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  1. vectra666

    My YouTube channel. chris217

    Another great machine from days gone, spent many a weeks wages in these mpu4 machines Nickelodeon being the main one which was 2.40 all cash that used to love a £2.40 run on rolling on the same win over and over again. even though I/we spent a wedge through these we still say the machines of this era arc the best which they are compared to today’s shite. i was a problem gambler back then imagine the amount we could’ve lost in today’s environment.
  2. vectra666

    Cloud 999 £4.80 Dx's

    Next up is this old skool favourite of retro players up and down the country, Cloud 999. In the Zip file is two versions, a lamps blended and a lamps Un-blended version. I've added both if the blended version runs too slow on your pc then the un-blended one is quicker. On the Blended version you may notice a few lamps and the first reel "jump" slightly, this is cured in mfme v19 same goes for the speed due to the blended lamps it may run slower in v6.1 but again it's vastly improved when v19 is released. Now the Thanks Firstly to Kriss for the original 1280dx version used for the majority of lamping positions A Big thankyou to Line Up Chris via the Mecca for uploading Hi Quality photos of the reel symbols, its thanks to these guys who own the older or any machines for giving us the images/roms for these classic machines Finally to Richy1976 who has help greatly with the blended lamps around the cabinet edges form id'ing various lamps to adding the correct masks to them, and adding coin in/out effects. Shortcuts are as standard. So Finally Enjoy it like its the 90's and Happy Gaming!!! Cloud 999 Dx's.zip
  3. vectra666

    Cloud 999 reel symbols required

    i will be releasing this version for mfme6.1+ just got to finalize the reel symbols etc, probably later tonight or tomorrow
  4. vectra666

    Cloud 999 reel symbols required

    I cut the cloud 9's from the images given, the single 9 should be more central I think like the bars are it seam odd the cloud 9 is on the right a tad. If I remember I'll centralise the single 9's a bit more. They look nice and shiny otherwise
  5. vectra666

    Cloud 999 reel symbols required

    Just trying to workout the lamp numbers for the logos and dimmed lamps around the edges, don't suppose there's a manual for this with the lamping numbers about, also how do you change the percentage on this?
  6. vectra666

    Cloud 999 reel symbols required

    symbols now added, thanks again line up chris!! Cloud 999 SYMBOLS.zip
  7. vectra666

    Cloud 999 reel symbols required

    These will do nicely thank you very much
  8. vectra666

    Cloud 999 reel symbols required

    Not the actual reels, just the symbols on the reels , one of each will be fine As for phone images that'll be ok if clear enough thank you
  9. Does anybody have these symbols at hi res images or does anybody own this machine and can take hi res photos of the symbols please.
  10. vectra666

    Epoch - Club Great Escape (Mute)

    i have messaged westy regarding the sounds which are now in the layout, it's upto them to re-upload the layout. as for images more the merrily
  11. vectra666

    Downtown scorpion 2 roms

    Does anybody have a hi res flyer for this? I could use thanks
  12. vectra666

    Downtown scorpion 2 roms

    Nice I'll have a dabble laters and see if I can make a layout with them Cheers
  13. vectra666

    Project Coin Double Up

    Any ideas why they won't run, as others like this do? Was the ROMs ever uploaded?
  14. vectra666

    Up and coming op clearout!

    Crazy cobra roms and glass scans needed for emulation As is that lottery oldie one And any other roms you can get your mitts on, would be greatly appreciated within the emu world
  15. vectra666

    Rollercoaster Club

    Can you not make some via pc / phoyoshop. then if not stickers, as in just paper stick em with glue to the coin slot?