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  1. thompy

    fruit machine

    That is a Cobra poker converted to a video, Conway bros in Northern Ireland made those poker's, it has the same poker button panel.
  2. thompy


    Maybe someone would be interested?
  3. thompy

    maygay m1a/b board repair thread

    Well done Sir excellent work 😎
  4. thompy

    Bally the showman bottom glass

    Ian Eason Instance Automatics has some of these ballys coming in he might part one out or have a spare glass.
  5. thompy

    Bally relays

    If that timed out how did the hopper reset circuit reset itself did you press the button behind the bar as Wizard said?
  6. thompy

    Bally relays

    Well spotted Wizard
  7. thompy

    Bally relays

    The payout unit with the cam on it isn't mounted on your hopper, can you take pictures of the inside bottom of the machine and in the top head please.
  8. thompy

    Bally relays

    Take pictures of the side of the hopper
  9. thompy

    Bally relays

    Tilt is an error, post a picture of the spiral cam on the side of the hopper the fingers need to be at the bottom like at six o clock, can you coin the game and does the handle release drop out letting you pull the handle?
  10. thompy

    Bally relays

    Is there a hopper reset on this machine.
  11. thompy

    Bally the showman bottom glass

    You are going to have to work out how to post pictures on here.
  12. Hi all, there are many experienced people on electronics and electrics on this site and some not so can I just say that machines from electromechanical to modern day machines contain voltages that can do harm or worse please be careful, I'm sure some of us that worked on chassis from CRTs or other has had a reminder of this in the past! Take care
  13. thompy

    Bally 10p hopper wanted

    It depends what pin wheel is in the hopper and if the coin makes the switch or switches when going over the knife end exiting the hopper.
  14. thompy

    Bally bandits are the best !!!

    Have a few myself including a medallist which would be a good machine, some of the faults I've had haven't been the easiest to spot lol
  15. thompy

    Project Rom files

    Just like to say a big thank you to orchid for taking the time to convert the programs to all cash for me and wouldn't take nothing for his work, many thanks again mate.