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  1. borgred

    arcade goodness+ snappy vs adders

    nice collection
  2. borgred

    JPM THE WINNER 1970's

    i paid 70 for one 5 years ago
  3. borgred

    Dennis the Menace WDX

    nice one thank you
  4. borgred

    Maygay Monopoly ERROR 1.1

    have you left the machine on for a long period without playing so has to give bat a good charge,check solder joints to bat are correct if this fails check tracks around bat area for breaks,if all else fails there could be a faulty component on charge circuit
  5. borgred

    Working mpu4

    now thats a deal
  6. borgred

    Mps day :)

    i love mps my personal fave tech and what a nice collection happy days
  7. borgred

    Short vid of my collection

    very nice
  8. borgred

    Anyone here buy this?

    the guy has issues
  9. borgred

    Manhattan Skylines 1024Wdx

    happy days i see
  10. borgred

    Mpu4 Coin Mech Help

    well that was quick
  11. borgred

    Possible incoming machine tonight!

    some nice machines on impact 1