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  1. No1Stoney

    MFME v6.0 Bugs Thread

    That's a shame. But look forward to the next hotfix. The main reason I got my tablet was for MFME. I can wait. Cheers for the fast response
  2. No1Stoney

    MFME v6.0 Bugs Thread

    "Access Violation at address 0047717A in module 'MFME.exe' Read of address 000004BC." Just tried MFME 6.0 on my windows 10 (home) tablet and get this after about 10 seconds of playing with the touchscreen. Is it to do with the touchscreen? Am running the program with admin rights. Only just got the tablet so unsure if older versions worked. If this has been asked before then apologies
  3. No1Stoney

    MFME v6.0 Bugs Thread

    Yes mine are parallel hoppers that deliver an opto pulse and I believe there is a 'drive' wire which I think is just a signal rather than a voltage. Ill have to have a look into it. Id say its possible. If not I'll get some universals. Anyway will let the thread get back on track. Cheers again
  4. No1Stoney

    MFME v6.0 Bugs Thread

    Its no problem for me, I can wait. just add it to the next release if you want. Now I just need to have a look at the hopper side of things. Not sure if my current hoppers would work as they are driven by serial comms via a driver board.
  5. No1Stoney

    MFME v6.0 Bugs Thread

    Thanks Wizard, I get it now. Perfect for what I need actually as my cab uses same shortcuts for every layout it uses. Brilliant! @Reg, must've just been dam good timing Anyway, you can't talk about being too quick, took you about 8.9 seconds to release two 6.0 layouts. Your just too good
  6. No1Stoney

    MFME v6.0 Bugs Thread

    if I have no labels in any box, this is what I get I appreciate I'm not using the tools how they are meant to be used, but clearly a small bug here EDIT: OK, looks like I'm replying to myself here, there was a reply by Reg that's now gone?
  7. No1Stoney

    MFME v6.0 Bugs Thread

    OK, so your template loads OK. This is what I was getting. Think its if some of the items don't have a label.
  8. No1Stoney

    MFME v6.0 Bugs Thread

    Just a quick one wizard, as I couldn't wait to get started on using the Pacdrive properly on my MFME cab. Using the Pacdrive tool... -Loading a template adds a lot of gibberish to the "label" column when no label entered upon saving. Also loads typed labels into incorrect columns -When I click 'test lamps' the pacdrive's light all the lamps but then get swapped around so my ID 1 gets recognised as ID 2 and everything that's supposed to be lit from drive 1 is lit from drive 2 and vice versa. Everything is fine again after MFME restart. (Maybe that's an issue with my system?) -When you cycle up and down the "output" selection when there are entries in the 'PAC drive assignments' box, it doesn't cycle up and down properly, missing some numbers and stopping on the last number that is in the assignments box. Also can I suggest that the output type stays the same until changed, as it keeps resorting back to unassigned and for every lamp I have to change it to a "lamp" I am really very grateful for the new MFME release, just thought I'd let you know some of the issues I've found in the few mins I've been playing with it as I wouldn't have thought there are many playing with the PAC controls yet. Thanks again!
  9. No1Stoney

    MFME v5.1 Bugs Thread

    Small problem I've just found. 50p EPOCH coin doesn't seem to be working on some epoch layouts ("reel good time" and "jackpots that rock n roll" so far) and I can't find an alternative. Not a problem to 99% of people, but of course, with my MFME cab, a 50p input is useful
  10. No1Stoney

    Sound effect wav files

    "All techs now support PAC Drive and Effects" I cannot wait to implement this on my MFME cab. "Added support for SystemA1 Hokey Cokey and Bullion Bars Multiplayers" and this is another personal favourite update of mine. Brilliant work, a lot of great updates here. Thanks Wizard
  11. No1Stoney

    Would love advice on building a fruity

    This is one I built last year. Lots more I want to do to it this year though if time allows I have updated the software on mine since the video too, and the emulator has had a major update too
  12. No1Stoney

    Maygay / Impulse Epoch PSU power supply pin out

    What alarm? Could it just be the machine thinks the hopper is empty? Refill needed??
  13. No1Stoney

    Real fruit machine emulating old machines

    Kind words Reg thankyou. I spent many months in the background working out a way to do it all, and plenty of time putting bits and pieces together like coin mechs and buttons to see if my theories worked before starting work on the real thing. I have coded my own "front end" which simply acts as a screen to select games from, and means I can add stuff such as the manager menu where it shows game info and can control the hopper for paying out etc. There is a lot of code around how it works out the payouts and then tells the hopper what to do. Its quite simple when you think about it, just needs a knowledge of a programming language before you start. I am happy to answer any questions people have with their own projects if they require it. Reg, if people start making their own cabs, Id love to start on a project that can link everyone's RAM files remotely so we can all play our machines in the state they were left by any one of us. Also, hopefully the more of us who take on something like this would make it more Likely for Wizard to start adding some more functionality to help with our cabs (such as instant IN/OUT reporting and pacdrive support for all techs) at the minute I totally understand from his point of view that its not something man y of us need so is put on the back burner at the moment. My cabinet is not finished completely and needs some tweaks to get it sorted. And as you can see, button decals STILL not completely in place... Its taken a back seat the last few months but I am coming back to it soon, In time, a total rework of the cab may be on the cards, but will see.
  14. No1Stoney

    Real fruit machine emulating old machines

    Looking great Reg. That's just how I started with planning my cab, Seeing if my theories would actually work before building a cab to put around it all. Next step is mech and hopper if that is something your looking to do. I love the Pacdrive functionality with MFME but its ashame its limited to very few techs at the moment.
  15. No1Stoney

    MFMEv5 General Questions

    No problem For now, Ive added some code to my machine to quickly load the config window and close it again when MFME loads. seems to do the trick!