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  1. MAGIK

    Club road hog problem

    No i mean put rom 2 in socket 1 and vice versa.
  2. MAGIK

    Club road hog problem

    Ok thats not no sound - thats either screwed up data lines on the sound roms or dead capacitors on the sound board. Check there are no bent legs on the roms. Swap the two sound roms over into each others sockets to rule out having them reversed.
  3. MAGIK

    Mpu3 Alpha issues

    yup you need a new rockwell 10937 . or an OKI 1937 they should both work. Could pilfer one off the back of an mpu4 display or similar provided the IC is a 40 pin DIP.
  4. MAGIK

    Maygay its a knockout

    My camelot is just as bad as that glass wise, doesnt bother me tbh you just live with it. Youll need to wish really hard to get a replacement glass for that but even with the damaged glass I would keep it. its just showing its age! Get the white mold cleaned out of it tho or you will be getting head colds for months!!
  5. MAGIK

    Club road hog problem

    photo how you have the card connected up in the machine
  6. MAGIK

    Club road hog problem

    Photo it connected up in the machine.
  7. MAGIK

    Club road hog problem

    Also , with the game powered up touch the amplifier casing with a finger do you hear a loud interference hum. Put the volume up to maximum and see if you can hear the lamp interference.
  8. MAGIK

    Club road hog problem

    show me how you are hooking the game card up
  9. MAGIK

    Maygay its a knockout

    check the battery.
  10. MAGIK

    Custom sounds

    It wont work really but you can get some really bizzare effects by messing with sound roms.. I used to do it for fun between BFM scorpion 2 , maygay m1 and JPM impact because they all used the same sound hardware for the sampled audio. But on Bellfruit its got a test for the sound ROM as well as the game and it will spit the dummy and tell you so if you have fitted the wrong roms. It will even tell you which roms you need to fit. Now, Your game will still boot and run, but more often or not the sound will be messed up ( sometimes you get away with it, A deal or no deal east or west wing will run ok with whats in your box sound) and things might take a long time to happen . Your reel spin may get much longer for example, as it will wait for the reel stop sound for reel1 to finish playing before it progresses to reel 2 etc ( seriously, it does, I had reels running for 5 minutes on one occasion lol) . See the hardware will report back to the MPU when a sound has started and stopped playing so the samples dont overlap or cut each other off. But if the MPU asks for a sample and its not there, the sound hardware never reports back that the sound is playing or stopped playing so the game can actually hang up waiting for the sound. Theres a good example of this in a youtube video from chris217, a maygay simpsons which has a fault on the sound where it hangs playing a particular sample. I have a video from a while back you can watch to see the effects of sound swapping , As you can see, the results of swapping sound roms can be a bit weird lol Nothing stopping you trying it tho, just be sure to video the results of your experiments!
  11. MAGIK

    Jpm processer card

    how bad is the processor card you have just now and what symptoms do you have in your machine? See reason I ask is Im finding that a lot of these CPU cards I come across have some very simple faults holding them down.
  12. MAGIK

    maygay m1a/b board repair thread

    Btw, cool example of an early M1B - its a green PCB ! must be very early release of the revision as they switched to those horrible red ones after a bit. Got a challenge, got a photo of M1C? it did exist apparently - got quickly replaced by epoch tho - rumour has it C was a blue board.
  13. MAGIK

    maygay m1a/b board repair thread

    ah your missing the point a bit. Its not a permanent fix, its a diagnostic tool .. I , dangerousdave, oldschoolfruits and others have come across boards that tear your hair out because your trying to test them and they wont go past the meter 6.0 fault. This is a quick work around so you can see what else works on the board before you have to sit down and get stuck into the PCB. Its also good as an emergency fix for a home machine to get you by until you can get the board off for repair if you are not confident at involved PCB fixes. As for the coins not working, not nessecarily so - if the AY8930 is causing the meter issue, then yes that effect the coins too because the coin inhibits are driven by that ICs direct IO ports as well as the meters. Depending on what the issue is with the sound processor, you may have the machine swallow coins but not give credit (the mech itself sees the coins but the game doesnt want to see the coin) because the inhibits are stuck off, or not accept coins or a particular coin at all because the inbhibit is stuck on. But if the fault is downstream with the meters , say broken traces at U41 or the meters plug then the coins are not effected. a lot of the time on the M1A the battery damage gets either the meter traces, or the bus traces from the AY down to U41 . The little fix dangerousdave shows here, simply locks all the input pins of U26 to 5v so that when the checkmtr line is enabled the MPU is satisfied that the meters are working. Quicker for him and probably most folks than having to fumble about making a plug and loom with lamps to go into the meter plug. On some boards out there you may have no choice BUT to bypass the meters. I have one here, the alkali had sat under the AY chip and the traces are destroyed. So its either fit loads of jump wires underneath , or leave the AY off and utilise a bypass. Yes its not a board suitable for sale or service use, but it will serve as a spare board to run a machin e while another board gets repaired.
  14. MAGIK

    maygay m1a/b board repair thread

    I just modded a flat card by sticking a right angle header on it. Works just the same if you dont have access to PCB making gear!
  15. MAGIK

    Super line up gamcard and ROMs Inc char chip

    The character table in the very first £2 ROM has a very suttle difference to the later one and the £3 ROM. It can be changed in the ROM to match but you do need to kill the checksum routine also for it to work. Thats easy enough to do if you can find the correct BNE instruction but I forget where it is!!