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  1. Digby

    Expert required in Manchester Area

    Is it for the super red bar
  2. Digby

    Wireless network cards?

    As Andrew said it’s a coinmetric DCE. Uses Bluetooth. There will be no refrance to the PAN number or MAC address for it so you will not be able to connect that way but if you have a machine on data software it will stop the 7.1 error. You can connect your data port (BACTA Port) to ur pc using a 25 pin to serial adaptor and using real term to view (1200baud, 8Databits). You get info for coin in, coin value, VTP, if a door has been opened and loads of other messages. Bacta port is one way (apart from receiving and ACK) so pretty boring. Were used as live metering so the mechanical meters were not used
  3. Digby

    Display name

    Doesn’t let me edit it??!!
  4. P1 sets the game type. They identify with a suffix. They are K is arcade d is data Y is % key fitted s is standard. Etc etc
  5. Digby

    Display name

    Not sue where best to post but it looks like the site has changed a bit recently and my display name has changed. Is there a way to change it back to my alias?
  6. Send me the files and I will post out tomorrow
  7. Digby

    B3 Astra party slots

    Always hated those PC’s so flakey.
  8. Digby

    B3 Astra party slots

    Just open the door with 0 credit. No need to enter test or turn the refil key.
  9. Digby

    Hopper not paying out 10ps

    The disk that spins in the hopper, what colour is it? Orange one is for the old 10p (still in circulation) blue is for the mix of new and old. At the exit you have a spring loaded finger (called hopper release finger). These can get worn and springs the coin back into the hopper rather than sending it out the exit. Empty the hopper out and have no more than £1 worth of 10ps and see if you can see what it’s doing.
  10. Digby

    Coin mech reprogramming

    How many? What’s your location?
  11. Digby

    Barcrest Rio help part 2

    Open up the top to access the top monitor, swing it open and behind it is 2 MUX boards. These are connected to some wood with holes cut out for cooling. That wooden shelf lifts up revelling 3 screws which holds the PC to the cab. I’m a bit confused about this post. You say it’s a Rio so a assume the enchnced video Rio but you want to put T777 games on? If that’s the case it will never work. T777 use differnt executive and although it does work on MPU5, the IO is totally differnt and the PIC in the game card is differnt again. You may get some games to work in demo if your lucky.
  12. Digby

    Red Crazy Fruits £15 jackpot data pack probs again!!

    I have a few edc units that are useless to most but will let machines set up if on protocol mode.
  13. Digby

    Diamond Geezer - Dead

    FYI self test can be initiated by holding down the “up down” buttons at the same time. It also sounds like the bin file is missing or the bootstrap is corrupt. Within self test Go into test ram and this will do a ram clear. This should be done when the battery is changed. I’m the opposite to most of the members here, I have no experience on older kit but vast amount on newer kit.
  14. Digby


    Hi All, been a while apology's if in a different thread, is there a way to programme a mars me129 to take the new and old £1 without mods? I have a cpm2000 and have programmed it on channel 1b rather than 1a but I sorta remember that the jumpers set the channels? I did have the manual which told you the jumper setting but can not find it anywhere. anyone else manged to get dual acceptance on the me range of mech without the bodge wire? regards
  15. Digby

    Converting to tokens

    That mech has a teach and run option, you can programme it for any type coin while in the machine with no extra programmers, you can programme 2ps as tokens if you want. See attached. Not sure about the machine settings, been years since iv worked on a epoc but if you do not enable tokens then the mech will reject. We can of corse bypass this by moving wires around and tricking the machine. Cashflow Quick Refrance.pdf