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  1. VINNY130172


    Im with RR on this one. around £500. Its going to depend a lot on condition too, inside and out. pictures would be handy and an absolute must for any prospective purchaser
  2. VINNY130172

    line up

    and in only 2 minutes too. I dont think Chief Inspector Phil has been that quick lol
  3. VINNY130172

    line up

    sorry i gotta say it, but this has just put a smile on my face after what has been a shit day lol cheers mate. i needed cheering up:)
  4. VINNY130172

    MPS boards

    interesting read
  5. VINNY130172

    Wheel Of Fortune(VFS)mpu3 classic

    no worries. It's just only fair for the owner of the roms (Safecracker) to get the credit for supplying them, rather than me who simply posted them lol. This thread was pointed out to me by someone via text, hence why I logged in to clear the situation up.
  6. VINNY130172

    Wheel Of Fortune(VFS)mpu3 classic

    To clarify, I posted the roms by kind permission of Safecracker as he owns the machine. It did pass thru my hands, but isn't mine. I just posted them off. Thanks must go to Safecracker for the supplying the roms from what is a rare VFS game.
  7. VINNY130172

    JPM Impact

    wouldnt the coin tubes be different sizes tho? our coins v their coins?
  8. me too but can't get enough so have to have mixed:(
  9. VINNY130172

    2.2w wedge bulbs

    you'll hardly notice any difference. About the only time you will probably notice is if youve got say, 6 bulbs lighting up something like the mahcine name, or a win table, and theyre all 2.2 except one lol
  10. VINNY130172

    2.2w wedge bulbs

    Use 1.2w as they won't risk melting/burning your artwork/reelbamds.
  11. VINNY130172

    JPM Take 2 Restoration

    Cracking Job mate. Looking fantastic.
  12. VINNY130172

    jpm/mps supafruit clubber restoration

    Cracking Job you've done on it. What do you polish the can with? One hell of a shine. PS need a drop of WD40 on the inner cash box lock lol
  13. VINNY130172

    Trouble with new 50p payout

    What about filing down the thicker slide so it pays 2x 50p instead of 3x 50p
  14. VINNY130172

    New member

  15. VINNY130172

    Outside Garden Project

    ...and also lacking a decent bit of weather (or a life raft)