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  1. riche100

    mps reel flags

    big thanks to joe / steve and tony machine now sorted
  2. riche100


    hello and welcome
  3. riche100

    Maygay Money Money Money (M1A/B)

    hello and welcome
  4. riche100

    mps reel flags

    quick question please : if a reel flag is missing on a jpm mps machine would the reel still spin up and would it flag up a error ? as i presuming no flag, the machine dont know what the reel position is ? thanks in anvance
  5. riche100

    Newbie (kind of)

    hello and welcome
  6. thanks for sharing all these images john happy days
  7. ive just upped some old skool fruit machine / video engineer notes on various techs from back in the day to the downloads section of this forum please let me know if they are any good hope they are of use either now or in the future
  8. riche100

    Nudge Double Up Deluxe

    Happy days
  9. riche100

    Boards stored in bubble wrap good or bad ?

    You can keep wooden boards like floorboards in bubble wrap with no issues
  10. riche100

    Tuppenny cracker / crack the nut button

    happy days