Jpm sys80 frog hop rebuild

    Likewise I once lost a paytray at the powdercoaters so they ended up making me another one out of their pocket !generally I only use trusted places so not had a problem with my current chrome place and powder coaters
  3. sulzerned

    Jpm sys80 frog hop rebuild

    Thanks joe and yeah you've hit the nail on the head .its all about being able to play and recreate what we remember back in the 70+80s+90s.
  4. sulzerned

    Jpm sys80 frog hop rebuild

    Cheers chris and you can count on a vid once it's done 👍
  5. sulzerned

    Jpm sys80 frog hop rebuild

    Thanks andrew .the internal metal work was chromed except for the aluminium door stop strip which was polished .for larger items like this I use a guy locally who runs a chroming polishing company .I also got the stainless cashtray polished up too All the hinges door airvent,power supply socket retainer,light holders and door switch brackets plus polishing cost me £110 . The frames lengths are made of aluminium. As was common items like these were anadised to add protection for the soft metal .its not really possible to polished this coating up on a bench polished so just cleaning with white spirit and then use a soft cloth with cream autosol cleaner is fine .the corner sections of the frames are made of steel and chromed so only had to polish these up on my bench polisher as they were in good condition still.
  6. sulzerned

    JPM Impact repairs

    Nice work Andrew. Impressive stuff
  7. sulzerned

    Jpm sys80 frog hop rebuild

    Cheers steve
  8. sulzerned

    Jpm sys80 frog hop rebuild

    No worries rich .got to be better than hearing about the Corona virus !
  9. sulzerned

    Jpm sys80 frog hop rebuild

    Final lot of pics .the ms mech sorting tubes were fitted and manifold peice too .the door switch and test switch were cleaned and newly chromed holders attached . For some reason the conversion company had drilled out a round hole next.to the test meter door switch .i think it was for the 2p over flow tube to go into .so I decided to cut a new bit of wood and fit to hide the hole .it worked ok but needs a small bit of filler around the edges .I also cut a base plate for it to sit on to keep it in place . The button panel has been cleaned and fitted and the attached holding plate had been chromed. Both glasses are also now in place and s10 mech assembly attached too .looking a bit more complete now .plenty more to do and the reeldeck needs a good clean up .
  10. sulzerned

    Jpm sys80 frog hop rebuild

    More pics of the ongoing restoration The lamp mask on the bottom glass was removed as I had a better glass minus the mask so an opportunity to clean it up and respray it and the top lamp mask were taken .flexi hose cleaned and jubilee clip polished up. The frames were also cleaned up and the corner edges which are all removable were polished whilst the frame length s were just cleaned with white spirit .no polishing required as the anodization has done its job and kept them in pretty good condition..the glasses were then added .looking good .
  11. sulzerned

    Jpm sys80 frog hop rebuild

    As promised some more pics . S10 Coin mechs holders were given a sand down and repspray and the base plate was powder coated .refill switch plate was chromed and the switch itself was cleaned up. The triac plastic holdall board was also cleaned up .sorry forgot to take a picture of the cleaned up end result.
  12. sulzerned

    Mpu3 frustration!

    Great result mike .not sure if you had two faulty motors which I would say was very very unlikely .more like they just needed putting into position exactly right but the lubricant certainly helps with excessive noise .
  13. sulzerned

    Jpm sys80 frog hop rebuild

    Cheers John this one is worth the effort !
  14. sulzerned

    Jpm sys80 frog hop rebuild

    More chrome to show rob so dont worry !
  15. sulzerned

    Jpm sys80 frog hop rebuild

    Cant beat a good banana grah !