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  1. ploggy

    SRU roms

    This is another set of roms for Lite A Nudge (£1 token/5p play). Or a clone with a different name. Everything matches-up to the LAN layout I did. Segs, triacs, sounds, lamps and reels.
  2. ploggy

    buccaneer Crystal 1.4 mpu4 roms

    Thanks for the roms, mate. Always appreciated.
  3. ploggy

    Happy Birthday Jonno

    Happy birthday, mate. Hope you had a great day. :)
  4. ploggy

    a few roms

    Thanks for the roms, chaps. Noticed the sound rom for Club Mystique in the zip. Good that they've been dumped as they were missing previously.
  5. ploggy

    Eastenders albert square red version

    Yeah. BWB's came in all jackpots. Usually 5p, or sometimes 10p play. Some of the classic Maygay's went up to £10 jackpot as well. Played a Coronation Street. on £10/20p. Wasn't terrible, but obviously the jackpots didn't come around too much on that jackpot.
  6. ploggy

    Eastenders albert square red version

    The 'Red' version was BWB, which typically had the 5p versions; where the 'Blue' version was a Maygay, on the 20p stake. The gameplay was the same.
  7. ploggy

    Eastenders albert square red version

    That might be a PDX, mate. Not sure if the proper 'Red' version has been done. Here's a list of all the layouts that have been done for Eastenders from the layout.dat: name "Eastenders (Maygay)" description "Eastenders (Maygay)" rom ( name "Eastenders_(Maygay)_[C01_1024_10jp].dat" size 255675 crc 4c3ab890 md5 24c0dd2bf9d015ce0da92dc4d2aa4dc6 ) rom ( name "Eastenders_(Maygay)_[C01_1024_10jp].gam" size 297 crc ab56884b md5 b3825b9a295cf6fc6668a17902ae6624 ) rom ( name "Eastenders_(Maygay)_[C02_v1-0_1024_10jp].dat" size 743257 crc 7517b722 md5 5b58a8ec86e63dddda29bc128178e65e ) rom ( name "Eastenders_(Maygay)_[C02_v1-0_1024_10jp].gam" size 302 crc b33abf44 md5 812ccd24a7446de4ed4f292bcd788306 ) rom ( name "Eastenders_(Maygay)_[C03_v1-1_1024_10jp].dat" size 255781 crc 8831a0bb md5 7a7238c9d45b78028c684eacff7ddc2d ) rom ( name "Eastenders_(Maygay)_[C03_v1-1_1024_10jp].gam" size 308 crc 82dd78b9 md5 542c7c6e3519c6e934a2151bb9cf6b88 ) rom ( name "Eastenders_(Maygay)_[C03_v1-2_1024_10jp].dat" size 255867 crc ae4244e3 md5 9d8f7fd329c1262484e84d3239fa1386 ) rom ( name "Eastenders_(Maygay)_[C03_v1-2_1024_10jp].gam" size 307 crc d065eed1 md5 689e2c048dda8ffb483b785165e419ef ) rom ( name "Eastenders_(Maygay)_[Dx01_1024_10jp].dat" size 2098215 crc f2582c65 md5 4a6544e9e5674bc61a92fa4b3bfebd10 ) rom ( name "Eastenders_(Maygay)_[Dx01_1024_10jp].gam" size 301 crc d2cdfff1 md5 a06f9ae048e42ec7d4c118c943bf96ec ) rom ( name "Eastenders_(Maygay)_[Dx02_1024_10jp].dat" size 700265 crc b1657740 md5 7d24797500d2ff18f53cf01102f59e67 ) rom ( name "Eastenders_(Maygay)_[Dx02_1024_10jp].gam" size 300 crc ac56ffd2 md5 fbe56f1b94a0d1f63e3fe2b1d8d5c7e5 ) rom ( name "Eastenders_(Maygay)_[Dx03_1024_10jp].dat" size 700276 crc d47203da md5 f17db5a39cb79cc267280afe9f2993b3 ) rom ( name "Eastenders_(Maygay)_[Dx03_1024_10jp].gam" size 300 crc 21598901 md5 114d102abf01047497be5462b837789a ) rom ( name "Eastenders_(Maygay)_[Dx04_1024_10jp].dat" size 3437766 crc 52427a21 md5 fbabe45c7decc485f4a681060a405c0b ) rom ( name "Eastenders_(Maygay)_[Dx04_1024_10jp].gam" size 301 crc d79b94b0 md5 4fb17a0def3e0d51ef5e314adf9c3478 ) rom ( name "Eastenders_(Maygay)_[Dx05_1024_10jp].dat" size 700340 crc bab746ca md5 cc662a32fcc8a73390d86c6b77501a3f ) rom ( name "Eastenders_(Maygay)_[Dx05_1024_10jp].gam" size 292 crc 649cba82 md5 2276926a23e015ef4af3b2c190a3d896 ) rom ( name "Eastenders_(Maygay)_[Dx06_1280_6jp].dat" size 2304406 crc 67a04300 md5 85c1824656afaaa67b35ea191d09dd2d ) rom ( name "Eastenders_(Maygay)_[Dx06_1280_6jp].gam" size 277 crc 20e55206 md5 8a33accb2973d17f249982eacd27dae8 ) rom ( name "Eastenders_(Maygay)_[Pdx01_v2-0_1024_10jp].dat" size 1595013 crc 39deb745 md5 4f1b888b56b93db93f3dc93093779b62 ) rom ( name "Eastenders_(Maygay)_[Pdx01_v2-0_1024_10jp].gam" size 311 crc 60473f87 md5 3f33a1111518ca1900865552f5dcc225 ) Added a picture of the 'Red' version, and also a picture of Albert Square. Albert Square hasn't had a DX done for it either.
  8. ploggy

    Nudge double up deluxe crystal leisure

    It has been emulated, but the sound roms were missing. So it was a mute layout. The layout was a classic done by DAD I believe.
  9. ploggy

    tuppeny bonanza mps2 roms

    Always worth a punt, mate. Never know what you might find. Thanks for the roms. :)
  10. Yeah. Any new roms are most welcome. Cheers, mate.
  11. ploggy

    Jpm lucky lottery in need software

    Thanks for the sound rom, mate. Also thanks to fruitmachine13 for sending them to you in the first place. Nice to have a set of roms completed that were incomplete previously. Here's a started layout for anyone who wants to have a play on it. Use MFME6.1 Lucky Lottery Club Classic.zip
  12. ploggy

    All the bands I've made

    Perfect, mate! Now they'll always be available. Many thanks for making them available to the masses. Like I said, the work you did on them is fanatstic.
  13. ploggy

    All the bands I've made

    Yeah. I follow, mate. The '.png's' I converted from the '. pub' files will only be used for emulation purposes, and not for the actual real fruit machine. Here's most of the work you did converted to '.png's', in one zipfile. P.S. Only to be used for emulation purposes, and not for 'printing-out' on real fruit machines. Launton's Reel Images & Decals.zip
  14. ploggy

    All the bands I've made

    When you say 'too large', do you mean resolution-wise, or filesize-wise, mate? I've saved a lot of the stuff out and saved them as .png files. Here's an example of the largest .png file. There shouldn't be any difficulty with adding them to a zip-file and uploading them to the downloads on here for safe-keeping as long as they're zipped up. If they were uploaded as .png files directly you might then have problems as the resolution on some of the images are very big. Silver Shadow Reel Strip 2.zip
  15. ploggy

    All the bands I've made

    Some fantastic stuff you've done there, mate. Great to see some nice bands for Bigbanker as well. The bands I used for the old DX I did are really bad, so the ones you did will definitely get used. Managed to convert a lot of them from Microsoft Publisher. Will upload them to to the downloads on here for other folks to use on emulation, and such. Don't want all the great stuff you did to get lost.