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  1. housi

    Transistor for MPU3 ZTX500

    Is this a a BC327A PNP or NPN ?
  2. housi

    Transistor for MPU3 ZTX500

    Hello everybody Am repairing a Barcrest MPU3 CPU. I have to replace the transistor at T62 (ZTX 500). Is this a PNP or an NPN ZTX 500? Is there a same transistor? Thank you very much
  3. housi

    Barcrest MPU 3 reel problem

    It is with all roles! You also lose the right position ..... make a video of it .....
  4. housi

    Barcrest MPU 3 reel problem

    Hello everybody Have a problem with a reel unit which always "shakes" after the stop! Question: Which IC could be considered first? IC 5? What could be the cause of the defect. Who can help me? Thank you for your help !! Greetings Ruedi
  5. housi

    search font

    Hello, I search for my role models, the appropriate font. Which font has such numbers? You are from an old Barcrest device Thank you very much Zahl4.bmp
  6. housi

    Replica JPM System 80 CPU cards

    my heart beats faster
  7. housi

    JPM 9980 SRU Controller Error

    Hello everybody I have a problem with a JPM RSU controller board. The second roll does not turn properly anymore (see link) Where could the error be? Who can help me? Which area is responsible for the roles? IC? Who has a scheme of this RSU board? Would be great if she would run again! Device is an "admiral chip" Best thanks in advance! housi https://youtu.be/zoNIeyQsqBI https://youtu.be/moSnhpvyX_A
  8. housi

    Reel Opto Tab A 1695

    exactly the right one! Best thanks to you
  9. housi

    Barcrest MPU 3

    which one would fit?
  10. housi

    Barcrest MPU 3

    Hello Am repairing a Barcrest MPU3 power supply. in this 2 pieces BYW20 rectifier were used. can I use this too? RECTRON MP1505 SINGLE PHASE 50V 15A GLASS PASSIVATED SIL BRIDGE RECTIFIER Thank you very much for your help housi
  11. housi

    Reel Opto Tab A 1695

    Hello I am looking for the following spare part: Reel Opto Tab A 1695 Do you know an order address? Thank you very much Housi Opto Tab.bmp
  12. housi

    MPU4 test rig manual

    MPU4 back page
  13. housi

    MPU4 test rig manual

    Manual MPU3 test rig MPU3-1.pdf MPU3-2.pdf MPU3-3.pdf MPU3-4.pdf
  14. housi

    MPU4 test rig manual

    I still have MPU3 test specification