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  1. andrew96

    BFM Big Breakfast Fruity... noob help required.

    ah yes with power off anything above 2.1v should keep the ram going, , but usually if it starts up and the ram volts do not rise quick enough then the ram will still be in its sleep state when its first accessed to check if it is holding values,
  2. andrew96

    scorpion 4 powersupplys

    If there the smaller square box type (not the one with the indented one side) then No sadly Dave that will not do it, your find they will not even run unless the 12v line is ABOVE 13v!! this is not good!! fans then go, everything in the cab is overdriven!! this is all down to very very poor design of the psu. They CAN be modified to work correctly, but in there current state no amount of component changing will enable the 12v to be lowered to 12v. the later type with the indented side are better as will go down to 12v, but they suffer too and no amount of component testing will reveal anything wrong! That's why so many people just bin them...... they don't know how to fix them! But once fixed correctly there far more reliable than some unknown replacement off ebay! but then no one wants to pay to have psu's repaired!
  3. andrew96

    BFM Big Breakfast Fruity... noob help required.

    The ram voltage MEASURED ACROSS THE RAM should be a MINIMIUM of above 4.5v! usually pin 14 ground and pin 28 +5v If your still getting ram error on startup and you have a new battery then there will be some open circuit tracks you have missed checking, and they ALL need checking with a meter! just looking at them then thinking they look ok is not a good enough test, you have to be very through or your get it working and it will last 3 days and go wrong again!
  4. andrew96

    Routing on a Mars Ms 126

    Its a mpu4 club machine with tubes, now its daylight i can see one tube with a switch at its top and no overflow chute, so it must be a divert. Just odd there is so little info on the routing plug pinouts!! It seems to be 'only just what you need to know' info!
  5. andrew96

    Routing on a Mars Ms 126

    Cheers, yep that's what i keep finding is the mention of a pocket guide nearer the time of the 1992 coin change!! but still cannot find it or the mention of pin 3 on the 18way routing plug with a 4 coin separator its defo pin 3!!! thanks again
  6. andrew96

    Routing on a Mars Ms 126

    From the manual it all depends when the mech was made and what coinset it was loaded with during manufacture determines how many 10p's are accepted! I am also finding the MS115 with the blue and silver label 5 coin acceptor is high security and of the 4 I have here not one I can program to take the new 2012 10p coin!! It seems outside the sensors sensoring!! I believe this is because these mechs were made to totally reject things like steel washers etc and as the new 10p is steel that is the answer!!
  7. andrew96

    Routing on a Mars Ms 126

    yes the mars ME126TS had both pre and post 1992 10p coins in it, and a simple link on the routing plug decided if it accepted both or just the new 1992 10p, so these can easily be made to accept both types of 10p in use today and be set again the same to then reject the older ones when they are totally withdrawn for security, but this is ONLY for the ME126 TS version... as far as I have worked it out so far!! the other mars ME mechs had the coins selectable by the links which alters which segment the mech looks at within the prom..... like you say.... I think!!!! nothing is easy on these mechs!!
  8. andrew96

    Routing on a Mars Ms 126

    yes cheers, link C is token accept or not, and E is segment 1 or 2 in the prom, Its the routing plug on them pinout I need, pin 3 of the 18 pin plug, I can find no reference to it in any mars manual, but it does do something!!
  9. andrew96

    Routing on a Mars Ms 126

    Anyone know what pin 3 on the 18 pin ME series routing plug is used for? cannot seem to find out but I have a mpu4 machine where this is connected to the loom, so whats it doing? Its of course not listed on any of the info I can find!! thanks Andrew
  10. andrew96

    Ribbed Foot Rubber

    evo stick is good, coat back of rubber and wood base, let to dry a bit then stick together! Its got Hazardous on it so must be the good stuff you can get high on!! looks like health and saftey have not got round to removing the chemical yet that actually makes it work well!! http://www.screwfix.com/p/evo-stik-impact-adhesive-250ml/38770
  11. andrew96

    Routing on a Mars Ms 126

    Well you should know by now i get the worst of the worst to sort out, I spend 6 days on a maygay M1 cleaning, bridging and replacing chips and then someone comes on here and says they did there in 20 mins and logic chips never go! I spend 4 months trying to get hold of working good 6808 processors for MPU3, no one else has problems with duff processors on them!! same with 68b09p, I spend now over £100 on getting good ones and there all bad! So a routing plug and cashflow 126 not crediting 20p which takes me hours to sort is nothing new when others have no problems with them or routing plugs in minuits! must admit the ME / MS range are a lot better to sort than them horrid cashflow 126 mechs! Unless of course it is a MS115 and am now having troubles with them!
  12. andrew96

    Routing on a Mars Ms 126

    well it has taken me a few hours to get it sorted!! first a cashflow 126 with its 22 pin routing plug, then had to change to a ME126TS which has 2 sets of 10p's to worry about and the info on its 18 pin plug is very sparse! seems like Mars was never keen to give you all the information in one easy to read document!! I am still piecing the ME126TS routing together, then add when programming the mecs segment A or segment B comes into play too! (you wont have to worry on the segments A/B ) nothing is easy!! but that guide is a very good place to start and no doubt your have it sorted using that, With me I just have to go into depth then I know for next time as for me there will be a next time!! the ME126TS is strangely not the same as the ME126 !! too many pitfalls!!!!
  13. andrew96

    Routing on a Mars Ms 126

    also if your routing more than one coin to the same exit (not default exit A) then you need to use diodes from the coins to the exit route or weird things happen to the routing when you don't expect it!! can you tell yet I have been down this route too!!!
  14. andrew96

    Routing on a Mars Ms 126

    That shows the routing well and it is what I have been working from recently, but it does not have the 5p coin so if it accepts them it will route to exit A! also if you have the ME126TS mech that has 2 sets of 10p's on them and no 5p just to add to the confusion!! That's the one I am working out now as I have not yet found the pocket guide for the 'new' 10p back in 1992!
  15. andrew96

    Cashflow 126 Reference or DFX, 20p signaling problem??

    Cheers I think I have now worked it out. MPU4 12v is unregulated, with the load on it of the MPU4 and the video board it draws a good bit of current, so much so it has to be one of the newer MPU4 psu's with the fuses on the top! the older one with the fuses on the side doesn't deliver enough current to boot the game up!! So with this load the 12v does have a bit of ripple on to start with. Now when the mech accepts 20p's the gate opens allowing it to be accepted, then the diverter solenoids fire up, with 20p's routed correctly on this machine this means BOTH solenoids in the mech fire to route it correctly!! that's now 3 solenoids altogether fire and I think this causes more ripple on the 12v which the processor then sees as some kind of tamper and so does not credit the coin to the signaling output!! Only on 20p's do all of the solenoids fire, and it is only in the machine this happens!! so I think it is down to the ripple on the 12v line!! Apparently this non accepting of some coins is very common on the MPU4 video with cashflow mechs. It seems a Mars ME126 is less fussy and works just fine, so a ME126 is what will be going into this machine! the only drawback is I will have to sort out a routing plug for it as the cashflow126 is totally different!! Andrew