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  1. andy-1

    epoch wildfire game and sound roms

    Thanks for the roms
  2. andy-1

    Diamonds Are Forever DX

    There are roms for this, but no sounds by the looks of it
  3. andy-1

    Great Yarmouth Pleasure Beach

    Nice collection. Reel number 5 could be Top Dog. If you come across any roms would you be able to collect them please, as we never know what hidden gems might be there.
  4. andy-1

    Crystal - Gold Rush

    Thank You
  5. andy-1

    Gold Diggers £35 Dx

    Thank You
  6. andy-1

    The Hyper Games Wdx

    Thank You
  7. andy-1

    More money classic

    Look forward to it
  8. andy-1

    Crystal - Crazy Climber

    Thank You
  9. andy-1

    Dumped ROMs

    Thank You Player
  10. andy-1

    Mazooma Stag Night

    Thanks for sharing Player, some excellent resources you have gathered.
  11. andy-1

    Bell-Fruit Cops And Robbers

    There are lots of roms for this, with different stakes and prizes on the rom sites. Emulated I think we have the £4.80, £6 and £10. I have to admit I really enjoy the cops and robbers machines of this era.
  12. andy-1

    Bar 7 - JPM (SYSTEM80)

    Thank You
  13. andy-1

    Club Monte Carlo

    Thank You
  14. andy-1

    Sunday Sport

    Thank You