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  1. riche100

    Mpu3 frustration!

    oh and check that the green and red plugs to the reel board and mpu board are seated fully, as sometimes they catch on the case
  2. riche100

    Mpu3 frustration!

    clear the ram of the machine, as it might be remembering the fault if it doesnt help sorry , just a idea keep at it
  3. riche100

    I’m James

    hi and welcome
  4. riche100


    hello and welcome
  5. riche100


  6. riche100

    PCL 501-43 2 Procon board help!! :-/

    there are decent manuals in the downloads section for mmm pcl proconn machines
  7. riche100


    a very warm welcome to you looking forward to hearing more from you
  8. riche100

    Coronavirus and Arcades

    gloves arent going to save you
  9. riche100

    Hi there

    Hello and welcome
  10. time to walk away , once the machine is fully operational i expect all the artwork to disintegrate on it, as it already looks in very very bad shape my advice get a mechanical fruit machine or a electro mechanical fruit machine and it will outlive us all youve had a go