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  1. MrCunning

    Ace - Hot Profit Sys1

    That would be because I did not release it here or on there. I released it at FF, IIRC. You're more than welcome to upload it wherever you like. If I cared about that you wouldn't have it
  2. MrCunning

    MPU3 Bullseye - do we have the roms?

    The guy who had the machine and broke it down for emulation was from Cornwall... And when I say broke it I literally mean that. He broke the dongle trying to get it out of the epoxy it was set in so the machine never ran again. I guess it was meant to be. Not only have I had this CD for 14 years but it has travelled half way around the world and back. Funny I kept it, because as I say all hope was apparently lost and no one could crack it. Liam, I hope you are seeing this mate. Looks like she's in good hands
  3. MrCunning

    MPU3 Bullseye - do we have the roms?

    Wow. Now there is a blast from the past. For some reason I've had this CD kicking around for what seems like forever titled "Bullseye Glass Scans". It is not in my hand writing.. Any way, this was provided to me by Liam (or Leeham) a long time ago.... Look at the date on the photo... https://drive.google.com/file/d/14GgtGjjN3MSyotMlIuwRzQm8ADN235_x/view?usp=sharing I have compressed the scans using Rarlabs Winrar. You may be able to decompress it using something else, if not you can download it. https://www.rarlab.com/ I really can't believe I still have this CD. Fourteen years Enjoy !
  4. MrCunning

    Mazooma Card Flip Reels

    Pacmania has one too.
  5. MrCunning

    RED Gaming Super Line Up Rio & Arcade

    OK so I downloaded this last night along with MFME 5.1. Wow, this is poor. I didn't even realise before that whatever was uploaded was certainly not what Mike made, and the profile is completely wrong. 10p £5? holy crap I didn't even know such a version existed. This machine is supposed to be, and was also designed to be, 30p with a £6 jackpot and a £25 "chance". IE if you get the bars in you are then offered a £25 gamble. Now when Mike coded this he did so so that it matched the original as much as possible. IE - 30p £6 is triple that of 10p £2. And thus it played almost identically. The £25 was achievable, providing you had fed it enough. But this? crikey, I don't even know where to begin with this monstrosity. It's typical 10p £5 fodder. Boring, flat, needs filling before it will do anything. You guys really need to find the £25 rom, and as early as possible to truly appreciate this masterpiece (and it really is. Crap, I even remember helping to rip the sound from the original machine. We designed a sound booth, then put a mic in it etc). That is the first time I have played a fruit machine on an emulator since 2010. I wish I hadn't, lol. Hey I just remembered something else. The machine I took photos of was the very first one off of the production line. Mike insisted he got the first one. Any way, was playing the machine and held some numbers etc and got the £25. The look on his face was hilarious. He looked really confused. So I laughed and said "Get in !" and Tony asked Mike why the look and he said "It's not supposed to do that !" and we just busted up laughing.
  6. MrCunning

    RED Gaming Super Line Up Rio & Arcade

    There seems to be some confusion on this. Let me clear it up. There is no "Rio" and "Arcade" version of this machine. Sorry that makes no sense. There are Rio and Genesis versions but they are physical differences, not ROM ones. What there are are two different rom sets. One is the original (designed and coded by Fruitsim) and the other is the bingo version for old people who wouldn't be able to work out how Lineup works. They were not specific to a cabinet. The proper version of this should be in a yellow roll top. However, after Fruitsim was done collaborating with Red they came out with the two glass "normal" version. But neither machine were to run specific roms. It was just that the roll top cabinet was far more likely to end up in Mecca bingo halls so they coded a dumbed down set of roms that required only the press of a start button. What you want is the original ROM for this. It is magical and rather fantastic. After Fruitsim was done Red made numerous changes to it, removing quite a lot of what he had spent weeks mastering (the old features and tricks etc). However I would imagine that only he would be able to provide those and I have not spoken to him in around 8 years.
  7. MrCunning

    ROMS, resources and WIP layouts for new MFME

    600mb of Duff Beer Guide photos. https://drive.google.com/drive/folders/0B45xz2CZekBFdElLRmRUaGVtOU0
  8. MrCunning

    ROMS, resources and WIP layouts for new MFME

    Shot these in 08 and won't be using them. Enjoy. Resources.rar
  9. MrCunning

    JPM Hi-Ho Silver (System5)

    What's On had a prize version. It was emulated around 14 years ago.