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  1. ploggy

    Special Reserve Deluxe 1600+1280 DX's

    The above layouts were made for MFME3.2, mate. If you've got MFME5.1, load the above layouts in that version and save them out as .fml files. They'll then work on any version of MFME from V5.1, up to V19. Or download the one attached. 2019 Update Special Reserve Deluxe DX.zip
  2. ploggy

    Special Reserve Deluxe 1600+1280 DX's

    The reason it's paying out so much is that I kept filling it up without taking many wins out. I think it had over £300 put through it, so it will keep paying out until it catches up its percentage. Which was set to 78% Most of my MPS layouts when downloaded will be the same as I filled most of them up before releasing them.
  3. ploggy

    Top Streak DX

    The £1 entry on this gives you 5 credits plus 50p change and is set correctly in the layout. Check the layout's notes for shortcut information.
  4. ploggy

    BWB System 80 Fruit Swap roms

    Huge thanks for the roms, mate. Another set saved for posterity.
  5. ploggy

    mdm's snowball bingo

    Don't know if you've put this on the backburner, or not, but I've found a decent picture of this if you want it. Got the picture off EBAY. Should help out a bit if you ever get back to it.
  6. ploggy

    SRU 2p Each Way shuffle

    Super 2p Shuffle (MDM), mate. You should just be able to make out the MDM logo on the top glass by the '2P PLAY' bit. On the left of it. I made a slight mistake with thinking that this didn't have a two of-a-kind win. It does have two of-a-kind wins, but it doesn't have any holds. My bad.
  7. ploggy

    SRU 2p Each Way shuffle

    Thanks for the roms. Always nice to see a new JPM rom turning up. Is the picture attached the right machine for the rom? EDITED TO ADD: Just tried the rom on MFME and it looks like the rom is indeed for the picture attached. No holds, or win for a 2 of-a-kind win; so I'm pretty confident the rom is for the picture attached. Which is great, because I remember this version well.
  8. ploggy

    MDM Nudge Bonanza

    The dips for the percentages are on the second row of dips, mate. Dip switches 5,6,7 and 8 are for the percentages. Dip 5 adds 8 percent Dip 6 adds 8 percent Dip 7 adds 4 percent Dip 8 adds 2 percent If no dips are set, it will default to 72%
  9. ploggy

    Andys big time a classic ?

    The rom 'abt1.5' is dated 1991, mate. I would have thought it would have been a little bit later than 1991 as well, but it's date stamped on the rom.
  10. ploggy

    Can anyone identify this machine

    System 5 - early 90's. I did the layout for it on MFME. Still not 100% on the exact year, so if you find out which year it came out I would love to know.
  11. ploggy

    Andys big time a classic ?

    Andy's Big Time came out in 1991, mate.
  12. ploggy

    Can anyone identify this machine

    Yeah. The machine on the left is Around The World Club. By Crystal. Better picture of it here.
  13. ploggy

    Project golden rings has arrived

    Nice looking machine. Going by the reel symbols, I would say it's a very old JPM, possibly.
  14. ploggy


    Here are a few pictures of some of the machines already mentioned. Thanks to riche100 for the pictures originally.