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  1. pedro3178

    Cash machine note acceptor

    Damn! Didn’t want to have to shell out £££ for a new one
  2. pedro3178

    Cash machine note acceptor

    Can anyone advise if it’s possible to update my note acceptor to the new £5 and £10 plastic notes ? I would like it to accept both Scottish and English as that’s what it accepts at the moment . I have a look online but they mention cash machine note acceptor but have a name like taiko or UBA but I don’t see this on the model thanks for any help
  3. pedro3178

    Extremely distorted sound

    😂 brilliant!
  4. pedro3178

    Extremely distorted sound

    Turns out both speakers are blown. I found my misses old massage chair in the garage and it has 2 4ohm speakers in it! Got them hooked up and the sound is now perfect, obviously they are not a perfect fit but made do just now. The ones in the picture I couldn’t find anywhere on google
  5. pedro3178

    Dongle for fruit machines

    Thank you!!! Massive help , I was going to buy this machine.
  6. pedro3178

    Dongle for fruit machines

    Guys I was looking at a fruit machine on flee-bay , it’s states the dongle will run until 2020 and advises you need to contact bellfruit when it runs out. can anyone give a rough idea of a cost for this? It’s just for home so if it’s stupid money then it will obviously stop me bidding on the cabinet. thanks
  7. pedro3178

    Extremely distorted sound

    Yeah your right, will try get a speaker and give this a go. Cheers
  8. pedro3178

    Extremely distorted sound

    Hi guys, I just took hold of a Barcrest it’s Amazing machine. Condition is fantastic however the sound from the machine is extremely distorted and not worth having on, now I understand these machines are not built with sound quality in mind but never had one sound so bad. My question is... since it’s a dual speaker cabinet what’s the chances of both speakers failing? Could it be the board itself ? Any help on what to check would be great . The speakers are Gemmy 4ohms 15 watt but can’t find them anywhere.
  9. pedro3178

    bulls eye project coins

    Hey there! Not sure about the test menu on this one but is this the same machine in this link click here Edit: had a quick look and it seems test menu is entered by using refill key and opening the door? doesnt mention a button i maybe well off here, hope someone helps you out.
  10. pedro3178

    how to

    Take a look at this thread and the reply by Launton should help you out. Click here!
  11. pedro3178

    Best way to set for home

    :lol: What a P***k! I never thought of leaving the machine open when empty if i am away, Nice one!! your right they would smash it just incase it was full
  12. pedro3178

    Best way to set for home

    I see your point on the security issue, I think if I was going away for a while then I would empty the notey cash box, I do have a safe on my house but it's just no fun sticking my money in that! It doesn't even light up! Lol, I take it the only way into these machines is drill the lock, sledge hammer, have the key? Or good luck carrying it down my stairs! Lol
  13. pedro3178

    Best way to set for home

    Lol , yeah I see your point! Thanks again!
  14. pedro3178

    Best way to set for home

    Thanks for the info guys! Can I take it lower than 70% payout??
  15. pedro3178

    Best way to set for home

    Hi guys! I have my barcrest hyper viper machine all fixed up and ready with NV8 note acceptor, I am going to keep this machine and use it as a home bank. My question is, is this best way to setup and use the machine for this purpose, at the moment I have filled the hopper with the full £250 coins and am just using notes to play, when the machine won't accept anymore notes then I will take coins from bottom and refill to £250 and press hopper full again using refill key, the machine is set at 25p play and £25 jackpot and has a 70% key fitted. Sorry if this is a daft question!