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  1. riche100

    New but not improved

    a very warm welcome to you
  2. riche100

    Fruity Players Extinction

    hello and welcome
  3. riche100

    Ace system one, Club Supreme not booting

    ive seen a club supreme manual somewhere ...sure i have
  4. riche100

    Tales from Midibobs workshop JPM MPS2

    You'll get to the crux of it all
  5. riche100

    Nudges Unlimited

    some things you just know
  6. riche100

    Nudges Unlimited

    take the ones out of reel 4 and stick them in reel 3 unless you got a clubber
  7. riche100

    TIL143 conundrum

    These any good Bob?
  8. riche100

    TIL143 conundrum

    happy days
  9. https://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/vintage-rare-old-fruit-machine-bell-fruit-1973-pharaohs-treasure-takes-new-coins/274221738666
  10. riche100

    is this a trusted seller?

    its a secondhand item, used item , that as you admit did work when it arrived , so you got what you paid for .. maybe your machine killed the board , maybe you did ? fix one thing, machine kills another its the nature of the hobby , id say youve just had bad luck with the machine
  11. riche100

    Nudges unlimited

    i am not a expert i apologize
  12. riche100

    Nudges unlimited

    check your program card isnt lose or dislodged