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  1. Louie Bee

    System 80 Club Vegas ROMS Edit + pics.

    Pics in zip too. CV_Pics.zip
  2. Louie Bee

    system 80 jpm club vegas

    Love this... As well as processor card trashed, Had faults on PSU board, I/o board, reels a bit stuck and battery rot had traveled up the ribbon cable. Oh a duff triac causing 10p lockout chatter. but got there, just the I/O board to do another day.
  3. Louie Bee

    Cops & robbers gold roms

  4. Louie Bee

    Cops & robbers gold roms

    Hi Guys. Pleasecould anyone upload or PM me a couple of rom files that I can see in the rom dat? Cops 'n' Robbers Gold Club rom ( name "95410822.lo" size 524288 crc 245b3579 md5 191ddc851fbf4d425f4b6c840bec8643 ) rom ( name "95410823.hi" size 524288 crc 15388140 md5 601734d265c6ddd055716f8f39e1c40a & sound rom ( name "95008323.bin" size 1048576 crc 461dd238 md5 026bc1d2f181e02030fb0a8c94917645 ) thanks
  5. Louie Bee

    Fortune Trail DX

    Cor that didn't take long nice one thanks
  6. Louie Bee

    Jpm Fortune Trail (classic)

    found it... more pics in zip... FT.zip
  7. Louie Bee

    Ace Barcrest MPU 3 Cash Attack

    Maybe target percentage is displayed if no game data is stored in ram. I.e. if no working battery. You can take a picture of the dip switch settings than change them about (can't remember which are for percentage changes) to see if it changes to Pc72 or whatever.
  8. Louie Bee

    Ace Barcrest MPU 3 Cash Attack

    78 pc would probably be a target percentage of 78% The faulty reel could be dirt on the opto sensor preventing the light hitting the sensor try cleaning both sides of the sensor. Could be a bust sensor, bad connect to mpu of a board fault. The ace system 1 mpu looks in quite good shape compared to others I've seen but snip that blue battery off quick smart before it leaks big time it won't be holding any charge as it's so old & past it.
  9. Louie Bee

    Blue Moon mpu4

    Looking good. I remember someone hand drawing reel bands until some turned up. Just a white striped of paper & pencil drawn.
  10. Louie Bee

    JPM Crown Dealer - MPS

    Good news it's MPS Tec as it's so much easier to fix compared to system 5! Not a machine I remember either but always good to see another classic JPM surface.
  11. Louie Bee

    Tumble (Top up) V2 roms

  12. Louie Bee

    Tumble (Top up) V2 roms

    Found version 2 of Topup (tumble) roms today and are not in the rom dat... £10p play £3 JP Enjoy & thnaks Gary Tumble_V2.zip
  13. Louie Bee

    PCP Mirracles & Nudge Money

    Good to see just how accurate comparing the crc32 is as a quick way of seeing if 2 files are exactly the same. It also hilights just how important getting these files backed up is.. one or two corrupted bytes and the machine can lock up. With no good ROM image to compare to your stuffed. You'll never guess where the problem is not know what the correct value is If you have a machine that you're unsure if the ROMs are out there... Find someone who will back em up. Don't trust them to the post service until there is a copy made & it's varied good. I don't think folk would change to back up ROMs so long as they are shared on here.
  14. Louie Bee

    AMOT's MPU3 roms

    AMOT sent me some rips he had done to check if in the ROM DAT & share if not. A few were sys5 sounf files which were in rom dat and correctley named so no need to re-up. The ones I did not find by CRC32 were MPU3 winspin (2 files), MPU3 jakpot clubber (1 file) and monopoly jpm sound. Amot roms.zip Thanks for letting me check and share AMOT
  15. Louie Bee

    MPS Nudge Money

    Good stuff. Decent rom session today all in all Keep em comming