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  1. MDS

    Ace Pot Luck

    You are 100% correct Ann, it was definately in the tall 100 series cabinet. Pot Luck was released by Ace in March 1983 on the stake of 2p play with a £20 Jackpot for the duty free market, quite rare and late in the day for series 100 machines and was actually a base conversion from Maxima which was first released in 1980, also some Warlords were converted to Pot Lucks also. Mike
  2. MDS

    Barcrest Special series club machine

    BJ, basically yeah. Identical MPU3 machines, the same gameplay etc. "Series" are £100JP and "Circles" are £50JP. All are MPU3 and the only real difference is Specials have a 20p mech fitted whereas Supers don't (hence Supers are older) and subtle differences in artwork (fonts/colours etc)
  3. MDS

    cash and carry mpu3 machine ?

    The MPU3 version Riche is talking about is called Cash & Carry Deluxe, this was Barcrest's 2nd variant of CnC (the first release as Captain Haddock has shown a photo is older and uses LSI control unit iirc). The CnC dx was a short squat cabinet with only 3 buttons and a single 10p coin slot. I have a mpu3 wiring diagram for it, have yet to see the ROM's surface tho.
  4. MDS

    Barcrest Special series club machine

    £100 Super Series/ £50 Super Circle were the 1st MPU3 machines released, £100 Special Series/ £50 Special Circle was basically the same machine but fitted with a 20p coin mech - hence Super Series was the 1st out of the 2. 'Specials' were basically an update of 'Supers' to use the new 20p coin. I wouldn't read too much as per the definitive lists knocking about and dates, there's more errors in them than meets the eye. Also to add as it was mentioned as per the button/ coin mech surrounds, the 1st Super Series/Circles early production had rectangular slots for the S1 slots as per the attached flyers, but these were changed to the more classic round type early on in the production run.
  5. MDS


    Indeed, it seems cheap but as people have already said on this thread Brenco fruit machines typically go for about £50-75 working which is about my estimate also. However their amusement machines like Wheel of Fortunes, Rota-spins, Money Wheels, Match A Fruits etc tend to go for considerably more.
  6. MDS


    The Brenco at the auction sold to a collector for £40, I know the buyer quite well, he has the largest collection of Brenco's in the Uk afaik (recently he bought my Rota-spin and Casino to add to his collection).
  7. MDS

    Help needed plz guys

    I agree with the DOND part, but the former is subjective.
  8. MDS

    Help needed plz guys

    It's refreshing to see a newbie guy ask for help and not being "bully bashed" into donating for a change. Maybe the tides turning around here... Well done guys
  9. MDS

    Rolla Replay Roms Needed

    I used to know a guy who had a low duty conversion of IR, can't remember the name off-hand but it was I think it was either Rapid Replay or Fruits Replay, both direct clones of the orig machine. If you want I'll do some digging around I'll try and speak to the guy, not spoke to him for years mind, I know for a fact he isn't a member here so I feel safe in saying he is a bit of a twat to deal with... I have 3x IR rom carts right now, none are low duty variants sadly, I have £2 orig ROM's (thanks to niftynudger), £3 bootleg (bars & bells = £3) £3 bootleg (bars = £3 & bells = £2).
  10. MDS

    Metal Frames

    It would look naff on a Nudges Unlim, trust me
  11. MDS

    Metal Frames

    On Nudges theyre not powder coated Steve, just plain old ali
  12. MDS

    Metal Frames

    Unless it's really bad I'll leave it well alone Daren tbh. You run the risk of cracking the glass if you want to remove them. They're only aluminion so do tend to pick up little dings over time. You could attempt to refinish them in situ perhaps.
  13. MDS

    How about this lol

    Don't forget you now need to make room for three of these Steve.... :pig: Where you gonna put them tho!
  14. MDS

    base rebuild

    Indeed, job well done! But just to let you know all mpu2 machines and early mpu3 machines (Nudges Unlimiteds, Super/Special Series cabs) never had a metal lip fitted at the front like all the later mpu3's have (IR, EU, A+L etc etc onwards...), they just had a slot in the bottom on the cab where a metal tab that's fitted on the rear of the cash door slots into! But as said top notch job!
  15. MDS

    Project RD - Razzle Dazzle

    I agree Paul, it's probably best to make a RD lamp loom from scratch, I did kind of hint that when I saw your intention to use the RE loom, just take your time and plan it well in advance, it wIll come easy once you are into a rhythm, and at least you will have the satisfaction you did all the hard work and made it yourself!