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  1. bikerscum69

    Epoch battery

    May be worth gettin a spare mpu if your gonna keep it. that's assuming there's any working ones left
  2. bikerscum69

    Epoch battery

    Remove it and have a look
  3. bikerscum69

    A joke that I thought was rather good...

    A young woman asked me if I liked breasts or legs. I told her I preferred a shaved snatch Apparently I'm not welcome in KFC anymore.
  4. bikerscum69

    Looking for maygay Italian job

    2 is way better than 3 fella you will get bored with 3 very fast the game is the same play wise but 2 has better film quotes imo 2 looks better as well
  5. bikerscum69

    something faulty

    you may as well save yourself the mental stress and just dump it at the tip if your not gonna fix it cos you dont know wot actually does work on it even the twats on fleabay will avoid untested epoch parts
  6. bikerscum69

    routing plug

    Hi fellas this spiker the biker (mpu5) of mine needed a new mec so ive stuck a mars 126 in but now the 20p ends up in the hopper as well as the £1s I need to rewire the routing plug but I dont know which wires to swap to sort it Has anyone got a diagram please thanks
  7. bikerscum69

    Barcrest MPU5 (Golden Dragon) cabinet switch enquiry

    If your top door was working why are you messing about with the wiring Thats like changing your sparkplugs cos you have a flat tyre
  8. bikerscum69

    spiker the biker

    Thanks for the offer dave It not too far mate but im not after one right now its gonna be in a few months time when I do it up mainly because im up to my arse in other things and I dont have the time (2 bikes off the road and a shed to finish) but thanks again for the offer With it being a small mpu5 cab I just want to make sure I get the right one when needed thanks guys
  9. bikerscum69

    spiker the biker

    Could someone please tell me what the cabinet type is called for this machine The one I have has been robbed in the past so im gonna be looking for another cab soon cheers fellas
  10. bikerscum69

    Good old blighty

    There aint no justice in the uk mate not if you honest anyway Pick better friends would be an idea or send the ss an email and a vid Not gettin the 4 grand and havin his claim stopped would be the justice he deserves
  11. bikerscum69

    Maygay cashflow help needed

    You need to stick to just one thread on this fella
  12. bikerscum69

    Reel Fruits Maidstone

    there is phil its called the m6 and its the best way to get the fuck out of there
  13. bikerscum69

    A Must for all you Bikers

    We did last years run a pink bugs bunny on a gixer thou was a strange sight but it did win him the best dressed animal on a bike prize
  14. bikerscum69

    Buying a fruit machine, setting hoppers etc...

    nah mate im ok with some of it but no expert not by a long shot some of these nutters on here live sleep and breath fruitys
  15. bikerscum69

    Buying a fruit machine, setting hoppers etc...

    9 times out of 10 on most you turn the refill key let the machine re set and then press the hopper top up button but being as that aint always the case and as its gonna be a piggy bank it may be a good idea to get the manual for it someone on here may even have one if not fleabay will and they dont half come in handy