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  1. vectra666

    Anyone seen a Cash force before?

    Look forward to the rom dump, can you grab some hi res images too please??
  2. vectra666

    What is this fruit machine?

    The hi lo 50p is better than the top feature imo, but I always went for skillstop although the emulated version I've yet to hit the jackpot via skillstop. Also regarding the cashpot on it, did they plan to have a £4 cashpot as there's a quid in 10's and 3 pound notes??
  3. vectra666

    What is this fruit machine?

    Top stop £4 jp had a man for extra life on the nudges features and £2 cashpot one of the first machines to have an extra life if I recall and the first machine I played properly unless anyone remembers older machines with an actual extra life?
  4. vectra666


    rom dump would be good??
  5. vectra666

    Collecting new project,interesting

    looks good!! did you get that question right??
  6. vectra666

    the fruity holy grail

    cash counter / take two
  7. vectra666

    Impact Las vegas

    Not that I'm aware of at least not in dx form Edit to add, it has been emulated buy could do with an update if you can get images if this is the one you're talking about?
  8. vectra666

    Impact Las vegas

    deffo still want photos as wanted one of these dx'ed for a while and it'll be worth seeing your machine forever loved by everyone that pays virtually
  9. vectra666

    Impact Las vegas

    thanks to richy1976 got the roms running using an old ceasers palace classic layout, but seams odd this machine uses the same sounds as ceasers palace with the horse neighing on the trail held and then its says "hail ceaser" on the gamble hi lo, is this correct to the real machine, maybe a video can prove this, or are the sound roms even though they were supplied in the machine are not the correct ones for the machines name?? layout may not be 100% accurate this is only a basically done layout for the sound rom Club Lucky Las Vegas classic.zip
  10. vectra666

    Impact Las vegas

    A few of the whole machine in view, then some of closer ones of the top section say top left, top right, bottom left, bottom right and a couple of the reel section. try to reduce camara flash burn if possible as thats a right pig to remove in photoshop.
  11. Got one on the pier at Weston super mare
  12. vectra666

    Impact Las vegas

    Thanks for the ROMs, any chance for some hi res photos of your machine then it can be immortalised forever in mfme.
  13. vectra666

    Impact Las vegas

    looks fantastic
  14. vectra666

    Collecting new project,interesting

    looks good nick for its age, what company made it? Can all the roms be dumped, there must be a few as its question based
  15. vectra666

    Collecting new project,interesting

    Any chance of a nice clear full on photo of this adders n ladders, also the machine in the topic is this one from fleabay
  16. vectra666

    Impact Las vegas

    Cheers, all ROMs are appreciated. As for photos I expect smart phone would be ok as long as they're clear and sharp enough without or at least minimal flash burn. Even if they're taken in quarter what I mean is take the top hsection on the machine, take four images i.e top left, top right , bottom left, bottom right. Same goes for the reel/ bottom section. Even if I don't make it I'm sure someone will step up and emulate your machines.
  17. vectra666

    Impact Las vegas

    Nice machine, any chance of a rom dump and hi res piccies for emulation purposes when she's up and running properly
  18. vectra666

    Up Down Nudger 1024Dx/ mfme 6'1 version

    updated for Mfme 6.1+ made much bigger
  19. Next up from me is this lo-tech scorp1 machine from bellfruit , one I've never see let alone played. So I give a Big thankyou to Spa for ALL the resources for this. the roms of which he got from the Northampton raid to his classic layout and the photo's he kindly uploaded for everyone to use. I haven't altered the reel symbols with the £'s on as haven't a clue what they look like on the original machine, but can be easily changed if anyone has any information regarding this. shortcuts are - start - spacebar nudge up - U holds - 1,2,3 cancel/collect - ` tokens in - 9 £££'s in - 0 Plays in mfme's 3.1/3.2 BUT plays in mfme 2.0 better!! ENJOY and HAPPY GAMING!!!! updated with near match on the ""£"" symbols Up Down Nudger bellfruit 1024Dx v2.zip Up Down Nudger £4.80Dx mfme6.1.zip
  20. vectra666

    Eastenders albert square red version

    I think it has, does this have cindys and Steve Owens voice and I think it’s the 3D edition either a classic by Jonny afc or Dxed by tommy c
  21. Whilst i'm recovering from my minor double hernia operation i've finally been able to use my laptop without hurting to much i thought as got nothing much planned yet i'd resize another one of my oldie mini layouts. This time its the Bfm classic Money to Burn £8 All cash - did they ever release this on a £8 token rom set?? What's new apart from the size!!the arts the same as the original added reel gradients and a newer better looking Bell symbolmade the reel band symbols narrower and slightly sharperamended the Stop-Collect buttons by separating them Anyways using the original notes i give thanks to Spa for the photo's on his google drive.To the original 1600dx creator who ever it is, looks like another layout for the great leakage for the reel bands (slightly modified) and the lamp numbers, To ploggy for the Frankie dettori cab I placed the images in.I hope I've done this justice as it plays a great game on this £8 original setting giving a fair few IM boards (name flashes at start) along the way, maybe this machine was one of the first bellfruits to have the name flash for gatw. Shortcuts are- Start = Spacebar Exchange = ECollect = C Stop = S Holds = 1,2,3 Hi = 2, Lo= 3 Cancel = ` Bell bonus = B Respin = R Money to burn feature = M £££'s in = 020p's = 9 Play this in Mfme6.1+ Enjoy and Happy Gaming (once again lol ) Bfm's Money to burn £8 Wdx Mfme6.1+.zip
  22. vectra666

    Reel bands wanted

    Needs the machine switched off to in normal light
  23. vectra666

    Reel bands wanted

    as clear as possible with no camara flash burn or at least minimal amounts i'm south of glos near stroud
  24. vectra666

    Reel bands wanted

    Hi I see you have an Elvis red hot roll. Don't suppose you could take some hi res images of it for emulation purposes??
  25. vectra666

    Bfm's Money to Burn £8(All cash) Dx

    £10 / 25p Edition here too Bfm's Money to burn £10 Wdx Mfme6.1+.zip