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  1. ploggy

    Nudge Money (Resized for Mfme6.1+) Dx

    Great to ee the new roms work like intended. Was a pain having to avoid certain features with the other roms we had, so huge thanks for getting the roms re-dumped so vectra could get the layout finished properly. I redid some of the affect, and meter settings from the original layout as they weren't configured correctly. The multiplier should have been set to '2' instead of '1', etc, so I had to reset the ram and start afresh. Fixed layout attached. Nudge Money £2 Dx Mfme6.1+ fixed.zip
  2. ploggy

    System 80 Club Vegas ROMS

    The flier isn't terrible, mate, but photos of the machine are preferable in most cases - if possible; as they normally come out a lot clearer than a flier scan.
  3. ploggy

    Mpu3 winspin

    Roms would be fantastic, mate, if you can send them off for dumping. Like superbank, it's not one Ive seen before either. Looks like an Associated Leisure machine on MPU3.
  4. ploggy

    MPS Mirracles

    Massive thanks once again for getting these roms dumped for back-up/emulation purposes. Not a machine I'm familiar with personally, but that doesn't matter.
  5. ploggy

    System 80 Club Vegas ROMS

    Great to see that the rom dumps are good. Massive thanks to you both for acquiring/dumping them. This is the first set of roms we've ever had for a System 80 clubber, so it'll be good to see how they play. If you can get some nice hi-res shots of the machine we could get a classic/DX done for it in the future.
  6. ploggy

    my new project,just collected

    That looks like a super rare machine. £5 jackpot for a 5p machine was pretty legit, back then. Makes sense though, as there appears to be no holds on it.
  7. ploggy

    Ghost Buster (BWB)

    Looks fantastic from the screenshot. The CHR fixing is a bit perplexing at first, but once you've figured out one it's quite easy to do them normally.
  8. ploggy

    PCP Mirracles & Nudge Money

    Great to see some old PCP's showing up. Just goes to show what is still out there. Brilliant stuff. Backing up these super rare resources is vital in this day, and age. Never know when, or if, they'll turn up again. Hope you get many hours of fun out of them.
  9. ploggy

    WIP - Step 'n' Skip - [BWB]

    Looks excellent. Look forward to playing this again.
  10. ploggy

    Crown Jester (Famous Games)

    Well done, Riche100. New manuals are always welcome.
  11. ploggy

    Parcel of roms (now attached)

    Yeah. Brand new roms are always welcome. Especially now, in 2018. Great job on identifying them, mate. I did a DX for the clone of this. Quite a nice game.
  12. ploggy

    Big Buck$ 1600 DX

    I've got the DX you did, mate. Just been having a look at it, and it defaults to £4.80/20p with all the dips off. Never knew that, so thanks for the heads-up. . Weren't a massive fan of the later MPS nudgers. Like you said, they had a nasty habit of leaving you one shy of the amount of nudges you needed quite a bit. They felt way too rigged, even though we all know fruit machines are rigged anyway. Could have done a better job coding them I feel.
  13. ploggy

    Big Buck$ 1600 DX

    Would love to see a 20p play rom show up. Never played any of the late MPS nudgers on any other stake besides 5p. Might have gone dead. Here's the layout, mate. If you need any of my previous layouts, you can get them from the thread at fruit-emu. All have been updated for MFME6. Link here: http://www.fruit-emu.com/forums/topic/55526-mfme6-layouts/page-4 Strike Ten DX.zip
  14. ploggy

    Big Buck$ 1600 DX

    Sorry, mate. You are right. Some of the nudgers did have a £6 option. Fivepenny Nudger could be switch to £6 as well. Never saw any of them on £6 where I was though. Probably made the machines God-damn awful at that stake/prize. £3/5p was bad enough.
  15. ploggy

    Big Buck$ 1600 DX

    I think he's referring to the Impact version with the same name. There was never a £6 machine on the MPS tech. Not one I've seen anyway.