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  1. Louie Bee

    BWB System 80 Fruit Swap roms

    See the FS roms boot in Lucky lady layout, but I can't credit it (I'm not so good with MFME) and I have nither game cab here.
  2. Louie Bee

    BWB System 80 Fruit Swap roms

    Fab thanks for the help
  3. Louie Bee

    BWB System 80 Fruit Swap roms

    Pic. Looking at lucky lady game size they probably have a 2764 chip too being two x 8k files
  4. Hi All, I didn't spot these in the rom dat. they are 27C64 on a conversion board for system80 - first ones I've seen. Prom 1 kept erroring at Vmin, so had to heat it up loads to get a good read. Fruit_Swap.zip Thanks to the sender.
  5. Louie Bee

    Nudge Double Up Deluxe

    Looking good BTW
  6. Louie Bee

    Nudge Double Up Deluxe

    That is the dim 7 segments Stef. The super bright red ones come with lazar treatment potential.
  7. Louie Bee

    SRU 2p Each Way shuffle

    Thanks for these @matrixnetuk Not in rom dat so another SRU gem 2p_EWS_17.2.zip Enjoy.
  8. Louie Bee

    Epoch engineers!

    2. Have you tested the LED is working? Should see a dim light if you put diode test probes across it one way & not other. Can usually do this in circuit. An easy test on any led / 7 segment that is easily overlooked
  9. Louie Bee

    50p payouts

    The label on the ROM said copy.
  10. Louie Bee

    50p payouts

    Must have autocorrected barcrest. I've no idea about harvest Tec either.
  11. Louie Bee

    50p payouts

    Think the number on the gal chip is different. Maybe the later version will not run with the early char chip. If so that could meen one machine will be running v0.3 ROMs and one the later one. And if so, you will need to sort the 50p payout by sussing the dip switches or level sensor else a way to convert the 50p pulse to 5 pulses on the 10p triac
  12. Louie Bee

    50p payouts

    Thanks for looking. I spotted almost all the lines are 1s. The last couple of lines have 1s and 0s, so guessed it was only using a small section of the chip. Worth a try? Can the board settings or level sensor be changed 0.3 ROM be changed to not pay 50p? The ROM sticker says copy so I'm just going off what Chris says about 0.3 displayed at boot. I know very little about harvest Tec.
  13. Louie Bee

    50p payouts

    If anyone wants to check out Chris's rom it's here named BM_0.3.bin The Char chip was on a GAL so I ripped that too - named BM.jed It that unusual for MPU4?
  14. Louie Bee

    512K rom rips

    Few I ripped including Blue Moon 0.3 (50p payout?)and it's char (off a gal chip) corra, Cops n Robers and East Enders 5p M27521_mixed.zip Enjoy
  15. Louie Bee

    Maygay grandslam proconn

    Glad you got it sorted. I think arking only happens when electric jumps a gap of high resistance... So it's a clue as to what and where the problem is if in a fruit machine. It's running PCL Tec.