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  1. richardpen

    Barcrest Clickity Click

    Thank you, not one I've ever heard or seen before. I presume the bingo game is played within the bank/credits displays somehow? When I first read the title, I thought perhaps the JPM CC roms had been sourced! I'll give this a go later.
  2. richardpen

    Club Vegas DX (System 80)

    Thanks for the layout. I am old enough to remember this but I did not have access to many club machines so am looking forward to giving this a go.
  3. richardpen

    Bfm's countdown classic

    Not one I ever came across either, was it a rare machine? Or perhaps players found it a little over complicated? I don't think I would have liked to have played it in the wild. That countdown timer thing seems rather strange, even when it is over 20 you only seem to get 3 or 4 nudges. Interesting that Bell Fruit were still releasing machines where nudges were manual and features had to be done in a rush when certainly Barcrest were well into auto nudge.
  4. richardpen

    Powerplay Classic Layout

    Ooh, so Mazooma eventually decided that it would be a good idea to test their machines properly berfore they released them?? They certainly didn't bother in their £4.80 era. Two of their machines I came accross in an arcade close to where I worked had issues, the first one 'Mazooma Belle' would go on an endless streak until emptied. The crooked staff in there would at a later time refill, reset it and play it themselves until it played out the first streak. The machine would then take around £50/£60 and go on its continuous streak again. It did eventually get re chipped and the revision was very nasty, took £90 and gave a £30 streak. The second one, I cannot remember the name of it off hand, had a 10 nudges feature which was obtainable on occasions by selecting a code from the hold buttons. If you did not manually nudge the reels would auto nudge within about 4 seconds. The reels would be in a position where melons for a £1.61 win was achievable for 8 nudges but cherries were on the payline on reels 2 and three. This machine when auto nodging would always move reels one, two and three in order. This meant that when it moved reel one, a cherry would hit the win line before the melon and the machine would get stuck in an 'I can do better' loop continously moving reel one up and down trying to achieve the maximum win. Fortunately, the machine had a built in memory so when the mqachine was switched off during the looped process, switching back on would take you back to the previous go so you could get back to the feature and manually nudge. But they obviously cam round to testing their machines properly. I must admit, I have given this a go in the emulator but don't really understand what is going on, perhaps that was the conclusion of the testers? Thanks for the layout though, I guess to get hold of a rom of a failed machine must be quite rare.
  5. richardpen

    Electro Mechanic Emulation

    Thank you, won't be any use to me but hopefully Wizard or someone else who knows how to do these electro machines will find it.
  6. richardpen

    BFM Hot Dog Electro

    Is this your YouTube video? Would be great to get that nudge buzzer and coin entry sounds. It's a shame a win was not collected on the video. I agree, a great game.
  7. richardpen

    BFM Hot Dog Electro

    Yep, a good piece of programming by Wizard and it definately works. However, I have not yet lost a jackpot due to it so far. I bet some machines got a good kicking when it happend for real.
  8. richardpen

    BFM Hot Dog Electro

    I've done it again, got the £2 up to £16 and now I'm running over percentage.
  9. richardpen

    BFM Hot Dog Electro

    Just got £50 out of this, held two bells on reels one and two then the other two rolled in, pressed the button and the nice sound of £50 in 50ps dropping - but I can't find them anywhere!! I have also managed to gamble up from a £2 win to £16 a few times on this machine. I guess in the wild this would be very rare as most people would be happy with a £4 or £8 win or most commonly would collect half the win and gamble up.
  10. richardpen

    Electro Mechanic Emulation

    Thanks for the pic. Obviously not a club machine, came out around the same time as I started gambling on the machines but everything around our way was Bell Fruit. Either SNGs or the earlier instant nudge ones. I remember one machine in a local cafe where the feature was something to do with pressing the reel buttons to spin the reels and try to get the pictures of the runners on a running track on the pay line. If you managed to get all three on the payline within 10 seconds you got a massive 30p. The jackpot seemed hart to get, I never achieved it and I never saw anyone else win it either.
  11. richardpen

    Electro Mechanic Emulation

    Hopefully Wizard finds it interesting. Was that a Club machine? I don't remember seeing any but could have been a little before my time. Was that early 70s?
  12. richardpen

    Electro Mechanic Emulation

    Has it? SNG has but I've not seen NG. I know there is not much difference between the two, NG has no hold on the number reel, I've read somewhere there is one fruit difference on one of the reels and the design was different. There was also a 10p £2 version of nudge gambler. I'm not sure if there was a 10p £2 of SNG, I never saw one if there was.
  13. richardpen

    Rose And Crown by BFM?

    Thanks for all your replies. I presume the blank one I have is the UK one as there is no attempt by the game to go to upper reels. Thanks for the links to the dutch game, I do try the Dutch/German games from time to time some of them I struggle with a bit, I understand the logic of collecting points then playing the points for cash but some I've played just seem to continually give credits and there doesn't seem to be a way of winning cash.
  14. richardpen

    Electro Mechanic Emulation

    My two would be Moon Ranker and Nudge Gambler but I am aware these electro machines are extremely hard to do which I guess is the reason why very few have been done.
  15. richardpen

    Electro Mechanic Emulation

    Ooh, a topic I started got responses over a year after posting. I forgot abouut it and have just come accross it nearly two years after that!