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  1. vectra666

    Club X DX (MFME 19.8 Edition)

    you can only be professional at anything if you learn the tools of the trade, and take advice given, of which meme clearly isn't doing, but to be fair he is having a go and every layout creator started out like this, but many sought to improve in my case slowly but not this slow!!
  2. here's the £10 version thankyou to hitthesix for sending me the £10 roms enjoy Project's The Roll £10 Dx.zip
  3. vectra666

    Epoch Madness

    Hopefully someone will read this and copy them, maybe a post on desert island too as I'm sure Reg or someone on there can do them
  4. vectra666

    Cloud 999 flyer and £4.80 all cash roms

    My layout on token setting
  5. vectra666

    Cloud 999 flyer and £4.80 all cash roms

    i;ll have to find the all cash roms for my layout of course i could tick a checkbox to make it £2.40 all cash?
  6. vectra666

    Roms - Question

    Great buy there if you could I’d dump the lot , not literally though lol Safe cracker could be sc4 as I made a few layouts by the name of cops n robbers safecracker £25,£70 £500
  7. vectra666

    Anyone seen a Cash force before?

    See your point once everyone can play it for free the novelty of having the real thing drops off
  8. vectra666

    Super suits bgt

    ROMs needed but don't think the techs emulated in mfme atm
  9. vectra666

    Epoch Italian job 3 Roms?

    Is this the same Italian job that I made a emulation for if so those ROMs work fine in mfme Link to layout
  10. vectra666

    Anyone seen a Cash force before?

    Did the ROMs for this ever get dumped
  11. A quick re-decal of blue chip released last month, this time i thought i'd add the Ireland roms into the mix whether they're irish or isle of man ones remains to be solved makes a change to play a All cash version from a era of token Jackpot machines, It's set on the recommended 91% for 20p play but i've added the dip settings image thanks to richie100 for that if you want to change various stakes/percentages -- All cash( £2.40) for the token version is bank2 dip switch 3 the Token Slot is now set to 10p the shortcut is still 9. Plays in Mfme v19.8+ Enjoy and Happy Gaming!!!! Pcp's Blue Chip £5.00 All Cash (Isle of Man-Ireland rom) Dx.zip
  12. vectra666

    Fire Cracker DX - BFM - Black Box

    Nicely themed for tonight cracking good fun
  13. vectra666

    Pcp's Blue "Double" Chip £4.80 Dx

    £5 cash version coming tonight thought is redecal it as unusual for a £5 cash in the early 90,s token era it states Irish roms but are they? Or are they Isle of Man ones
  14. vectra666

    Powerplay Classic Layout

    layout looks better, but still more could be done for its presentation as in make the squares in their section the same size and the text the same height as in All capitals or small leters not both
  15. What a treat this is, it gives me great pleasure in announcing this release Blue Chip £4.80. its been a sought after machine in Fme land for many years two years back came v6.1 of mfme and the release of the "classic" version. I've had images sat on my lappy since then. Big thankyou goes to Tommy C for adding those images to a blank cab for me to finally dx this baby Thanks goto the original source for those images (spa i think) to the youyube video for lamping help and the blue seven seg used Richy1976 for adding the coin effects thanks also to the member from here (the mecca) whom sent me images of the reel symbols for the classic layout Afaik this machine doesn't use reel lamps, just a flo tube. so like the classic i've not lamped the reels but added the reel gradient instead. for some reason the decimal point lights up on the winnings bank on start up maybe its a wrong lamp or something. decimal point now sorted thanks goto wizard!! Anyways like the layouts criss cross jackpot / twice as nice etc, enjoy this era of machine all over again Shortcuts are as standard play this in MFME V19.6+ Enjoy and Happy Gaming!!! Pcp's Blue Chip £4.80 Dx v2.zip