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  1. sulzerned

    I won the day !!

    Second that Pete.
  2. sulzerned

    MPU4 Motherboard Repair WELL ATTEMPT

    At least you had a go rich .well done
  3. sulzerned

    mpu4 not triggering payout solenoids

    Agreed .If it was just one pay slide not working then I'd suspect battery damage or faulty transistor but if it's all payouts then look elsewhere
  4. sulzerned

    Rebuild machines

    Agree with the above totally. Original is best on most occasions. I did play the 2p conversion s and didnt like them.but they did give value for money and a lengthy play to keep you in the arcade longer .the empire exchanges cant be compared to the mpu3 exchanges and the original is a fantastic machine and a true true classic like line up and ladders. However if it is treated as a separate machine altogether then it's not bad for a modernish machine and it can repeat several times for a a quick bit of gain .rubbish sounds when compared to the original and reel movement isnt as smooth as mpu3s.
  5. sulzerned

    final post for club elite

    Looking great tone .look forward to some good vids of this one .
  6. sulzerned

    crystal mpu4 board with a jpm rom [ update ]

    Nice one Tony massive pat on the back for sticking with it and I'm sure you have gained good knowledge of this type of clubber now 😉
  7. Isnt the batt error when the machine detects no battery present or flat batt ?I think if the door switch is pressed again the machine should still boot if the board is good .
  8. sulzerned

    Mpu3 burnt plug

    Exactly that Mike as per what Andrew mention too .
  9. sulzerned

    Reel Band Production

    Cheers al
  10. sulzerned

    Mpu3 burnt plug

    Mike the pins can be replaced .Bob has had some success in finding replacement crimps .the reroute /bypass method works very well but in effect hard wires your psu to the mother board so slightly more hassle when replacing the board if needs be .on the re routing wires you could fit a couple of Male/female spade connectors so you can simply pull them apart instead of a desolder job every time .
  11. sulzerned

    Project golden rings has arrived

    Good work and using shoe polish works a treat on the foot rubber but make sure you brush it into the rubber well other wise it will just sit on top and blacken your hands next time you touch it !
  12. sulzerned

    Project golden rings has arrived

    You need 50mm swivel castors
  13. sulzerned

    Project golden rings has arrived

    Looks like they have used two different wood colours 🤔
  14. sulzerned

    lamp mask

    Great job and that cutter does a neat hole