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  1. Louie Bee

    2X system 80 rom sets (new March 2019?)

    Thanks for trying. Maybe it's a different lockout. I've found Top-up ROMs won't run in fortune trail cab but run fine in it's own cab... On same CPU card. Being on 14k cards I'd guess they would have complex sound boards too. System 80 seems to be a minefield of what input or output is used for buttons & coins.
  2. Louie Bee

    2X system 80 rom sets (new March 2019?)

    Any luck with these? Maybe I should try them in a machine.
  3. I've just ripped 3 rom sets from 14K boards. Set A and C are the same CRC32. but on one CPU card there was a daughterboard with a PAL16 chip which my burner can't read (it won't do PAL chips). the other did not. I didn't see either in the rom dat so I suspect they are new. S80_Mar19.zip Have no idea what games they are.
  4. Louie Bee

    2708 roms

    Got myself some 2708 pulls @matrixnetuk Rripped them (sucessfulley) but have no idea what they are (couple of unknown ones in the dat file already. 26feb rips.zip these were not labled so in the same order as unpacked. got some spare 2708 chips now Oh also got an MPS card marked NL2.1 & NL2.2 bit already in the dat.
  5. Louie Bee

    Nudge Double Up Deluxe

    Any sigh of life at all? Have you got series starters in? Normal ones won't work. I got some he lighting 155/200 from CPC but looks like they don't do them anymore. https://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/Pack-of-10-GE-Branded-155-200-Series-Starters-4-22w-GE-36714-64086/321829478374?hash=item4aee881fe6:g:yqAAAOSwPcVVydlt:rk:13:pf:0
  6. I can do them but not got any spare 2708 chips
  7. Maybe because there are so few folk who can burn the proms 2708. Would expect the ROM to switch. Maybe it's a different pin for nudge double up deluxe. I remember the ROMs I ripped didn't run in ews layout unless you added a check box. Maybe has a different lockout in the cab.
  8. Louie Bee

    Resistor testing question.

    Capacitance. You'd be charging a capacitor somewhere in the cct if it's a rising resistance. Easier to compare change times on good & bad boards on analogue meters. You can take it out of cct by lifting 1 leg off the board. The meters current can't flow to other bits of the cct with just 1 pin connected.
  9. Louie Bee

    Nudge Double Up Deluxe

    Yeah resistor packs ok. It's the real early boards that have 330r. Sorry had another reply as I'd missed the stiff real issue. You can pop it in test and tape down middle hold button and leave the reel nudging down. Make sure it keeps moving. Maybe another button combination to make it nudge up. Check the forks of the pins in the lower 3 mpu connectors are closed tight. You should see no gap.
  10. Louie Bee

    Nudge Double Up Deluxe

    Check resistor values. Some decks are ok, others not with 330r. It's a tolerance stack up on current pull on the ls259 I recon. It works ok if you help the reel to start turning... Usually middle reel I've been round and round this one for ages as it seemed random
  11. Louie Bee

    Nudge Double Up Deluxe

    Good progress! Is the opto flag catching the sensor? Seen that on sru. Also what are the Dil resistor pack values that drive the reel transistors? On mpu Bottom left near the 16 diodes. 330r ain't good and JPM revised them on later builds.
  12. Louie Bee

    EWS SRU No lights/sound

    Nice easy fix . Just a fuse (holder).
  13. Louie Bee

    EWS SRU No lights/sound

    Think the mpu is a current sink for payouts. If so the payout may also return when PSU 12v is sorted. Have seen the proplem with lamps and sound but didn't play it to see if it pays.
  14. Louie Bee

    EWS SRU No lights/sound

    No sound & no lights. Check the 12v supply from PSU it is separate to the mop 12v. That tiny reg on the mpu only drives a couple of chips on the mpu Possibly bad connection inside fuse holder.
  15. Louie Bee

    SRU roms

    Think they came off a fairground so probs tight as F...