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  1. andy-1

    Epoch Madness

    Well done on getting the roms running.
  2. andy-1

    Jpm Bouncer (Classic update)

    Thank You Alex.
  3. andy-1

    Epoch Madness

    Congratulations on securing these roms though, there are still lots of gems yet to be discovered that we all hope to see again.
  4. andy-1

    Epoch Madness

    There is always people willing to dump roms dependant on where they are, some members like to be sent them via post. hopefully they work, I'm sure Mr p was after the madness machine not sure if he ever found one though.
  5. andy-1

    Up and coming op clearout!

    If it's in descent condition possibly worth saving. I know mr ps has a wanted list but couldn't see it on there. Possibly worth sending him a message maybe he would like it as he now has 4 arcades and loves rare machines.
  6. andy-1

    Up and coming op clearout!

    The crystal lottery machine I think is a pretty rare machine (or at least I've never seen one). Were you able to see if there were any roms in there or is it just boards and parts.
  7. andy-1

    P.C.P Sunday Sport (aka take two?)

    Looks like one of spa's videos. I recognise the profile. Look forward to seeing your video when done. would you be able to dump the sound rom please. And images of the reels if possible.
  8. andy-1

    P.C.P Sunday Sport (aka take two?)

    Great to see this being worked on. Look forward to seeing it running. on a side note does this only have the one rom or is there a separate rom for the sounds.
  9. andy-1

    512K rom rips

    Thank You
  10. andy-1

    Bellfruit system 83 coundown classic

    It will be the latest version of MFME once released.
  11. andy-1

    P.C.P Sunday Sport (aka take two?)

    Well done netdent glasses look in superb condition. Look forward to hopefully seeing runnning.
  12. andy-1

    Up and coming op clearout!

    If you come across roms or flyers would you please let us know. Splitting it up into lots is probably the best way to maximise returns. There does seem a lot their in terms of machines, jukeboxes, reel bands and rom, carts.
  13. andy-1

    Up and coming op clearout!

    Such a shame about the roms, glad you got the Sunday sport though. if the guy doesn't take it could you message the guy about a price for the spin when your winning rom's please. or even if he could list what he's got as there may be people wanting the roms or other bits. Andy
  14. andy-1

    Up and coming op clearout!

    Many thanks netdent.