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  1. djdonkey

    Help with Club Supreme

    Just to add, it was me that replaced the 3 electrolytic caps on the PSU and i also re-flowed the solder on the fuse holders and the voltage regulators in case of dry joints. I am at a loss of what else to try. WCA has 2 of these machines, and they both have the same problem. Is this common with Ace?
  2. djdonkey

    looking for some help with my pick of the pack

    I have this machine, it is system 85, not scorp 1 2 issues I had with mine that caused resets in the early days: 1) the game card has to be seated properly - you may have to use something to hold it in place and 2) the connector near the bottom of the board that goes to the card reel has the same "seating problem" Touch wood, mine has been 100% for a couple of years now, but it is somewhere to start if it's not a battery problem By the way, if you play on a lower jackpot and ever want to sell the £150 decals - I would buy them.
  3. djdonkey

    Cops n Robbers Smash n Grab DX

    Thanks for the layout. Seen this in my local club, but I don't play for real anymore. I just got offered £100 cash or bust then got £100 on megastreak, so not a £50 block as common with bell fruit clubbers. Shame it plays painfully slow on my PC
  4. djdonkey

    Barcrest Winner Takes All

    Lucky to find an original on 20p play. £6 jackpot was better, but only decals so could be converted, but I guess this is all cash, so thats a bonus. I might be interested if you part with it
  5. djdonkey

    Barcrest mpu4?

    Make sure it's the proper 20p play version though and not the 5p BWB rebuild as it ruins the gameplay You can tell - if mixed 7's are a quid, you are fine!
  6. djdonkey

    replacement (old) 10p coin tubes

    Hi Paul. If this is still happening, I would take 10 metres, but on the understanding that I could pick them up from you in metre lengths as I need them longer than 500mm (club machines!) That size tube is also good for replacing the yellow 50p tubes to take the current size 50p. I'm not bothered what colour the tube is. Cheers
  7. djdonkey

    Barcrest - Top Deck - 1987 MPU4

    Great video. Nice to see the JP repeat too. The emu problem is probably due to your windows version. MPU4 machines don't play sounds on Win 7 or 8, you need XP
  8. djdonkey

    Just made this...

    Nice job mate. Would better full of machines!
  9. djdonkey

    Odd alpha display behaviour

    This isn't going to be much help, but yes. My club rollercoaster display was exactly like that when switched on, I cleaned the program card pins, reseated, and it was fine, but i'm guessing you would have tried that
  10. djdonkey

    project coin stuck button light ?

    Just trace it back to the board (continuity check) and change the transistor that is at fault - easy fix, had that happen many times
  11. djdonkey

    bellfruit clubber "funhouse " jackpot !

    Nice one fella! Jackpot tune seems very short tho for a clubber! Early rom versions would go up a second time so you can win both pots! Shame on the later scorp 1's the pots take ages to fill again. The best one is still "Club Attraction" - Pots fill quickly and you can get JP on the climb, not just CP Nice vid :-)
  12. djdonkey

    New coins or old coins?

    I use new money (not the very new 10p's) as most are clubbers and pay pound coins anyway. I have also found that 50p's work very well in the old blue 10p tube/solenoid so have converted most of those that needed it
  13. djdonkey

    All time best club machine?

    Well I had to post a comment here since I have around 25 club machines! Crackpot is my favorite with Club double, and pick of the pack joint second. (Oh heck, I like most of them really!) Playing for real, then blackjack wins hands down as it is a proper gamblers machine and can streak for several jackpots if the club are willing to refill it. (Mine has done 3 back to back jp's) Pontoon and celebration were its clones, but not as good as they had the hi-lo climb to the jackpot chipped out. Club connect also another top machine, with the true skill "reel match" which could give the treble bar when happy and the pot that pays at roughly the same time (when reserve is 88 to 94 pounds) Royal deal was a good call from Ploggy, I nearly bought one a few months ago, I had some good wins in my snooker club back in the day - a good gamblers machine I could rabbit on for ages about the merits of all my machines, but I won't bore you all lol. The only machines I really want that I haven't got are "Grandstand" £100 or £150 and possibly to get another club climber (A cabinet would do as I reckon I have most of bits I need) Phil.
  14. djdonkey

    Deal or no deal club machine

    As the Doc says. They are notoriously unreliable power supplies. Make sure you match the model number as there are different types that look similar
  15. djdonkey

    rainbow riches conversion

    Sorry, not me. Never had one of these. You can do it with Astra's but I think Barcrests need a different usb key for each game so you could only play in demo mode