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  1. Louie Bee

    Black Hole

    What jackpot is it on? Bellfruit starwarz or exchange unlimited jackpot tune?
  2. Louie Bee

    Arcade Pictures - 80's / 90's East coast

    The arcade is still there in Butlins, but the bingo is long gone as are the classic
  3. Louie Bee

    Project PC92 mpu repair

    Looks smart. Not a UK game I guess. Not sure if the ROM has been dumped already. If not you'll need to back up your ROM and hope it reads ok One or two of the address lines run right by the battery. Problem is the 50v line runs near it to. Leakage from battery is conductive so you can end up with 50 volts where it doesn't belong, killing stuff. No ROM and no available backup to blow new ROMs means the machine won't run even if you get a good board. It has the large display by the way. So fewer options open if you want to have the display running too. Oh yeah sound card / ROMs. Guess the game uses sampled sound? You'll need them backed up too for a complete game too if not also backed up.
  4. Louie Bee

    Project PC92 mpu repair

    That's burned up around the battery area. You'll be hard pushed to find someone to take it on who can get it running right. What game is it from? Looks like one with the large display like bullseye as it's got most of the components found on later games so even harder to find a replacement... The unless it's been backfitted to a lowtec like 777 heaven.
  5. Louie Bee

    MPS2 doesn't boot

    Download the circuit diagrams and they are labeled on the mpu.
  6. Louie Bee

    Nudge double up deluxe crystal leisure

    Used to love playing these 2 in the wild... Will be sorry to see them go from seashaw but better than them getting crushed I guess..
  7. Louie Bee

    Nudge double up deluxe crystal leisure

    Are they pictures of the exact machines?
  8. Louie Bee

    Nudge double up deluxe crystal leisure

    I played it. That was mine for a bit. Could switch pop 2p, 5p, 10p or 20p, and Jp 3 or 6, but would not go to£6 @ 2p The jp deckle can be pushed across to £6 as it has both which slide across. Iir it was a rebuild. But not as bad as Lan & when MK3 in same cab. On a similar note I remember playing light a nudge MK2 on £10p play. On Ile of white. Proper had me over but I was determined to get that£4 up as I'd never seen the MK2 on token. Never seen one since either.
  9. Louie Bee

    Nudge double up deluxe crystal leisure

    Ring any bells Chris? Was on £2.40 then went to £3
  10. Louie Bee

    Nudge double up deluxe crystal leisure

    Chris you missed the JPM MK4 nudge double up. In the same cab as each way nudger & light a nudge MK3 all on MPS.
  11. Louie Bee

    Mps2 psu help

    Rare for the big caps to go on a linea MPs PSU imo. This is what I use so you can adjust later without opening the case (power off) https://cpc.farnell.com/bourns/3309p-1-102/trimmer-1k-9mm/dp/RE05262?st=1k trimmer Do the one near tr2 too and set to 5.2 v on that trimmer, the other about 5 degrees back from fully anticlockwise.
  12. Louie Bee

    Mps2 psu help

    Orange label ones do it too. 5V section is similar to the yellow, but -12 is quite different with no reg.
  13. Louie Bee

    Jpm casino crazy

    Battery on CPU card may have leaked.
  14. Louie Bee

    Mps2 psu help

    My money is on one of the 1k trimmers. The one that's not in your picture. It's triggering undervolts circuit you can turn it a bit anticlockwise and may fix for a while but just replace it. Thought the rifas looked new
  15. Louie Bee

    PCP Mirracles & Nudge Money

    The board that is stuck in reset since coin mec done probably has dead ic27. It's a buffer in the coin lockout circuit, and chip is shared on the clock cct. Once a bad coin mec goes in board stuck in reset.