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  1. vectra666

    Gold Diggers £35 Dx

    Next up is this Rarer Qps Machine Gold Diggers on a £35 Jackpot A feature trail game where the number overlays on the reels add to the trail, playing on a standard 30p a go or a "super" 50p play something i've been picking over since Social Dragon Aka Meme3 uploaded the roms asking for this to be emulated then along came Player via The Mecca and uploaded the image scan for this machine a week or so ago i gained all the ingredients needed to make this into a dx so thankyou to both of them, without members uploading resources like this there'd be no dx's Shortcuts listed within the notes Plays in MFME V19.8+ Enjoy and Happy Gaming!!! Gold Diggers £35Dx.zip
  2. vectra666

    Snake Rattle & Roll AWP & Club

    thankyou and getting better read the posts via dadsfme for info on the reel symbols
  3. vectra666

    Monopoly Walk Of Wealth Roms?

    ok thats me done for, six points then i lose my licence.
  4. vectra666

    Monopoly Walk Of Wealth Roms?

    throw partytime arena ones in there, they're reasonably close
  5. vectra666

    Monopoly In A Spin Classic

    i didn't use anything lol
  6. vectra666

    Monopoly In A Spin Classic

    rough arse grease proof like the oldie school bogs had
  7. vectra666

    Monopoly Walk Of Wealth Roms?

    still pointless in starting a classic, but suppose it's all good practice and you need that in spades
  8. vectra666

    Jumping Jacks

    So there is I think it's made by compost corner only submitted by duplu I may have to start amended these errors??
  9. vectra666

    Monopoly Walk Of Wealth Roms?

    So how's this rom'less one coming along??
  10. vectra666

    Monopoly In A Spin Classic

    nothing more pleasurable than a good dump, roms i mean lol
  11. vectra666

    Hyper Games DX

    about time fme had a bit of humour, shame fruit-emu hasn't too lol
  12. vectra666

    Hyper Games DX

    Nugget inserts what’s that lol. Suit you sir’
  13. vectra666

    Hyper Games DX

    Are chicken nuggets emulatable now what part of the chicken do they come from? can you get a 100% chicken , chicken nugget made from actual recognisable chicken. is it true KFC chickens have three wings and four legs Some of the many mysteries of the modern world!!!
  14. vectra666

    Hyper Games DX

    Depends what you can afford in terms of quality Now Tesco value or jacks as it's called now, is ok if that's what you can afford but it's only basic shite, then you've your (as a company I'm making bags for!) Fortunm & Mason top quality stuff This goes for the difference between Meme and Tommy's work Now when both are available for free, I know which I'm tasting when released? My creating is like your Aldi luxury range lol., Cheap but good quality!! Again depends how desperate you are to grab I suppose I reckon the two artists mentioned should release something the same time and we'll see who comes up top. But you never know meme could be a top designer in a decade or so, depends what advice they follow or if the current dxers have retired from the scene.
  15. vectra666

    Hyper Games DX

    Maybe next decade, we'll see!! Yes we all started with bad looking layouts and it does take ages to get reasonably good, but most ask for help to improve their skills and most listen to advice given In his case it appears the opposite I just wish he responded to the comments made, but he releases something then disappears till the next shite is released and so on.