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    Data Cabling hey its my job .....Darts im quite useful....Pool im better at this than darts......Fruit Machines..Pinball..Chocoholic oh and maybe the odd chalice of Stella Artois :-)


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    hi guys

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  1. matrixnetuk

    sys85 cops and robbers?

    Nah these are Scorp1 & 2 s
  2. matrixnetuk


    My Row of 1980's JPM Classics 😉
  3. matrixnetuk


  4. matrixnetuk

    SRU Processor Required

    no problem andrew thanks for checking them out ...i have a couple of options from fellow members so fingers crossed will get it sorted one way or another :-)
  5. matrixnetuk

    SRU Processor Required

    Thanks Rich i did see those but was worried about the authenticity plus what the hidden costs might be through customs :-/ last resort maybe as i have a couple of folks who may be able to help 😉
  6. matrixnetuk

    SRU Processor Required

    Hiya guys, bit of a long shot i know but would anyone happen to have a spare working SRU 40pin processor (TMS9980ANL) they would be willing to sell me Best Regards Stef
  7. matrixnetuk

    Lamp Mask Creation

    lmao love it Chris, I recognise that old Sulzerned bottom glass 😄 yes getting that digital display is a bit of a pig to align ....just the reelbands to sort out next 😉 these Reds are as common as muck these days but you gotta love em
  8. matrixnetuk

    My YouTube channel. chris217

    Hey Chris just a quicky ..what camera are you using to make your vids is it a phone or a specific camera ? would love to make a few decent vids of mine cheers Stef
  9. matrixnetuk

    glass artwork help needed

    Epic machine build Rich :-0
  10. matrixnetuk

    My YouTube channel. chris217

    Tremendous Video Chris ...I dont think i ever won the Jackpot on this back in the day ..always so tight
  11. matrixnetuk

    Lamp Mask Creation

    if you look carefully there are slight differences between both original ews red glasses i wonder which one is the oldest ?
  12. matrixnetuk

    Lamp Mask Creation

    About time you got a set of red glasses for yours Chris .....should be a straightforward swap as the masks should be identical ...just take it easy as the original masks really are brittle
  13. matrixnetuk

    Lamp Mask Creation

    Top glass and bottom glass completed :-) Had to pop some black vinyl over the top the masks as the florescent tube lighting was penetrating the white trunking :-0 .....still need to tidy this up as im also getting a small amount of leakage between values where i have two strips of trunking fixed together for the bigger lamp areas All in all this has worked brilliantly and has cost next to nothing just need a bit of patience and and a Stanley knife Eachway on the left has a Mask made from Trunking (top and bottom) Eachway on the right is my original not much in it Happy Days :-)
  14. matrixnetuk


  15. matrixnetuk

    IMG_1027 (1).JPG

    Bunch of Grapes anyone :-)