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  1. thompy

    MDM Nudge Bonanza

    A labour of love lol yes most definitely be good to get them running again 👍
  2. thompy

    MDM Nudge Bonanza

    Yes, if you see them up close they need a lot of work, I liked the no limits back in the day, I do recall playing the other two but they always seemed flat lol sure it's all about the memories 😉
  3. thompy

    MDM Nudge Bonanza

    How right you are, thought I got lucky no chance lol
  4. thompy

    MDM Nudge Bonanza

    Hi Chris, here you are fella of course not working lol
  5. thompy

    MDM Nudge Bonanza

    Excellent mate, thankyou very much!
  6. thompy

    MDM Nudge Bonanza

    Well, I picked this thing up the other week with a few other old nudgers, I know it's a long shot but if anyone would have a spare reel glass as its cracked on this one. On checking the board I though ahh looks clean this one, powering on happy days it reset and I was able to credit the machine and play but no sound, after checking again it turned out it's a mod4 board, after trawling through the posts through the knowledge of the members here It looked as I needed a mod2 board. Anyway after a while when the machine heated up the solenoids were energizing and chattering turns out the pound one was burnt out completely lol, so got it changed and ordered a chip from France some fellow on Ebay for the sound issue, having a spare mpu4 with the socket in for the Ay-3-8912 I now have sound which is nice. If anyone would have the switch settings on the mpu4 for the percentage it would be appreciated guys. Cheers and thanks.
  7. thompy

    Does a machine really need meters ?

    At the end of the day machines will fail at some stage may it be a meter, psu, board faults etc it is part of collecting operating old machines, you shouldn't be worrying about your next machine failure.
  8. thompy

    Rollercoaster Club

    I know I had to sand the £1 tube on a Classic Seven Heaven as they were jamming at times.
  9. thompy

    um. a little help please?

    Yes everything with Supernova is a nightmare to work with, the Zingy that they sell shuts down once or twice a year and has to go back to them for as they say a repair, try cloning the hard drive in them and it won't boot.
  10. thompy

    fruit machine

    That is a Cobra poker converted to a video, Conway bros in Northern Ireland made those poker's, it has the same poker button panel.
  11. thompy

    maygay m1a/b board repair thread

    Well done Sir excellent work 😎
  12. thompy

    Bally the showman bottom glass

    Ian Eason Instance Automatics has some of these ballys coming in he might part one out or have a spare glass.
  13. thompy

    Bally relays

    If that timed out how did the hopper reset circuit reset itself did you press the button behind the bar as Wizard said?
  14. thompy

    Bally relays

    Well spotted Wizard
  15. thompy

    Bally relays

    The payout unit with the cam on it isn't mounted on your hopper, can you take pictures of the inside bottom of the machine and in the top head please.