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  1. pershore pcs

    MPU4 Motherboard Repair WELL ATTEMPT

    capacitors,resisters they aint,would pay you to strip the lot and the diodes
  2. pershore pcs

    removal of chr chip electrocoin ?

  3. pershore pcs

    removal of chr chip electrocoin ?

    Here is said game rom as requested
  4. pershore pcs

    Bell Fruit Ten Up feature....

    Very nice condition
  5. pershore pcs

    All time best club machine?

    I go with sulzernrd supafruit brilliant clubber... Also got to say luck strike and 1 not many people will have played a machine by ace called bullion bars
  6. pershore pcs

    The Electro Brain Transplant

    Very interesting project i look forward to watching progress of this remembering i have an mpu based select a nudge!!
  7. pershore pcs

    A guide into the 70s electro machine

    I removed mine on jokers wild and have had the once and second highest win 3 times since i did
  8. pershore pcs

    Early Black Box Game

    Bloody hell we had 1 of these early 80s in a pub i worked in. That 1 in bar and fore & aft in lounge.. Used to pay a lot of tokens out but I'm sure it was only on £1 jackpot as £2 hadn't come out then..
  9. pershore pcs

    jpm/mps supafruit clubber restoration

    It does same tune for jackpot I've had it in real life and in the emulated version
  10. pershore pcs

    jpm/mps supafruit clubber restoration

    Brilliant nick when do I get a play lol
  11. pershore pcs

    cheapest courier ?

    cant get to email hadfields just comes back failed !!
  12. pershore pcs

    Welcome to the electro machine forum.

    What a brilliant idea looking forward to how this new forum transpires
  13. pershore pcs


    to hot lol
  14. pershore pcs


    to cold lol
  15. pershore pcs

    All cash payout help

    that's great Steve I have sent him all the parts he needs to complete card so hopefully have some sound soon .. Just looking for some better reel bands now and will look and sound brilliant