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    I have 62 machines in a 3 bed terrace dating from 1979 to 1990. My era of best game's.


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  1. stevelancett

    How about this lol

    Lot of colouring in to be done. The Cobra is far from done. And some Big Apple to go on the head too 😉
  2. stevelancett

    How about this lol

    Another good session done today 😁
  3. stevelancett

    ACE Swop Shop (Sp-ace)

    I done a request video for someone. But just after I done that. I caught this machine on a perfect streak. Thing is I've no idea what to do on the boxed watch for my hidden treasures. I've held them. Held them and let them go. Done nothing. But I've still not discovered what works. Anyway this is still a great capture 😁
  4. Just a bit of fun. Do you like the leisure games Mpu1/Mpu2. Or the PCP/BWB System80 the best 😁😉
  5. stevelancett

    Global Games Thrills 'n' spills

    Mega thanks to a good friend for sending me a working Maygay M1 board. We've not even discussed a price etc. I've spent about 6 hours on this tonight replacing bulbs. Lots of them. Got a few stubborn one's that won't work. There is a dodgey door switch that resets the machine soon as you go near it 😂😁. It's all pretty much working. But not paying out. But the solenoids look rusty. So will be back on it tomorrow. But we're getting there 😂😉❤
  6. stevelancett

    Tales from Midibobs workshop, Sys80

    This is what we like to see 🤣😂
  7. stevelancett

    Tales from Midibobs workshop, Sys80

    And too add. In my experience the 12k is the most versatile of the 3. It runs all the 14k machines I have. And without the need for the PAL on the 14k. I guess 12k will run 8k early games but I haven't tried so can't confirm. Also the Rom socket layout fits perfect the BWB conversions like Lucky Lady and Fruit Swop 😁
  8. stevelancett

    Tales from Midibobs workshop, Sys80

    Nice work Bob and Louie. I have 10 working System80 machines. And I for 1 would certainly pay for anything that keeps these running. So there's one customer for at least 10 machines 😁
  9. stevelancett

    Leisure games Lucky Double

    Finally done now. The reel deck is sorted now 😁
  10. stevelancett

    Global Games Thrills 'n' spills

    I've never heard of that one. I only know this and Monkey Business 😂😁
  11. stevelancett

    Global Games Thrills 'n' spills

    My memories are of getting nowhere on the game board but lots of great sounds. 2p £5 making the jackpot virtuality unreachable. I guess possibly screwed down to 72% or similar. If I run it on 5p £5 jackpot at 92% it should play a nice game with a bit of luck. It does go to 99% in the book if needed 😁. Maybe they got a stack of redundant coronation street and esstenders machines just coming out of service cheap. 😁
  12. stevelancett

    Global Games Thrills 'n' spills

    It's 2p £5 I remember also. But this one is on 5p £5 looking at the decals fitted. I will probably leave it on that and run at about 92% And see how it performs. At least it's a dips and not Rom's to change it 😁
  13. stevelancett

    How about this lol

    Started the best machine ever 😉. But it has to be manipulated to fit round the other pieces . This was started last weekend. But is going to take a few hours to complete. Made a start with 2 hours of outline 😂😁😉
  14. stevelancett

    How about this lol

    Got me hands done the other week aswell. More Leisure Games fun 🤣😂😋
  15. stevelancett

    Global Games Thrills 'n' spills

    Oh yes he was 😁. There was a few different coronation street's. So I guess we will never know 😊😉