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  1. spa

    MDM Nudge Bonanza

    Yes, that no limit is a funny looking one. I have one like the other one pictured Funny though, this and Nudge Bonanza are very, very similar!
  2. spa

    Does a machine really need meters ?

    I have a Red Bar that would flicker the bulbs when it was counting, odd times the machine would reset at the same time so I unplugged them. Machine runs fine and has not reset since.
  3. spa

    mps issues!

    Was exactly the same. Even 5p plays was a bit much for a 12 year old me
  4. spa

    mps issues!

    Great to see mate Update on the No Limit. I have now put a Cashflow 126 in. Now, this mech works, takes all coins, does not reset. But, as soon as a routing plug is put in, boom, back to resetting. So currently running with full tubes of 10ps and £1s. Blocked off all the gaps in the tubes so each tube can be filled right to the top. It's a shitty fix, but works
  5. spa

    Red gaming super line up Rio cab

    Yes, Mr P sent me just chips. Put them in, away it went
  6. spa

    mps issues!

    It was running fine.
  7. spa

    mps issues!

    Yes, the roms are dumped, it has been emulated and runs fine via mfme. This just hangs on the roms that came with, new burnt roms but boots a random game card no problems
  8. spa

    mps issues!

    Thanks, I will have a Sunday afternoon going over it all.
  9. spa

    mps issues!

    Yes, he sure did. He had the board too so it's something else I am sending him a couple of rom cards. Fingers crossed! In fact, i'll put my roms in one and the new roms in the other at the same time
  10. spa

    red gaming super line up

    Makes a huge difference! A small decal change is needed, but not a massive issue. The 1, 2 and 3 nudges now turn into something else
  11. spa

    mps issues!

    Thanks mate. It's a weird one. When Steve Lancett came over, we tried so many cards! None worked, put the blue streak card and roms in and boom, ran As for No Limit, no clues on why thats resetting on coin entry. Tried several boards, psus, mechs. All the same Even put an old mech in on all old coins, still does it
  12. spa

    red gaming super line up

    I just swapped roms on mine when I had it.
  13. Mr P did me a set, so he has them. Pretty sure Wizard released a classic layout for this with both versions running. So 100% sourced and dumped
  14. spa

    mps issues!

    Thanks, i'll drop you a message
  15. spa

    mps issues!

    Thanks, yes, finally got one to go with Test Pilot. They are the main two for me, but Cashino is a great little game!