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  1. andy-1

    Supertron (Almost finished)

    That looks fantastic.
  2. andy-1

    Bell Fruits "Eggs on legs"

    Here is the flyer for it.
  3. andy-1

    Sinbad by BWB

    The rom set I posted are set 1 on the roms sites.
  4. andy-1

    Sinbad by BWB

    Look forward to it. Its always good and satisfying when a machine you always to wanted to play again can finally be emulated. Good luck with this.
  5. andy-1

    Sinbad by BWB

    There is a German version already emulated on the MPU4 tech so the English version should work. I tried the roms into the layout but got a coin mech alarm. Here is a blank layout with the roms. (Sinbad BWB Folder) I have also attached the German version. Sinbad BWB.zip Sinbad.zip
  6. andy-1

    Starstruck classic

    Thank You
  7. andy-1

    Xpress classsic

    Thank You
  8. Thanks for trying anyway Magik.
  9. Good luck with this Magik, hope your able to get them to act correctly.
  10. andy-1

    Pcp cashablanca classics

    Thank You
  11. andy-1

    Cops n Robbers Deluxe

    Here we have Cops 'n' Robbers Deluxe on the Scorp 1 tech. This is set on 10p play £6 Cash Jackpot, I tried the £6 Token but they have a £3 blocker on them it never give the red 7s or Cop the Lot so I went with the cash. This has been on my and I think a few other members FME most wanted list. I wanted to play this from when I found FME, this is the rebuild version (or Red Version) as it is other wise known and IMO is the better one. This is a machine I have played in many arcades and would always be the first machine I went to. Thanks go to: Hitthesix for getting it into 10p play Tommy C for playtesting Pook for the reel images Wizard for his amazing emulator and getting this running. Shortcuts are in the notes. Hope you enjoy Please use MFME 6.1 Cops 'n' Robbers Deluxe Release.zip
  12. andy-1

    the fruity holy grail

    Mouse Trap (JPM) Crazy Crocs (MDM) Cops N Robbers (Red version) (BFM) The holy grail would definitely be Mouse Trap though.
  13. andy-1

    Bas cop the lot classic

    Thank You
  14. andy-1

    Danger Zone

    Here is another MPU4 from myself in Danger Zone by Crystal. I have wanted to see and play this from when I discovered MFME. This is set at £6 Jackpot and 10p play. It's the twin machine of Frank n Stein. Hope some decent artwork turs up so we can see this in its full glory. Thanks go to: Ross for the image I used to gain the positions of the lamps. Tommy C for playtesting, adding the coin effects and sorting the alpha out for me. Wizard for his amazing emulator. Shortcuts are in the notes. Hope you enjoy. Please use MFME 6.1. Danger Zone Release.zip
  15. andy-1

    Hot shot classic

    Thank You