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  1. Player

    Cash n' carry classic

    Thanks to all involved
  2. Player

    Old 2 shilling change machine

    That looks like my Dads old one. In fact I bet it was. I sold it when he passed, I bet you bought off the guy i sold it to.
  3. Also must be a right buzz owning your first ever fruit machine
  4. Ditto what that horrible bastard Superbank said, nice one Del. I remember these
  5. Many thanks to all involved
  6. Player

    PCP Mirracles & Nudge Money

    Great stuff!!!
  7. Player

    PCP Mirracles & Nudge Money

    Those ROMs came from me. I dumped them twice. If this machine is the one I had then the ROMs will be the same, so lets hope it's not.
  8. Player

    barcrest mpu3 instant replay 1982

    Jesus Ni(oCd)k, that's fucking amazing. I see you keep the same standard whenever you do a restoration. I just checked FB to see if you was still in a relationship, it seems you are!! She's a good un, a keeper for sure :). Thanks for sharing (you show off ;))
  9. What decals do you mean? The only decals you can change are the trail ones. Do you think you can change the name?? That's no possible i'm afraid
  10. £150 as it is (needs checking over which i will do and fix anything that needs doing) £175 same as above but with coin mech upgraded to new £1.
  11. Hi. As far as i remember the sounds are exactly the same, pretty sure it comes with all decals too. Based in Nottingham Cheers
  12. Got a pharaohs gold if that's any good?
  13. Player

    PCP Mirracles & Nudge Money

    Sorry but quick question, why are you messing about with an old acceptor? Why not just put an up to date one in? The only reason is if your one of those people that wants every part original :). For me i hate messing with old temperamental coin acceptors, I just fit a cashflow. Great posts by the way, great machines PCP, much better that the JPM's they originally were