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  1. Player

    Ace system one, Club Supreme not booting

    I have a scope you can borrow.
  2. Player

    TIL143 conundrum

    Your technical info never ceases to amaze me Bob! Thanks for sharing this with us.
  3. Player

    Manual for nudge machine ADMC

    It was only the other day you said you had no room 🤣. Nick, you just can't help yourself
  4. Player

    MPS Machine tripping house RCD

    Uninstall the RCD and go back to fuses, this should fix it. If the fuses blow just use foil
  5. Player

    Thank You MattyL

  6. Player

    Dumped ROMs

    Sorry you lost me 🤯
  7. Player

    Dumped ROMs

    Was there any of any use?
  8. Player

    Dumped ROMs

    Hi all. Found in a folder in a folder in a folder in a folder in a folder in a folder in a folder in a folder in a folder in a folder in a folder. Dumped ROMs.zip If we already have them, i'm sorry Cheers John
  9. Player

    Mazooma Stag Night

    @tommy c now has all the files. Sorry to the people who PM'd me asking for stuff. I don't really know about the FME scene etc. Know Tommy for years and he's done me favors (not sexual) so has has them now. I can't be doing with individual requests. Hope your all cool with that
  10. Player

    Having trouble soldering battery leads on

    Probably a dumb question (I don't own such shit tech) but doesn't an EPROM sit where that tie wrap is on the socket?
  11. Player

    Mazooma Stag Night

    The answer to those questions (in order) I know the images are too small, they are a PREVIEW for what I have. Can you see them high res, err not a fucking chance. You're very rude. @tommy c if you want any then please let me know and i'll send on to you
  12. Player

    Mazooma Stag Night

    Got some club too. These are all of the club.
  13. Player

    Mazooma Stag Night

    Yeah plenty but everyone can bollocks now. I have deleted everything. Fuck everyone!! Here's just a few. I have reel bands and buttons for all machines.