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  1. vectra666

    Golden Ghost System80 ROM

    Cheers I’ll try laters what about sounds?
  2. vectra666

    Golden Ghost System80 ROM

    i may need help re adding the lamps etc also only one seven seg appears to work and i have no sounds or nudge feature
  3. vectra666

    Golden Ghost System80 ROM

    thanks they appear to be golden ghost roms but need to re number the lamps and work out the reel postions again give me a day or two
  4. vectra666

    Golden Ghost System80 ROM

    can't seam to open this file up to load it in golden ghost layout can you zip it up
  5. vectra666

    Golden ghost/golden stepper inbreed

    It's mainly the golden ghost reel symbols first would need the three bar symbols, red seven and the diamond/spot one with the glittery golden background.
  6. vectra666

    Golden ghost/golden stepper inbreed

    Cracking machines there , literally Right if Louie can dump the golden ghost rooms that'll be great, also some hi res images of the reel symbols and maybe lamp number Id,ing Also on the list. I see you've downtown roms and hi res photos needed for that Cash arena need rooms and pics again as those two we've no layouts for afaik As for this golden ghost,steppa hybrid it's not the same machine as in this topic? https://www.fruitemu.co.uk/ib/index.php?/topic/5523-golden-ghost-project/&tab=comments#comment-75408
  7. vectra666

    Project Coin roms

    is this the £15 roms? like the fabled £15 casino 777heaven with the black sevens?
  8. vectra666

    Electrocoin roms

    Does anybody have the £6 token roms for deluxe super bar-X as well.
  9. As the title states, does anybody had any images of the bottom glass (reel section) of silver ghost? Preferably on its £3 jackpot As needed for emulation purposes, got the top part already Or even the full cab image too, any images if possible Thanks in advance vectra666
  10. vectra666

    Astra Party Time player conundrum

    Emptier on party time (player) tell me more lol
  11. Next up and back to the Old Skool for me is this request from Cashbox1 to make a Dx of Golden Ghost, so here it is. As we've no actual roms for golden ghost, this layout is using Silver Ghost's roms as they're basically the same machine accept the name,not sure what the original lamp numbers are but as they don't move i've used the coin lamp (34/31) for the majority of them. Thanks goto Cashbox1 for the first images givenJpmstu from the mecca for the final image usedRichie100 for the Silver Ghost roms uploadedAlex74 for the "silver ghost" classic layout used as a base for this oneRichy1976 for adding coin and payout effects. Shortcuts are as standard Start = SpacebarAuto Start = ANudges = 1,2,3Nudge Up = Ncoins in are20p = 750p = 810p = 9Tokens = 0 Enjoy and Happy Gaming!!! Golden Ghost £3 (sys 80).zip
  12. vectra666

    Golden Ghost £3 Dx (system 80)

    Can he do a rom dump and maybe show us the lamp number order via photo if any?
  13. vectra666

    Vivid Pie Factory + Impulse Trail Blazer

    Hi res pics of trail blazer for emulation purposes also not sure if we've the fill set of ROMs for this so maybe a rom dump too plz
  14. vectra666

    4 reel crazy machines on a pallet ?

    39X47 to be precise, I'd of said a 45" X45" would be better but it'll need to be strong, maybe re enforced with extra wood not a shitty ropey pallet with broken boards. At work we have glue each weighing 125kgs X five so that's 625kgs on one pallet and that's fine with forklift etc Then due to the weight how's it being taken off the other end?
  15. vectra666

    Jokers Wild £4 Dx Mfme6.1+

    Following on from Richy1976's excellent Hit the Six layout is another project machine in the form of Jokers Wild Thanks goto to Launton for images/reel symbols which was used in my original mini layout of this back in 2013,to members such as Ploggy, Tommy C, Captain Haddock for help with that layout Moving onto this bigger sized layout, to Richy1976 for adding the coin effects and final lamp numbering help Long Shot!! But if any one can help but we had a slight conflict with the lamp in the top letter "d" as it didn't seam to flash correctly so if anyone has this machine can they find the lamp number it uses. Shortcuts are as Standard Plays in Mfme 6.1+ Enjoy it all over Again and Happy Gaming!!!! Project's Jokers Wild £4 Dx Mfme6.1.zip
  16. vectra666

    club elite clean up

    Upload away hi res pics of everything. I’m sure the likes of ploggy or Pook will take it on eventually. If not at least they’ll be uploaded for future usage.
  17. vectra666

    Rollercoaster Club

    Big daddy of that iconic machine, nice find. can we have some hi res images for a mfme update layout as been wanting to redo it for Ages? including reel band images
  18. vectra666

    Andys big time a classic ?

    A machine made up of various elements of machines of that era andy Capp blue cab rich and famous
  19. vectra666

    Bar Trekkin EPROMs (Epoch)

    Do you have any flyers to go with these which could be scanned?
  20. vectra666

    Mazomas Revolver £25 EPROMs Found

    Either here or fruit emu I haven’t the knowledge for that
  21. vectra666

    Stand and Deliver Epoch Roms

    I’m sure I’ve the sound roms for this I’ll check it out laters
  22. vectra666

    Mazomas Revolver £25 EPROMs Found

    Have you the sound roms for revolver £25. can you burn and upload the roms you find. as even though we may have the layouts they maybe earlier rom versions thanks
  23. vectra666

    777H roms (£10)

    Do we have ROMs for the casino 777 heaven £15 jackpot the one with the black sevens?
  24. vectra666

    Anyone seen a Cash force before?

    Look forward to the rom dump, can you grab some hi res images too please??
  25. vectra666

    What is this fruit machine?

    The hi lo 50p is better than the top feature imo, but I always went for skillstop although the emulated version I've yet to hit the jackpot via skillstop. Also regarding the cashpot on it, did they plan to have a £4 cashpot as there's a quid in 10's and 3 pound notes??