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  1. richardpen

    Albert square 3D

    Where is the classic for this? I cannot find it in my emulation directory.
  2. richardpen

    Pcp - Crazy Coyote Classics

    He he, I thought there was an update for 6.1. Great machine though, I had downloaded it but I don't think I had ever played it. Neither have I seen it in the arcades or pubs and I was playing them at the time of release. A lot going on. Thanks for reminding me of this machine. Also hadn't realized that version 32 had been out for more than 11 years ago!
  3. richardpen

    Barcrest mpu4 big shot classic

    Thanks, will look forward to that :)
  4. richardpen

    Barcrest mpu4 big shot classic

    Thanks. I've never played this version before. Very playable and only 2p to exchange for a nudge. Has the £4 version ever come available?
  5. richardpen

    just got this

    Thanks for the pic Rich, not sure if I've played that one or not. I remember one in our local pub where nine lights lit would take you into the feature. The features covered most of the top glass and there were all sorts. Usually it would just be a random stop but sometimes it gave you a skill feature stop which I managed to messup and just missed the £3 jackpot and got some obscure feature which I didn't understand and ended up with nothing.
  6. richardpen

    just got this

    A classic layout has just been released at DIF. Looks an interesting machine, I have never played or seen it before although I do remember playing machines of this type back in the day. Didn't these machines have the unusual way of paying out from behind the top glass?
  7. richardpen

    CROWN JESTER - FAMOUS GAMES - 20p - £4.80

    Thank you so much for this. This was my favorite of these type of machine. Thank you. Richard
  8. richardpen

    CTL Golden Spin (classic)

    Thanks for this machine, never seen this version before. How do you collect the win from the nudges? e.g. you have two nudges, nothing there so you want to collect the 4p, I cannot find the key to press to collect this? Thanks
  9. richardpen

    Step 'n' Skip [BWB]

    Ooooowwa! Thank you. I played this many a time in a 'Reels' arcade in Uxbridge, Middlesex. They always seemed to have made a point of having a couple of very playable 2p machines in there at any one time. Another one I remember was a 2p Tumble. This is a brilliant machine and one I've been looking forward to being able to play for a long time. I don't know if Wizard still visits this place or not but you may want to ask him to have a look at the layout as he would know the cause of any issues where as I don't. I have noticed that the reels spin slowly and the sounds struggle when all three reels are spinning. I've also noticed that reels one and two drag where as reel 3 will not drag. Another odd thing which I discovered by accident when I was hitting several keys to find which one stopped the feature, and found that upon pressing the gamble button, the features go into a skill stop mode every time. It doesn't always mean you can get a decent win but I have clocked up around 4 jackpots on the step and skip feaure. I'm sure it didn't do this on the real machine unless it was just I never thought to try it. Perhaps it is a layout or emulator issue or maybe an early chip with an emptier? Nether the less, the issues does not really detract from the game and it is a great pleasure to play this again. Many thanks
  10. richardpen

    Big Buck$ 1600 DX

    Really glad this one has been revived. I missed it first time round, probably because I thought it was the impact one and didn't explore if further. The first time I saw this machine was on Steve L's youtube video of it, did remind me of Bank Roll although the features do seem extremely hard to get. I may try playing it differently by collecting low wins rather than gambling them up and see if it offers more features. The first time I collected a full bank it payed out fine but the second time, it payed out then all lights lit up at once and it froze. I have not yet restarted it, hopefully it will run OK, if not I'll have to reload the RAM. Has anyone tried this in the new versions of the emulator? I have not yet but just wondered if perhaps it works better. Does anyone have the strike 10 layout mentioned earlier in this thread? The link provided does not work.
  11. richardpen

    Poundaround DX

    Thank you for the layout. I've played this a few times but not many. Will look forward to playing this one.
  12. richardpen

    MFME v6.1 Released

    Thank you, totally missed this until I loaded up 777 heaven in MFME6
  13. richardpen

    PROJECT COIN - 777 HEAVEN - 20p/£4.80 Token

    tHANK YOU FOR THE LAYOUT, PLAYED THESE MANY A TIME. jUST NEED TO DOWNLOAD mfme6.1 - didn't know it had been released!
  14. richardpen

    Bear Streak

    Thanks to all involved for the updated layouts, great work. I'll try to get round to playing them over the next couple of days. Anyone have any idea as to why the sounds were not sampled on this one? I take it most were by this time.
  15. richardpen

    Bear Streak

    Ah, so its £8 jackpot, that is why I have never seen or played this machine in the wild, Jackpots had just gone up to £6.00 when I stopped playing fruit machines for real. Unusual that an £8er does not have sampled sound. Are the red 7s paying £4 or £8 on the current settings? If it is paying £8, that would explain why it is so hard to obtain a jackpot.