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  1. riche100

    Hello people

    hello and welcome
  2. riche100

    Pcb laqueur

    put the board in a bag incase it in concrete and throw it into the canal job done board and repair preserved
  3. riche100


    hello and welcome
  4. riche100

    Hello from the Netherlands

    hello and welcome
  5. riche100

    newbie here,

    hello and welcome
  6. riche100

    JPM, my view from the inside. Frank Bird.

    my guess .... as you look at the lineup person on the end to the right
  7. riche100

    Maygay grandslam proconn

    thanks for sharing
  8. riche100

    Up and coming op clearout!

    id jump at the 500 quid offer, and let someone clear it all , there is a massive amount of shit there . job done in one go . give someone else a headache the op would be paying 3 or 4 times that to dispose of it correctly
  9. riche100


    ive got them colour flyers somewhere haha should have realised thanks ron
  10. riche100


    Wondered if Frank reconized these machines? Exported I think
  11. riche100

    Electro virgin

    dont fancy 240v down my japs eye , ill stay a virgin thanks ha ha ha
  12. riche100

    Old coinage

  13. riche100

    JPM, my view from the inside. Frank Bird.

    keep the stories coming please frank