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  1. sam20sam

    BFM - PSU

    Ive found scorp 2 psus to be bullit proof apart from crap fuse holders, and rarely a dry joint on the main board Check connections on the long plug inside when viewed from upside down
  2. sam20sam

    NEW Machine / Project - PCP Hit Money!

    Fantastic job there. Looking like its just come out of the factory. Love the black paint aswell Barrie
  3. sam20sam

    50p payouts

    There is a dil switch to repay 10p out (half a credit) or leave it as half a credit until another 10p is inserted.
  4. sam20sam

    BWB Line Up

    The only good thing about this machine Steve is that it used to feature hold on £2 every now and then. Good machine but not a patch on the original
  5. sam20sam

    Button legend inserts needed

    🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣 Straight to the point Jonno
  6. sam20sam

    Pcp system 1 starstruck classic

    Thats the one 😊 Thanks
  7. sam20sam

    Pcp system 1 starstruck classic

    Great machine in its day along with blue chip. Anyone remember one in the same cabinet called Xpress ?
  8. sam20sam

    mps issues!

    Nudgemoney, glad you found one Steve and a cracking 2per in its day
  9. sam20sam

    BWB Fruit King

    Bit of polish and it'll come up a treat.
  10. sam20sam

    How about this lol

    Good choice Steve
  11. I have the clone Premier League Manager (tall cab) From memory when the sensor runs out of coins before it diverts it pays around 15 which leaves the tube about 4 or 5 quid from empty
  12. sam20sam

    T777 - Heading for the Scrap Heap ?

    Did you manage to sort the coin mech issue ?
  13. sam20sam

    PCP Bars Of Gold (System80)

    Great machine Steve, and its the best thing that could happen to a tumble Looks in great condition
  14. sam20sam

    Blue Chip layout? help required

    If you need any pics of the reels/glass etc let me know as i have the machine on £4.80 10p play