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  1. spa

    Bell Fruit closing

    That's a good point, wonder if they will supply the dongles!
  2. spa

    Pcp - Crazy Coyote Classics

    Yes, mablethorpe had one and road riot a fair while back, but had theirs long after they had gone from everywhere..
  3. spa

    Pcp - Crazy Coyote Classics

    I'd say it can but don't think it has, or at least, not seen it.
  4. spa

    Bell Fruit closing

    I guess every £70 and every £70 that upgraded to £100 was half decent.
  5. spa

    Bell Fruit closing

    I liked the donds. They were all pretty unique in their gameplay, just a handful were cloned. They went crap when the box was not random. Play a bit like barcrest dond variations where it would put in about what's on offer on the board. Not surprised they are going. Digital is the way, easy updates, no machine changes instant new content.
  6. spa

    Pcp - Crazy Coyote Classics

    11 years old and still going strong
  7. spa

    Jumping Jacks

    Good game, my local had a couple back in the day!
  8. spa

    Electrocoin sphinx issues

    I don't know mate. Any cash jackpot would do, like £8 or even £10 if there is one? It will go down to 5p, not tried that..
  9. spa

    Electrocoin sphinx issues

    This is all sorted now. A mate came and fixed the board, he changed a few bit, unsure what, but that got the bulbs all working. The mech, it had a wire out in the plug, that back in and takes as it should Now, just for some 20p/£6 cash roms. Do they exist? It's 10p £6 toekns atm, but it don't take tokens!
  10. spa

    Electrocoin sphinx issues

    I think so, will have a dig in the loft
  11. spa

    Electrocoin sphinx issues

    Thought so mate It's clearly had a service of sorts as the battery is wired away.
  12. spa

    Electrocoin sphinx issues

    It does, it came from a good truster seller, so could well be an early updated mech.
  13. spa

    Electrocoin sphinx issues

    Hi all, picked this up recently but it has a few issues. Hopefully someone can help or advise. It has a row of lamps put, so that a triac on the board? This row, also a couple of random bulbs. Now, it came with spare boards, but I don't think they are the same, even though they are phoenix boards. And even though it takes new quids, it takes 1 in 10. Could a different mech be used? Plus, when it don't take on, the coin jams, so a real pain in the arse. Thanks in advance 😊
  14. Are you the guy that sells them on facebook, about £50 each? Great value!
  15. spa

    Roms - Question

    https://drive.google.com/drive/folders/0BzZMCJWHMHMBOW9VSW9vOThrbDA Probably the Safe Cracker.