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  1. matrixnetuk

    Nudge Double Up Deluxe

    Hey Nick, the £1 decal came with the chassis not sure if its original to be honest ive just cut it to shape and re-applied it with some glu-dots :-) Funny you should mention the Roms as im actually not sure if mine are £1 or £2 roms only time will tell if i can get it all up and running. Mr Warlord im probably just going to try and get it up and running in the short term (hopefully in the next 2 weeks) and then i can look to making it better in the long term at the mo im still trying to figure out how best to re-install the wiring loom without damaging it (BTW im using Ronnie's pics of his old NDU as a reference ) I have added some HD castors tonight so i can wheel it around and culdnt resist taking a few cheeky shots of how it will look next to my other pair of SRU's
  2. matrixnetuk

    Nudge Double Up Deluxe

    Hi Joe, to be fair its actually quite easy to get in and out so will give it a go with a rattle can first and if it does start failing i will have to find me a local powder coater 😉 Chris your a lucky man chap you have a serious collection of machines :-)
  3. matrixnetuk

    Nudge Double Up Deluxe

    Cheers Fella's really excited about this project ...yep need the reelbands Nick, plus coin handling bits n bobs but can probably botch something together initially maybe a few triacs but need to have a dig around. will know more as i progress :-) So far Ive given the inside/outside a good scrub and fitted a couple of coin mechs and payout solenoids, got the rusty pay tray out so will probably just sand this down, prime and respray.
  4. matrixnetuk

    Nudge Double Up Deluxe

    Just acquired a NDU Cabinet and glasses thanks to Paul the scruffyherbert, so can now marry this with a box full of parts i have had tucked away for a couple of years thanks to Richie100 could take me a while as im missing quite a few items to complete but probably have enough to get it up and running fingers crossed
  5. matrixnetuk

    Maygay machine delivered today

    Looks awesome that chap, great job on the re-sprayed bits mine could do with some of that :-)
  6. matrixnetuk

    Maygay m1a stakes and prizes key

    If there all off I think % is 72% If there all on it will be 98% im sure my Donkey Kong is at 86% plays pretty good :-) Sw1 ON Sw2 Off Sw3 off Sw4 ON
  7. matrixnetuk

    Fly wired battery vs battery on board

    Yes Andrew you upgraded my board and installed the Coin Cell (A good few years ago now) been fantastic ever since :-) Im pretty sure the Reelcrazy MPS2 board coincell was also done by you I did purchase 4 or 5 of your coincell mods when you first set them up :-)
  8. matrixnetuk

    Fly wired battery vs battery on board

    Hey Andrew, your coin cell mod on my M1a Donkey Kong last approx 10months - Year :-) I have also fly wired coin your coin cell mods to Scorp4 again nearly a year Coin Cell hard wired in my MPS2 Reelcrazy lasted longer than a year in fact i cant remember when i last changed that one :-)
  9. matrixnetuk

    Site Donations

    My browser is still the same so cant help but think im missing stuff, is there a way to reverse Chrome on my desktop to act like a desktop device and not a roaming mobile device ? Cheers Stef
  10. matrixnetuk

    Site Donations

    Just donated but had to do it via that link 😉
  11. matrixnetuk

    Site Donations

    Weird but i found it :-)
  12. matrixnetuk

    Site Donations

    Hmmm im not getting that option at all 😞
  13. matrixnetuk

    Site Donations

    Hi guys, am i going mad? I cant find a way of making a donation to the Mecca ..even if i follow the official 2019 thread i cant see a way of donating? any help please
  14. matrixnetuk

    Cops n Robbers Deluxe (red) original

    Looks nice that Fleemon I have the blue version running £8 Tokens
  15. matrixnetuk

    JPM sys80 lamp changing

    Hey Bob I ordered a load of new LED twist n lock lamps .....the leds pull straight out no problem at all i then swap the LED's with 5mm bulbs works a treat