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  1. riche100

    Hello newbie

    hello and welcome
  2. riche100

    Fruit machine sessions

    If only I had a machine to play.. Not as lucky as some of you lot If I had a machine I'd play it whenever I could
  3. riche100

    Electrocoin laberynth

    rons having a dig and if he has one he will programme it too joe .. so thanks for the offer and save yourself a rummage for now , if i dont get anyjoy i will let you know matey
  4. riche100

    Electrocoin laberynth

    spot on
  5. riche100

    Electrocoin laberynth

    I will try the mech from sphinx. So if it is at fault going to need a ms129 I will see what I can do
  6. riche100

    Electrocoin laberynth

    Laberynth accepts the coins I want it too and routes them correctly.. But it doesn't credit 20ps although the mech accepts coin and routes it down the correct tube Any ideas please?
  7. riche100


    hello and welcome i cant see you getting much if anyhelp with a into like that . but someone whom can help might . enjoy your stay
  8. riche100

    Does a machine really need meters ?

    i wish i had a machine to fiddle with sometimes
  9. riche100

    Does a machine really need meters ?

    if i had a mpu3 based cash n carry machine, they were made with no meters if your question is really with my machine run without meters ok , as a rule it depends on the machine and the tech its on
  10. riche100

    Maggi Maggi multicash machine

    i reckon maggi maggi are only good at making instant noodles
  11. riche100

    777 heaven mpu schematic

    hello and welcome jim
  12. riche100

    ebay machine

  13. riche100

    Maggi Maggi multicash machine

    check all the manuals and pages as there is some written notes somewhere ? might help ? hope you sort it
  14. riche100

    WANTED JPM Rollercoaster

    Doesnt matter about the cost if its your hobby and its something you want in your life its what you want to spend and what you can afford everyone is different and there is no price guide atall for a weetabox of anykind