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  1. This Forum is for new members to Introduce themselves to the community, please give them a warm Mecca welcome. It is now necessary for any new members to do this before they can post in other forums, send pms, upload images etc. Please also read the site rules here
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    Donate to the forum.

    I am going to add a donate bit to the sidebar on here when i get a minute (along with a few other bits)
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    testing 123

    obligatory test post
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    Swop Shop 20p/£6

    Been pretty busy with family crap last couple of days but found time to tidy up my Layout of Swop Shop for your all. Don't forget to install the Lithograph font Enjoy Swop Shop.zip
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    MFME v6.0 Release Thread

    Awesome. Merry Christmas to Chris and everyone else at the Mecca
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  9. I am very pleased to share with you all my latest project. Which will be of great interest to anyone interested in Scene History you can find it here http://www.fruitemu.co.uk/archive . If you have any problems, comments and ideas for the site please post them here (or in the duplicate threads on the other forums).
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    Making a new directory?

    Added, plus MPU5 and PLUTO - anything else missing ?
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    BFM - Mystique

    Next random machine up this week is Mystique from Bellfruit
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    BFM - Mystique

    Oh Well
  13. pete_w

    BFM - Mystique

    Has anyone dumped the roms for this one yet? Its one of my favourite machines and as it should now run in MFME v5 would like to knock up a layout for it
  14. pete_w

    MPU3 Tupenny Fair roms?

    A blast from the past - http://www.fruit-emu.com/forums/files/file/381-tuppenny-fair-classic-layout/
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    time test

    testing forum time
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    time test

    once more
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    time test

    thats better