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  1. ploggy

    MDM Nudge Bonanza

    The dips for the percentages are on the second row of dips, mate. Dip switches 5,6,7 and 8 are for the percentages. Dip 5 adds 8 percent Dip 6 adds 8 percent Dip 7 adds 4 percent Dip 8 adds 2 percent If no dips are set, it will default to 72%
  2. ploggy

    Andys big time a classic ?

    The rom 'abt1.5' is dated 1991, mate. I would have thought it would have been a little bit later than 1991 as well, but it's date stamped on the rom.
  3. ploggy

    Can anyone identify this machine

    System 5 - early 90's. I did the layout for it on MFME. Still not 100% on the exact year, so if you find out which year it came out I would love to know.
  4. ploggy

    Andys big time a classic ?

    Andy's Big Time came out in 1991, mate.
  5. ploggy

    Can anyone identify this machine

    Yeah. The machine on the left is Around The World Club. By Crystal. Better picture of it here.
  6. ploggy

    Project golden rings has arrived

    Nice looking machine. Going by the reel symbols, I would say it's a very old JPM, possibly.
  7. ploggy


    Here are a few pictures of some of the machines already mentioned. Thanks to riche100 for the pictures originally.
  8. ploggy


    Loved playing this. Looks to be MPU4 tech. Would love to get hold of the roms for this and play it on the emulator. Huge thanks for the photo, mate.
  9. ploggy

    Can you identify this?

    Good old Moonbug. First picture Ive seen of it for years! I remember the gamble being a right tight swine as well. Getting the numbers to fill it up to £1 and having it hold after was quite a thrill at the time. The jackpot tune was the chimes on Big Ben, if I remember correctly.
  10. ploggy

    2X system 80 rom sets (new March 2019?)

    Thanks for the new roms, mate. I'll see if they work on the emulator.
  11. ploggy

    What is this fruit machine?

    Ah. Good old First Reserve. Would love see this emulated finally. One of the few classic JPM's still missing.
  12. ploggy

    Countdown system 83

    Huge thanks for the roms, mate. Rare roms like these are great to see. Especially in 2019. So many machines have been lost forever, so huge thanks for the dumps. A whole lot of this. Plus, if possible, a video of the machine in the lamp test mode so you can see the order of the lamps. And also a video of the reel test, so again, you can see the order of the reels. This would save many, many hours on getting it finished; as finding out where the lamps/reels go takes a massive amount of time. Especially on the older techs as the test modes are often not very helpful in identifying where everything goes.
  13. ploggy

    SRU roms

    This is another set of roms for Lite A Nudge (£1 token/5p play). Or a clone with a different name. Everything matches-up to the LAN layout I did. Segs, triacs, sounds, lamps and reels.
  14. ploggy

    buccaneer Crystal 1.4 mpu4 roms

    Thanks for the roms, mate. Always appreciated.