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  1. mort

    Roller Coaster - Large DX

    I would still love to see this one day....
  2. mort

    MFME v5.1 Release Thread

    Thank you for your continued support Chris
  3. mort

    The Italian Job 3 £25 Dx

    Vec, I still think it's worth you fixing the transparency issue on the background graphic. As this will most likely get a review on DIF I think it would be a shame for this issue to be picked out, seeing as this is such a great DX. To test it yourself just put the DX into borderless mode F1 , and you will see the issue.
  4. mort

    Red Gaming Top Giza Wdx

    Thanks Tommy
  5. mort

    {Link} DOND - Casino Twin Screen

    Thanks for this Reg.
  6. mort

    The Italian Job 3 £25 Dx

    Yep this is a brilliant dx As im a fan of the m1a IJ its been brilliant to get a top draw DX of this. Amazing how far you have come Vec IMO you are in the elite DX club of designers now.
  7. mort

    MIAMI DICE 1400 DX

    Yep great review for what is a stunning layout.
  8. mort

    Tropicana WDX

    UK version, DX02 and DX03 are the best from Mike. Remember Mike ? Did some great DX's. Graffiti (Barcrest).zip
  9. mort

    Tropicana WDX

    Dutch version, PDX Graffiti (Barcrest) Dutch.zip
  10. mort

    Tropicana WDX

    Always good to see a release from our German friends Thanks Gordon, nice DX
  11. mort

    Electrocoins Sphinx Wdx

    Looking forward to playing this one soon, real life and me being ill has gotten in the way of my fme time lately. Looks a cracker of a dx, as is the norm with all TC layouts
  12. mort

    The Blues Boys DX

    ^ its a DX £6IT Great DX with much history behind it, thanks Ploggy
  13. mort

    Crystal - Money Trail

    Great stuff, I was in touch with a Jon back in 2011 about this machine, I assume it's the same person, but I have emailed him to let him know this is now emulated. Great work Spa, as you say it's always great to be able to emulate a machine for someone who has been waiting for it for years.
  14. mort

    DX'Cellent MFMEv5 updated releases

    Love your DXs mate, glad to see these updated