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  1. ploggy

    jpm sys80 fruit lines ?

    I don't have a rom reader/dumper, mate. But I know there are folks on here that can get them dumped Really curious to see what they are.
  2. ploggy

    jpm sys80 fruit lines ?

    Good man. New JPM system 80 roms are super rare these days. Glad you got them. Hopefully someone will remember this and confirm if it's another version of Hot Lines, or not.
  3. ploggy

    jpm sys80 fruit lines ?

    Looked through all the pictures I have, mate, but couldn't find anything on it. Sounds like it might be the 2/5p version of Hot Lines, but that's me just guessing. I know there was an auction for the roms on EBAY a while ago. Did you win the bid for them?
  4. ploggy

    Super BAR-X DX

    Finished another one! This time it's a DX for an Electrocoin true classic, Super BAR-X. One of the UK's most popular fruit machines from back then. Set to £4.80/20p/92% Which means tons, upon tons of regular wins which makes it, in my opinion, the best stake/prize ratio ever done for a BAR-X machine. Use MFME6.1 to play. Credits go out to the following people: BarXQueen: For the classic. Wizard: For adding Lo-tech Electrocoin emulation to MFME. Shortcuts for this, are: Hold/Nudge Down 1 - 1 Hold/Nudge Down 2 - 2 Hold/Nudge Down 3 - 3 Cancel Hold - ` Collect Bank - C Auto Start - A Start - Space £1 Insert - 0 20p Token - 9 Have fun! Super BAR-X DX.zip
  5. ploggy

    Body match classic

    All versions of Body Match were done be MDM, mate. The MPS version, and the MPU4 version. Don't know of any others offhand.
  6. ploggy

    CC & SG

    Thanks for these great old roms, chaps. Clickety Click works fine, but the Silver Ghost roms don't for some reason. Might be because it's the American version of Silver Ghost. Wizard would need to look them over and see what's going on.
  7. ploggy

    Body match classic

    Ah, Ok. Confusion over. Looks like the rom from Louie, and Jonno, was a clone of the rom we already had for Body Match and Geddy didn't add it to the rom-dat.
  8. ploggy

    Body match classic

    Thanks for the rom. Tried it in the layout and the error still persists. Still can't see it in the latest rom-dat though. Is this an old rom from the dat that's been renamed, or something? Here's Geddy's latest rom-dat. No mention of 'mps_128_unknown' in there. Fruit Machine Roms (20180909).zip
  9. ploggy

    Body match classic

    It still errors on 10p play on MFME6.1 if you gamble the top win and are successful. It seems odd to me that the machine would offer you a gamble on the jackpot anyway. If you got a jackpot, what would you gamble up to. Weird. Dip switch 5 switches it to 10p play of anyone is curious and wants to test it out for themselves. What is the exact name of the rom that's the same as this, mate? The one in the rom-dat?
  10. ploggy

    Body match classic

    The unidentified lamp is probably the 'NO COINS ACCEPTED' lamp. Or a variation thereof. The area underneath the 'E' on the 'NUDGE' area on the top glass. Thanks for taking the time out to do this, mate. I looked at this a while ago but I had an error when I changed it to 10p play. It locked-up on the jackpot if you gambled, and won. Not sure why.
  11. ploggy

    Bar Sevens DX

    Posted Today, 06:44 pm Another new DX layout done, which is called Bar Sevens. This is the original lo-tech version which was released on the system 85 tech. Don't think there has been another system 85 machine released on MFME, so this might be the first. Machine is set to: £4/10p/92% Use MFME6.1 to play. Credits for this layout go to: A.T: For Pictures. Wizard: For Adding System 85 Emulation To MFME. Shortcuts for this are: Auto Play - A Nudge/Hold 1 - 1 Nudge/Hold 2 - 2 Nudge/Hold 3 - 3 Cancel - ` or C Start - Space £1 Insert - 0 20p Token - 9 Enjoy! Bar Sevens DX.zip
  12. ploggy

    scrapping a machine :(

    Pictures look nice, mate. Thanks for thinking about giving out the resources, first, before getting rid. Very nice gesture. The only roms we have for this are the 2p versions, so the 5p versions would need dumping also. Reel images would also be great to get as they're unique to this machine I think. This isn't really in my ballpark as far as layout making is concerned. More a Pook layout as it's a MPU4. Got some other projects to work on.
  13. ploggy

    Top Streak DX

    I was the same. Couldn't afford the 10p play machines back in 1984. Played the 2/5p machines a lot more than the 10p games. Glad the layout is being enjoyed.
  14. ploggy

    Top Streak DX

    Got the layout-making bug again, so I decided to get another one out there. This time it's for an all-time favourite of mine called Top Streak. An old JPM machine on system 80. Set to: £3/10p/82% Use MFME6.1 to play. Anyone over forty (lke myself) will remember this one. It's more, or less a copy of Winsprint; which came out later I believe. The only difference being Top Streak shows you the best win streak of the day, on the segs, and Winsprint didn't. Credits go out to the following folks: alex1974: Classic Layout launton, And Nick Sulzer: Roms Road Runner: Reel Images. Hope you enjoy this fantastic JPM once again! Top Streak DX.zip
  15. ploggy

    Fortune Trail DX

    Been a while, but I've got another old-skool favourite done. A DX for a JPM system 80 machine called Fortune Trail. The 2p version of Mystery Trail/Spin. Use MFME6.1 to play. Huge thanks to the following people that made this layout possible. alex74: Classic Layout, And Roms. Louie Bee: Pictures. riche100: Cabinet Picture. Road Runner: Reel Images. Enjoy! Fortune Trail DX.zip