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  1. vectra666

    Ace - Hot Profit Sys1

    no probs here it is big thanks to fruitworkz for this fine release this plays in mfme6 plus only!!! Ace - Hot profit.zip
  2. vectra666

    Ace - Hot Profit Sys1

    Obviously there is one as I uploaded the image lol, if I remember I'll upload to here laters
  3. vectra666

    Barquest £10 Swp - Dx

    Here's a real challenge for you all to play,Its Barquest by Barcrest a quizzer with a tenner jackpot if you can successfully answer a load of questions (which i doubt) for those with small monitors its best played in max screen size stretched Big thanks goto- Wizard - for the started layout and mfme 6.1 Ady - for the flyer used Shortcuts are - Start = SpacebarContinue = CA = AB = BC = C Collect 10p winnings = TPass question = P 10p = 7, 20p = 8, 50p = 9 and £1's in = 0 If anyone manages to get to the £10 top prize in door closed mode please upload a screenshot of your success Enjoy and Happy Gaming!!!! Barquest £10 Swp-Dx.zip
  4. vectra666

    Global Games Thrills 'n' spills

    Seams odd to see a machine at 10p\£10 would've thought it would be the standard£5/10p, maybe£2/2p would be ok to
  5. vectra666

    Global Games Thrills 'n' spills

    Lol. You're right this is a totally shite machine, although I remember playing it on 2p £5 , maybe if the stake or even jackpot could be higher then may not be that bad.
  6. vectra666

    couple of roms

    thankyou louie the cashpack is similar to the wip i'm working on slowly
  7. thanks to stonyat421 for uploading the roms and to wizard for help starting the layout. image from ploggy i'm going to have a go at making this machine in classic form, unless hi res images surface (which i doubt) its a mixer of take note and Manhattan skylines wish me luck lol, might get it by 2021!!
  8. vectra666

    scrapping a machine :(

    Looks like a good ploggy layout coming up.
  9. vectra666

    Jolly Roger (extreme) £25 Dx

    Thanks for the replys, means a lot. It seams members from various fme sites have forgotten about this site in emulation terms , me included. Remember a lot of layouts started life out on here via images and rom dumps. I shall try to remember to include my layouts more often on here.
  10. vectra666

    Jpm lucky lottery in need software

    Of course if we scratch your back you could scratch ours with hi res images of the machine for emulation purposes, then we both win win win. Thanks in advance if this could be done.
  11. vectra666

    Top Streak DX

    Cheers ploggy, just before my gambling days this was.
  12. vectra666

    Cops & robbers gold roms

    here's all the roms and you'll find the set you want within. Cops n Robbers Gold Club Roms.zip
  13. vectra666

    JPM Crown Dealer - MPS

    Yep it is. Mps tech lol. As for pics upto you which evers easier Reel bands one of each separate symbol would be fine
  14. vectra666

    JPM Crown Dealer - MPS

    It's system5 tech Here's a mini layout I did for this set on £4.80, wouldn't mind some hi res pics of this and some of the reel band symbols to update it, as you can see the reel symbols are different in the emulated version compared to the real thing. https://www.fruitemu.co.uk/ib/index.php?/topic/17572-jpms-crown-dealer-mps-1024wdx/&tab=comments#comment-278890 Will need converting if you play this in mfme 6.1!!
  15. vectra666

    Jpm's Arcadia £15 Dx

    Next up is a old skool update of a classic jpm machine, "Arcadia" Thanks goto £6 in tokens/Ploggy for the Hi lo Reel used in this from £6's original 1024 forthcoming topic back in 2011 To Ross for the original layout used for lamping numbersI think Ady for the flyer usedand to Richy1976 for uploading various rom sets for this machine, of which i think i've used an early set and i've included the roms he uploaded within the file. Shortcuts are as standard, Use the latest mfme emulator for this layout of which it can be obtained via the website listed on the notes image Enjoy and Happy Gaming!!! Jpm's Arcadia Dx v6.1.zip