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    Data Cabling hey its my job .....Darts im quite useful....Pool im better at this than darts......Fruit Machines..Pinball..Chocoholic oh and maybe the odd chalice of Stella Artois :-)


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    hi guys

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  1. matrixnetuk

    Maygay's quickshot (proconn)classic

    Mr Pinky does have one Mark unfortunately its MPU is shagged 😞
  2. matrixnetuk

    final post for club elite

    Fantastic Work Tony looks the business :-)
  3. matrixnetuk

    Project golden rings has arrived

    Nice work Ben, The metre deck looks nice n shiny some elbow grease going into this 😉 Keep up the good work
  4. matrixnetuk

    lamp mask

    I cant find the thread but The Scruffy herbert made a lamp mask from MDF and then popped a plate of metal over the top ...this looked the DB's I tried to make one for my EWS and failed miserably lol, i just dont have the patience, tools or technique 😞
  5. matrixnetuk

    Maygay top glass wanted

    This made me laugh ...one fella pipes up .."I have this glass but Im keeping it.... its not for sale" then why comment in the first place eh ...Troll maybe Der
  6. matrixnetuk

    Maygay top glass wanted

    Hey Warlord, Ive posted a pic and made a request on a couple of Facebookk pages you never know 😉 Cheers Stef
  7. matrixnetuk

    My new project for £10

    Lol be careful in there chap that's how i got my first 240v shock ..trying to credit it with my finger 3 different shocks later and the machine got the chop lol
  8. matrixnetuk

    Scorpion 2 PSU - Fuses

    I tried the clubber Scorp2 PSU in my AWP cops n robbers and it worked fine 😉
  9. matrixnetuk

    How about this lol

    All you need next Steve is Noel Edmunds behind the wheel of that Transit 😉
  10. matrixnetuk

    New coin mech total rubbish

    Ron is the man he did all mine and all work perfectly Only Top Up is still on Old £1 coins but i can cope with that 😉
  11. matrixnetuk

    My new project for £10

    Yep as Ron has mentioned its running 240V be careful in there i nearly killed myself on my all 240v project , the second time i gave myself a shock I decided to turn into an arcade mame lol
  12. matrixnetuk

    BFM Cops N Robbers

    Quick vid of mine in attract :-)
  13. matrixnetuk

    BFM Cops N Robbers

    Looks good that and didn't take long to come from China, have you wired it up now as well ? Cheers Stef
  14. matrixnetuk

    Can you identify this?

    Fantastic Flyer Ron :-) Makes you wonder if this machine just sits in ITV's Props Store or some collector rents them to them Have to admit it reminded me of cash or nudge with the style of the gamble ladder running up the top glass
  15. matrixnetuk

    Can you identify this?

    I reckon if someone was watching this in 4k it would be clearer