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  1. Thing is tho Im sure I have the wrong transistors in my own board and it works just fine. Still , handy to know ! Ok so I can add a wee addition to my drawings then.
  2. AHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH! f+_k me ! AH I get it now, its got an alternate leg pinout. And with that little L another whole mystery is resolved! I betya a million folks working on these are putting BC183s in by mistake!!
  3. Meh, I thought he had his hand in all the impact stuff. I could be wrong!!!! You know what its like in videos tho, sometimes you waffle on, and then correct your mistakes later. I will add a caption to correct myself. While I am here tho, I cant for the life of me figure out the alternate RAMCS protection layout - in this early one I feature here it may be a little odd but it works electrically. But in the later revisions, from what I can trace of it, it looks like the base of each BC183 is connected to pin 20 of each RAM IC instead of the collectors !! The collectors are pulled to 5v by the line coming from Q5 instead ? that makes no sense to me , how on earth can pin 20 of a 6264 drive the base of a tr?? Gonna need to dig out me old laptop with proteus on it and have a play with the layout!
  4. Just a note - X refers to an edge connector pin . And theres no pull up on halt pin.
  5. BEFORE YOU GUYS ALL FALL OVER, THESE ARE NOT THE FACTORY SCHEMATICS.... If such a thing exists no one is letting anyone know that they have got them .. so as I have a shedload of them to look at , and I was really fed up guessing what did what, I decided to sit for a few hours and work out where everything was.. I have scanned in the drawings I did as well, now remember, they are drawn by me, I checked , checked and checked again that they were right but guys better informed than me will know better - The point is, I at least have a good idea of what everythings doing and I hope you boys and girls can make some use of them!! img20190119_13231434.pdf img20190119_13261455.pdf img20190119_13293437.pdf img20190119_13313123.pdf img20190119_13334240.pdf img20190119_13361830.pdf img20190119_13383039.pdf img20190119_13431475.pdf
  6. MAGIK

    Scorpion 1

    yeah s2 has one extra 12v pin dont it.
  7. MAGIK

    No sound

    If only all faults were that simple!!
  8. MAGIK

    Scorpion 1

    not really encrypted as such- just the board gets crafty with the address lines between the ROMcard and the control MUX.
  9. MAGIK

    No sound

    OOOOOOooooo fruit explosion. Maygay M1A so one of two things, either the speaker leads not plugged into the back of the amp , the volume pot is turned all the way down or broken, or the 12v supply is not getting to the program card. SO first things first, open cabinet, check theres a lead plugged into the back of the program card, and turn the volume knob on the card all the way to the right.
  10. MAGIK

    Jpm processer card

    what happens with the status and reset LEDs when you fire your machine up atm?
  11. MAGIK

    Club road hog problem

    No i mean put rom 2 in socket 1 and vice versa.
  12. MAGIK

    Club road hog problem

    Ok thats not no sound - thats either screwed up data lines on the sound roms or dead capacitors on the sound board. Check there are no bent legs on the roms. Swap the two sound roms over into each others sockets to rule out having them reversed.
  13. MAGIK

    Mpu3 Alpha issues

    yup you need a new rockwell 10937 . or an OKI 1937 they should both work. Could pilfer one off the back of an mpu4 display or similar provided the IC is a 40 pin DIP.
  14. MAGIK

    Maygay its a knockout

    My camelot is just as bad as that glass wise, doesnt bother me tbh you just live with it. Youll need to wish really hard to get a replacement glass for that but even with the damaged glass I would keep it. its just showing its age! Get the white mold cleaned out of it tho or you will be getting head colds for months!!
  15. MAGIK

    Club road hog problem

    photo how you have the card connected up in the machine