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    Data Cabling hey its my job .....Darts im quite useful....Pool im better at this than darts......Fruit Machines..Pinball..Chocoholic oh and maybe the odd chalice of Stella Artois :-)


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    hi guys

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  1. matrixnetuk

    Joke of Year - Ben Moore 2019

    My Donkey Kong M1a would run for a good 10months to a year before needing a change My Reelcrazy MPS2 board has been running for god knows how long on its coincell likewise with my Sys80 Topup mine were all Andrew Finn Units 😄
  2. matrixnetuk

    Rock On Video as promised :)

    Fab Story Love it Rob well done fella and the new glass is the cherry on top 😉
  3. matrixnetuk

    M1 machine faults

    Hi Chris, sorry to hear your having problems fella, my old Donkey Kong used to play up and was always related to the wiring loom between the Power Supply and the board. I would usually slightly sand paper the header pins and push the pins on the plugs back in with a dart tip of all things and this would always get it working for say another 4-5 months before the faults would start coming back ..repeat above process all good again. I finally bit the bullet and replaced the plug connector to the PSU and it ran perfectly thereon got be worth having a go at the above by the sounds of it you have nothing to lose 😞 cheers Stef
  4. matrixnetuk

    Maygay M1A / M1B Service Manual

    Does this help you Ben ?
  5. matrixnetuk

    CTL Eachway Shuffle (SRU)

    Ello Ello Ello what have we got ere my son ...Chief Superintendent SruSulzernizer here Crimes against SRU's its off to the slammer for you 😄
  6. matrixnetuk

    CTL Eachway Shuffle (SRU)

    like the look of that filler Tony , what colour would you say your average SRU is as all mine have dings and scrapes
  7. matrixnetuk

    CTL Eachway Shuffle (SRU)

    Ohhh Ronnie this is a massive job rebuilding the cab best of luck fella, cant you just transpose all the guts into a Pinball Chassis that would confuse everyone 😄
  8. When we had HV it would reset to square 4 however if you were a lot higher up the board it would also reset to 44 😉
  9. Is that a real Hyper Viper or a snappy re-glass ? all superb machines regardless, must have cost you a packet :-0
  10. matrixnetuk

    Brenco project now under way

    When i first saw this i thought what a great condition Brenco, great capture fella and im sure it will look brand new by the time you have finished with it 😉
  11. matrixnetuk

    Epoch fruit machine bizare problem

    lol thats the beauty of Fruit machine ownership Ben...I have MPS boards that see to work in one machine but not another very odd 😉 glad your getting somewhere with it always good to have a good working spare anyway 😉
  12. matrixnetuk

    Epoch fruit machine bizare problem

    ohhh thats a shame Ben hope you can find a replacement PSU obviously didnt enjoy the trip across to yours sadly ...might be worth dismantling it and taking a look inside in case there is something obviously loose or a fuse blown you never know 😉
  13. matrixnetuk

    CTL Eachway Shuffle (SRU)

    lol as Nick says Ronnie the original speaker is tiny (my other EWS has it) and is mounted on the back wall under the reel deck shelf here is my NDU speaker install as well lol
  14. matrixnetuk

    Epoch fruit machine bizare problem

    😞 this machine has worked absolutely perfect for its entire life with me bar a power supply failure that was sorted a year or so ago it has never thrown up any errors ever as far as i can remember ....im guessing pulling a few items out on your mini refurb has quite possibly dislodged a connector so might be worth checking all plugs first 😞
  15. matrixnetuk

    Can you identify this?

    Got some stats on Jokers Wild Meter readings for anyone interested Total Plays = 518,637 50p IN = 25,621 20p Tok IN = 43,523 £1 IN = 433 10p OUT = 224,422 20p Tok OUT = 44,393 50p OUT = 16,166 so by my reckoning thats £51,863.70p Cash IN £39,383.80 Cash OUT £12,479.90 PROFIT since 1985 :-) Works out @ 75.9%-------------Switch settings when it arrived were at 75% so looks absolutely perfect :-0 incredible stats half a million plays !