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  1. sam20sam

    mps issues!

    Nudgemoney, glad you found one Steve and a cracking 2per in its day
  2. sam20sam

    BWB Fruit King

    Bit of polish and it'll come up a treat.
  3. sam20sam

    How about this lol

    Good choice Steve
  4. I have the clone Premier League Manager (tall cab) From memory when the sensor runs out of coins before it diverts it pays around 15 which leaves the tube about 4 or 5 quid from empty
  5. sam20sam

    T777 - Heading for the Scrap Heap ?

    Did you manage to sort the coin mech issue ?
  6. sam20sam

    PCP Bars Of Gold (System80)

    Great machine Steve, and its the best thing that could happen to a tumble Looks in great condition
  7. sam20sam

    Blue Chip layout? help required

    If you need any pics of the reels/glass etc let me know as i have the machine on £4.80 10p play
  8. sam20sam

    WTB: Barcrest Triple 777 Machine

    Great machine. 9 is the maximum you can have on the screen. They will all work on demo until you close the door
  9. sam20sam

    Blue chip PCP

  10. sam20sam

    I.D. Help

    Think I is Monte Carlo or bust / miami dice ?
  11. sam20sam

    Oldie machines on fleabay

    It got pulled. I asked him if for a buy it now price which was ignored. Then shock horror, shitbay pulled it and then he made contact ! He wants 600 notes for it (non runner)
  12. sam20sam

    maygay collection

    Lovely collection of maygay's there
  13. sam20sam

    barcrest mpu4 silver shadow rebuild

    Outstanding job Nick, and back to factory finish as always
  14. sam20sam

    scorp II based machines......

    There was a cash explosion on scorp2 Dave aswell, which was nothing like the original. Last machine I can remember coming out was casino royale on hopper payouts
  15. sam20sam

    Machine i thought was a dream.....

    This was Kings and Queens. It was mpu3 in a ratrace cab and was basically a 2p play bigshot. The gamble went up the left side of the top glass. Fantastic machine in its day