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  1. thompy

    Bally 10p hopper wanted

    It depends what pin wheel is in the hopper and if the coin makes the switch or switches when going over the knife end exiting the hopper.
  2. thompy

    Bally bandits are the best !!!

    Have a few myself including a medallist which would be a good machine, some of the faults I've had haven't been the easiest to spot lol
  3. thompy

    Project Rom files

    Just like to say a big thank you to orchid for taking the time to convert the programs to all cash for me and wouldn't take nothing for his work, many thanks again mate.
  4. thompy

    change machine now refurbed

    That is smashing well done, the paint job looks brilliant, a lot of hours in that.
  5. thompy

    Project Rom files

    Hi guy, I'm looking for the files for seven heaven 20p 4.80 all cash and 10p £4.00 for Jokers Wild, when I switch dil 5 on the jackpot is only £2.40 as I guess that was the law on the jackpot size. It would be the all cash Northern Ireland/Isle of Man program if any one has the file. Many thanks
  6. thompy

    just got this

    Lovely machine and dog lol, nice to add to the collection.
  7. thompy

    Project PC92 mpu repair

    Thanks for this Andrew and Louie Bee, nice to see repairs on PC92 boards, certainly I find these posts very interesting, have a few boards with exactly the same issue with the acid damage.
  8. thompy

    Replica JPM System 80 CPU cards

    This is great work, brilliant!
  9. thompy

    T777 Hard Drive Clone

    Good job with sticking with this for the result, cheers.
  10. thompy

    Pac man ball pusher problem

    I work on these, if you are really stumped I could test the monitor for you in another machine.
  11. thompy

    maygay m1a/b board repair thread

    Well done fella, good work, have you many Maygays in your collection, always wanted a Pink Panther in the Cabinet with the sort of blue glass.
  12. thompy

    MPU4 Test jig....at last!

    Outstanding work, brilliant job.
  13. thompy

    Old fruit

    Nice find, it has a live jackpot in the front, worth a few bob, do it up, great fun 😊
  14. thompy

    ace warlord club from 1984

    Lovely, thanks Ron.
  15. thompy

    ace warlord club from 1984

    Cheers Ron for the scan of this.