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  1. shooer magooer

    Anyone seen a Cash force before?

    I remember playing the £2.40/£4.80 version of this back in the 90's. One of my all time favourite machines. Awesome find!
  2. shooer magooer

    Pcp cashablanca classics

    Thanks HT6. Appreciate it.
  3. shooer magooer

    Super BAR-X DX

    Cheers Ploggy
  4. shooer magooer

    Each Way Shuffle Deluxe DX

    Thanks for this Ploggy, a real blast from the past. Remember playing these in the arcades at school dinner time. On a side note does the jackpot tune seem out to anyone? it doesn't seem to be right to me, like its off by a few notes?
  5. shooer magooer

    Hi Ho Silver DX

    Thanks Ploggy. Love the older type machines as they are from my era.
  6. shooer magooer


    thank you for this!
  7. shooer magooer

    Around the town (Android)

  8. shooer magooer

    Around the town (Android)

    there are some reel scans in the download section, I dont know if they are any good as I am not allowed to download them http://www.fruitemu.co.uk/ib/index.php?/files/file/136-777-heaven-reelband-scans/
  9. shooer magooer

    Old Newbie.

    Hi all, Just a quick hello, joined this site a long time ago and have recently returned. It's nice to see the scene flourishing. The new MFME 5.1 is such a surprise, all i need now is a new PC so i can play it. regards, Shoo.
  10. shooer magooer

    Bell Fruit Vesuvius (Black Box)

    I remember playing this when i was about 10 years old in the local Cafe where they had an arcade upstairs. Happy memories!
  11. shooer magooer

    Around the town (Android)

    This guy has just released a 777 heaven app for android. Its not 100% emulation but its still a damn good game for when you are out and about, on the bus or train or on your lunch at work.
  12. shooer magooer

    MPU4 Reel Poker £3 Token JP

    bumpety bump! This is one i'd love to see back from the dead
  13. shooer magooer

    The Twilight Zone : Further Encounters.

    This is how the 6 zones work. Every time you get on to the twilight zone features they move round once, ie: 1st time, mystery cash is zone 1, 2nd time it will be zone 2, 3rd time it will be zone 3 and so on...So while playing you have to keep track of where the features you want are going to be, otherwise what would be the point of having a skill chance to select the zone you want if the feature it gives is completely random?? The features are set out like this... 1. MYSTERY CASH 2. WARPED SPINS 3. NUDGE WARP 4. BONUS BARS 5. FUNNY MONEY 6. WHEEL OF FORTUNE So lets say for instance you get the Twilight zone feature and you get ZONE 1 and it gives you BONUS BARS, you know on the next Twilight zone feature every feature has moved round one place, so BONUS BARS will be in ZONE 2. So you can now work out where all the other features are from here which will help you to decide wether to exchange cash for feature, or which Zone to hit if given a skill chance. I hope i have explained it ok and this info helps you all to enjoy the layout even more, i must admit though it can be hard work keeping track of where the features are, my advice is to use pen and paper and keep notes lol.