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  1. The first tall cabs like dels millions etc were officially called UK 94. The next version (which physically was exactly the same) but had different coloured wiring was called Trident 2.
  2. I never seen SS in any other cab than a Phoenix 1 (Spectre, Barcode etc). The original smiley cab was the original cash explosion and was officially call the "Smiley D" cab. Phoenix 2 was the cops n robbers (2nd version) and around the town etc. There was someone who said they seen a SS in a Phoenix 2 but i never did.
  3. I do have a list. A friend who worked in material control kept a log of it from 1988 for a few years. It lists all machines and numbers made (i think) I'll have to dig it out.
  4. I went to Bell Fruit on work experience place from school in 92 and Party Time was on the production line. There were rows of em. A sight never to be seen again Surprize surprize was a rubuild but i never saw them
  5. Back in the day everything went to land fill. Around 2005 ish new directives came in and the cost of land fill shot up. We had to recycle everything. We did too, even the chipboard. Was a good exercise which worked well. This still happens now.
  6. Great day Del, i do miss them. Everything was exciting back then
  7. Finally some pics from the Spanish show i attended in probably 2007 ish.
  8. Ok heres an interesting one. We needed donor cabs but couldn't get any. We had a load of Genesis cabs doing nothing, so we put a game into their cab. Very cheeky
  9. Big DOND machine. These were the very first and went to the show.
  10. This was a test machine I made. We needed to test a top box and the comms between the base machines. We asked development and they said they didn't have time so I made one
  11. Belgium Crazy Slots, sold a shit load of these too. You wouldn't believe it. Sometimes 800 a week.
  12. Juke box, these failed. I got one in the garage though