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  1. dangerousdave8390

    maygay m1a/b board repair thread

    i am going to fly wire the proper battery but ive used the coincells for years on these
  2. dangerousdave8390

    maygay m1a/b board repair thread

    i'm trying lol
  3. dangerousdave8390

    maygay m1a/b board repair thread

    ok heres the lastest board i've repaired for someone on here, had afew problems i couldn't put my finger on little help from magik put me in the right direction its all working bypassed the meters when it finally booted went back fixed the met60 error after all the other issues reels, lights, problems etc, i'll do a video when i've solder masked the rest of it started with the usual stripping down cleaning up all ics in the battery line replaced after tracks remade all around the meters , reel index etc as completely gone before and after all back got to be solder masked yet , tracks on front i put back where they were i did some on the back direct, r42 has adiode at the minute as i'm testing how long this coincell lasts but will be put back right for wires an a varta thanks
  4. dangerousdave8390

    Fly wired battery vs battery on board

    the so called experts say these boards can't be fixed its to much effort to them because they clearly can be
  5. dangerousdave8390

    Fly wired battery vs battery on board

    the coincell lasts anything from afew hours to some acouple of months depending on the board , this ram less battery was a great idea but i thought you didn't have anymore ? what about a rechargable coincell would that work?
  6. dangerousdave8390

    fruity repairers?!

    gutted , all the years its survived and they drop it
  7. dangerousdave8390

    maygay m1a/b board repair thread

    here's a little experiment me and magik have done for one of the causes of met60 error on m1a/b
  8. dangerousdave8390

    eastenders maygay m1

    hi, which eastenders is it? any photos?
  9. dangerousdave8390

    Maygay its a knockout

    ive got this one
  10. dangerousdave8390

    maygay m1a/b board repair thread

    good work
  11. dangerousdave8390

    Lights not working

    Yes exactly that it's stamped on them
  12. dangerousdave8390

    Lights not working

    He means tr43 and tr40 are ztx 550's
  13. dangerousdave8390

    Maygay eastenders

    heres one of my boards this is what it looks like where i am pointing is where r42 goes
  14. dangerousdave8390

    Maygay eastenders

    r42 isn't there the leg of the coincell holder is through one of the r42 through holes the other is just empty
  15. dangerousdave8390

    Maygay eastenders