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  1. dangerousdave8390

    Door switches

    If the doors are open it wont payout it's in like ademo mode
  2. dangerousdave8390

    Maygay M1A/M1B repair?

    And you want them all working theres about 9 months work there unless .you have all the time in the world and are retired🤣
  3. dangerousdave8390

    maygay m1a/b hopper

    Yeah that's the working one that someones borrowed me to no joy and yeah black earth wire goes into it
  4. dangerousdave8390

    maygay m1a/b hopper

    I've got another card I've put in and its defo solenoid the spare I've put in as reels spin backwards and it wont go in test an I know that came out of aback opener
  5. dangerousdave8390

    maygay m1a/b hopper

    Doesnt have a number on its hand wrote .and I've known solenoid machines gamecard to spin reels backwards in hopper machines there are a few I've come across that the hopper doesnt work in so it must be a certain thing I'm thinking
  6. dangerousdave8390

    maygay m1a/b hopper

  7. dangerousdave8390

    maygay m1a/b hopper

    Its inside afront opener can front openers had hoppers it has ahopper driver board which is red but someones borrowed me that and no joy the motor itself does work I've had it out 12v also gets to the motor I've measured it it can only be that little board I could maybe replace everything on that board but might be easier to get another
  8. dangerousdave8390

    maygay m1a/b hopper

    hi , has anyone got a known working m1a/b maygay front opener hopper there willing to part with ? its actually the little circuit board inside i wanted really it looks like this thanks
  9. dangerousdave8390

    Another Maygay M1 board repair

    absolutely right it shouldn't work without d27 , but it does , its somehow drawing 3.8 volts from somewhere at pin 28 of the ram perhaps a short think its internal of ram its not doing with another ram not working at all video-1581100079.mp4
  10. dangerousdave8390

    Another Maygay M1 board repair

    I might of linked d27 with a wire I'll check maybe that's why
  11. dangerousdave8390

    Another Maygay M1 board repair

    I have had aboard without d27 on that wont boot but that board boots as it is for whatever reason but it does
  12. dangerousdave8390

    Another Maygay M1 board repair

    i'd say average , i've done one that nearly covered the board with newly made tracks just to see if i could then like andrew says all the other issues come after you've fixed all the tracks
  13. dangerousdave8390

    need some routing plugs please

    hi everyone, anyone got any routing plugs i can purchase so i can make some for maygays doesn't matter what its from or could anyone tell me the size of the terminals and where to get them and the plastic square cases so i can make some please and thanks
  14. dangerousdave8390

    Another Maygay M1 board repair

    heres my lastest one, 3 hours yesterday morning just over 2 hours tonight usual broken tracks replaced u30 that had gone still no boot had ashort cut u40 off power legs of u26 u41 and u43 then it booted on bench, in machine reel 3 and 4 dead then stopped booting cut u16 u15 u17 off booted again on bench replaced them worked but top reel and middle reel out of line and bouncing back out again another broken track between u34 and u16 put atrack on back direct , the tracks ive put back where orginally not quite as neat as andrews but does the job just waiting for abattery then i'll put r42 and d27 back and try with battery but other than that it works o an it wants acap on the ram
  15. dangerousdave8390

    Another Maygay M1 board repair

    nice job that very neat