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  1. riche100

    Maygay m1a coin mech loom

    you could use electrical contact cleaner .. available all over the place just google it i doubt itll help and i doubt dirty pins are the cause of your issues good luck fixing your machine
  2. riche100

    Club road hog problem

    speakers ok ?
  3. riche100

    Reel bands wanted

    instead of directing him or spoon feeding him, why dont you go visit him and take your own photos ?
  4. riche100

    Jpm processer card

    they come up from time to time , you could always buy a machine on the same tech and smash it up for spares i am sure youll come across one soon enough
  5. riche100

    Hello Hello

  6. riche100

    Swago new member

    hello and welcome
  7. riche100


    hello and welcome
  8. riche100

    PCP Mirracles & Nudge Money

    i am a part swapper . thank god ive only got one machine
  9. riche100

    Super line up gamcard and ROMs Inc char chip

    i collect program carts ive got a collection of 3 hahaha
  10. riche100

    Super line up gamcard and ROMs Inc char chip

    i said i have roms, there is no mention of machines ???? ive got a cash n carry thats all
  11. riche100


    hello and welcome