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  1. MAGIK

    The Line Up £2 trick

    flashes what in the credit display?
  2. MAGIK

    Impact 6 pound indy roms

    Sorted then! just putting in an update it looks like it was a generic ROM manufacturer causing the issue. oldschoolfruits burned program onto a pair of ST 27c1001s and it fired first time.
  3. MAGIK

    Electrocoin RED BAR still won't boot!

    have you tried gently pressing on ROMs, CPUs or daughtercard with it powered up. The sockets on those boards can get stretched from the machine pins on the daughtercard. Fire it up, and gently press on the dongle with the ROMcard in see if anything happens. Do the same with both CPUs in turn , and both on board ROMs. Its likely one is just sitting out of its socket a little bit Ive found that can be quite a common thing to happen.
  4. just curious, what different ways did this work? Seen a few youtube videos on it but not sure just whats going on . On one it looks like coins going in between the A and Y on PLAY on credit display. On another viddy its when attract is at 4 nudges. Was there different techniques to this or was it mostly just luck?
  5. MAGIK

    Can anyone identify this machine

    yup matches that picture perfectly you can just about see the D of world and the right hand side features as well as the plane.
  6. MAGIK

    Can anyone identify this machine

    Its def a system 5 looking at the buttons on the cabinet.
  7. MAGIK

    Maygay m1a repair thread and tips

    Dont you just love china....
  8. MAGIK

    Maygay m1a repair thread and tips

    Good point, need to get a working one programmed . Its only a GAL16V8 and I think some of us folks already have the image of one.
  9. MAGIK

    Maygay m1a repair thread and tips

    other side too please. Early observations - theres at least one bad trace near U6, also see all that greyish residue on the board? thats the effect of the battery vapours. Also the + side of the battery flylead might be shorting out the trace next door. Even with a totally clean board M1As and Bs can just fail because of other issues. CMOS ICs are very picky about voltage . If the RAM power supply failed for example, say due to bad connection to pin 28 of U33, you can get a phenomenon called latch up where you kill the RAM because your trying to drive its address or data lines without it being powered. If your power supply has bad capacitors, you can kill the CMOS ICs just by the noise on the supply rails. Andrew96 had one board recently where ICs failed one after the other just due to age /traces . Theres a post in a thread somewhere about it.
  10. they are ok games, just crystal went a little hard core with the security choosing to use encryption rather than characteriser.
  11. MAGIK

    Safe place for Spares?

    hehe would get a little hot. I have spares everywhere , under the stairs, in the warddrobe, outside sheds, bottom of dressing table. Yes static is a concern but I wouldnt be too worried about it. You ever seen the back of an operating arcade? i went to visit someone once and there was a pile of MPU4s holding the door open and I had to lift a bunch of scorpion 4s off a chair to have a sit down. Ive plugged a machine in before that had been outside for weeks, it still worked, and I believe it is still in active service in its current location to this day after we sorted out the meter fault that originally retired it!
  12. MAGIK

    MPU4 Motherboard Repair WELL ATTEMPT

    Yeah I have seen that myself, had a couple explode on me in the past. But its all of them going at same time I find odd- usually you get one or mabye two burning up - but all of them at same time?
  13. MAGIK

    MPU4 Motherboard Repair WELL ATTEMPT

    Gotta wonder whats taking out those caps in the first place - someone plugged the wrong power supply into the board or something??
  14. MAGIK

    Maygay m1a repair thread and tips

    And dont ever just assume you have no broken traces or no battery damage - sometimes you cant see the damage under the sockets.