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  1. vectra666

    Searchlight £6 1024Wdx (reel symbols updated)

    Probably mines the only version with side art on it.
  2. vectra666

    Searchlight £6 1024Wdx (reel symbols updated)

    I wouldn't say brilliant, as this was one of the early layouts I did, the flyer we had was shite and my dxing skills were below par to what they are now.
  3. vectra666

    Possible swap?

    Grab some hi res images of it if you can as the dx we have could always do with a update?
  4. vectra666

    Bfm's Make a Million £8 Dx

    This was made from an original eBay image so deffo the correct cab, maybe I squished it a bit though Original image here, although it appears I've missed the froth from the pools bottle
  5. vectra666

    Bfm's Make a Million £8 Dx

    £10 version available here- Bfm's Make A Million £10 Dx.zip
  6. vectra666

    Hi-Lights DX (MPU2)

    A great looking layout and you've a great talent for creating, I'd love to see what you could do with something like a late 80's slot on £4 tokens ?
  7. vectra666

    Hi-Lights DX

    Way before my time, but boy you've certainly got a knack for these dxs especially without any art to start with, pure dedication to the cause.
  8. vectra666

    Bfm's Make a Million £8 Dx

    Next up is a 90's machine on £8 tokens its Bfm's Make a Million, whether you made a million or it took a miilion well that's your story it comes from the popular slots of the era with the likes of jumping jack flash, showtime spectacular, easy money, money to burn etc Thanks goto The original Bfmeumalator layout and its creator, of which tommy c kindly converted for me a few years back The Ebay seller's image of which i made this layout from which incidentally is a tad rough in places but can't be helped!! Mavroz for the small section of reel band used for some symbols Richy1976 for adding coin effects Shortcuts are Start = Spacebar Play the Game = P Stop/Collect = S/C Holds = 1,2,3 Hi = 2, Lo = 3 Cancel = ` Take the Feature = F Tokens in = 9 £1's in = 0 THIS LAYOUT PLAYS IN MFME V19 or above (currently 19.1 available from desertislandfruits.) Enjoy and Happy Gaming!!!! Bfm's Make A Million £8 Dx.zip
  9. vectra666

    Wanted - Artwork

    some nice hi res images would be nice for emulation purposes, i take it its a red gamnig machine with a roulette theme
  10. Made these versions i had while back but due to the reel spin speed i thought i'd wait till mfme v19 was released, and now it is. you'll notice these will run better than the £10 version i did for v6, I've included the £10 version as i've brightened the buttons up on this one, plus its including coin effects Thanks goto richy1976 for image used, and adding coin effects etc hitthesix for the original £8/£5/£10 layout for lamping purposes not had the jackpot hold after its first win yet, so let me know if it does, cheers. If anyone can get hold of the £6 tokens set please upload as i've the artwork prepped for this version too. Again PLAY THESE IN MFME V19+ ONLY Enjoy and Happy gaming!!! BAR-X £4-£8-20p Dx v19.zip BAR-X £5-10p & £10-20p Dx v19.zip
  11. vectra666

    Nudge nudge wink wink

    Is this the token jp rom as you'll need tokens as well these give a good streak when going so you'll need a fair few quids in there
  12. vectra666

    Epoch engineers!

    Is that great big ghoulies £25 if so that's one that needs emulating
  13. vectra666

    Epoch - Club Great Escape (Mute)

    No probs take your time, today’s a good day to take pics a nice cloudy day so reflections could be minimum
  14. vectra666

    Jpm Bouncer (Classic update)

    you names not down, you're not coming in!! that was some lyrics to the 90's rave tune "the bouncer" sort of applies to yourself with re activating your account and thankyou for the update
  15. vectra666

    Epoch - Club Great Escape (Mute)

    I'll see what I can do with them?