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  1. ploggy

    All the bands I've made

    Perfect, mate! Now they'll always be available. Many thanks for making them available to the masses. Like I said, the work you did on them is fanatstic.
  2. ploggy

    All the bands I've made

    Yeah. I follow, mate. The '.png's' I converted from the '. pub' files will only be used for emulation purposes, and not for the actual real fruit machine. Here's most of the work you did converted to '.png's', in one zipfile. P.S. Only to be used for emulation purposes, and not for 'printing-out' on real fruit machines. Launton's Reel Images & Decals.zip
  3. ploggy

    All the bands I've made

    When you say 'too large', do you mean resolution-wise, or filesize-wise, mate? I've saved a lot of the stuff out and saved them as .png files. Here's an example of the largest .png file. There shouldn't be any difficulty with adding them to a zip-file and uploading them to the downloads on here for safe-keeping as long as they're zipped up. If they were uploaded as .png files directly you might then have problems as the resolution on some of the images are very big. Silver Shadow Reel Strip 2.zip
  4. ploggy

    All the bands I've made

    Some fantastic stuff you've done there, mate. Great to see some nice bands for Bigbanker as well. The bands I used for the old DX I did are really bad, so the ones you did will definitely get used. Managed to convert a lot of them from Microsoft Publisher. Will upload them to to the downloads on here for other folks to use on emulation, and such. Don't want all the great stuff you did to get lost.
  5. ploggy

    Project coin???

    If you had a Double Up on the win-line, and it held, it would be a guaranteed one nudge. So you the pertfect setup would be to have a Double Up on the first win-line, with a Double Up, one above, on the second win-line, and a Melon on the third winline. Or a Grape, as the win Doubled-Up if you had two Double Ups anyway. I think it used to give you three nudges if you let them spin, but it would shaft you if the jackpot was within three nudges and give you one less.
  6. ploggy

    Bar seven

    Yes, mate. You'll need someone who has got the hardware necessary to burn the rom I attached for you. Here's another rom. This is the 'Data' version. Just in case the original rom I attached doesn't work. Bar 7 Data Rom.zip
  7. ploggy

    Bar seven

    Here's the Bar 7 rom from the layout I did, mate. £4 token, 10p play. Bar 7 Rom.zip
  8. ploggy

    Hi Ho Silver DX

    Back to the old-school with this one. A fantastic old JPM lo-tech machine called Hi Ho Silver. Set to the classic £4.80/20p. On the system 5 tech. I remember playing this all the time when I was younger, and playing it again on the emulator brings it all back. A great suck, and streak machine that JPM liked to do back then. Expect a good four, or five repeats on the jackpot when the time is right. Unfortunately there is a slight issue on this when you get the jackpot on the Red/Blue Sevens. There's a bit of slowdown, mainly because all the lamps that flash during the jackpot sequence are 'Blended'; which has a big effect on the speed. The issue only happens when you scale the layout, down, on smaller monitors. If you play it at full size, there's no slowdowns. Another oddity is the lamps on the buttons. They sometimes light, erratically, and I'm not sure why. It might be hold-hints, or an emulator issue. All the credit in the World must go to Paulgee. If it wasn't for him, and Jonno, this machine might never have got emulated. Not only did Paulgee send me the new rom dumps (that Jonno kindly dumped for him) from Paul's own machine, he also sent me reel images/order, and a video of the lamp sequence which helped my an huge amount in getting it completed. High-fives all around! Use MFME6.1 to play. Full list of credits are: Jonno: Dumping roms. Paulgee: Offering roms to be dumped from his own machine, plus reel images/order and lamp sequence video. SPA: Flier that was used. Shortcuts are: Hold/Nudge 1 - 1 Hold/Nudge 2 - 2 Hold/Nudge 3 - 3 Hold/Nudge 4 - 4 Cancel/Take - ` or T Start - Space 20p Token - 9 £1 Insert - 0 Enjoy this great JPM once again! Hi Ho Silver DX.zip
  9. ploggy

    just got this

    Great machine. One of Maygay's best.
  10. ploggy

    Mortal Wombat Roms

    Thanks for the offer, mate. I'm sure someone will take you up on your generous offer.
  11. ploggy

    3X sys80

    Ok, mate. Thanks for that. Wasn't sure.
  12. ploggy

    3X sys80

    Massive thanks for these, mate. The roms that start with 'TT'. What machine are these for?
  13. It's that time again, but this time we're going a bit more 'modern'. A couple of DX's for a Scorpion 4/5 machine called Pink Panther - Crack The Code. A typical, wraparound trail based machine that BFM liked to do on a lot of their machines, with a DOND-type feature added to the mix. The reason there are a couple of DX's is because there are two different stake/jackpots. One is set to £70, and the other is set to £35. Pick whichever one you prefer. I've also added a happy RAM+GAM file, but only for the £70 version. It took too long to get them both buzzed-up. As ever, use MFME6.1 to play, and make sure you have 'Shrink To Fit', set, in the preferences because this one is a biggie! Huge thanks goes out to the following people. Reg: For the classic. Mr. X: For the artwork, and reel images. :) Shortcuts for both layouts are: Cancel - ` Hold/Nudge 1 - 1 Hold/Nudge/HI 2 - 2 or H Hold/Nudge/LO 3 - 3 or L Collect - C Change Stake - S Exchange - E Transfer - T Start - Space Take - (Bottom Glass) - T Leave - (Bottom Glass) - L Take Clue - H Take Bonus - B Cash Or Bust - O Take Streak - S Take - (Top Glass) - T Play Crack The Code - P Leave - (Top Glass) - L £1 Insert - 0 £5 Note Insert - Delete £10 Note Insert - End £20 Note Insert - Page Down Have fun! Pink Panther - Crack The Code DX's.zip
  14. ploggy

    CC & SG

    The first rom of the Silver Ghost set hadn't dumped correctly, so Louie redumped the Silver Ghost rom that was bad and now they're good. New set attached. Again. Huge thanks to both for the new roms. Silver Ghost Redump.zip
  15. ploggy

    jpm sys80 fruit lines ?

    Good to see the roms got dumped successfully. Thanks to everyone concerned.