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    I have 62 machines in a 3 bed terrace dating from 1979 to 1990. My era of best game's.


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  1. stevelancett

    PCP In for a Penny, In for a pound

    I guess he was offered more after he had agreed with me for the £40 advertised. Im.used to being fucked over unfortunately
  2. stevelancett

    PCP In for a Penny, In for a pound

    I had done the deal and booked the hotel for tonight. I guess someone offered more than the asking price. That also nearly happened with Raffle Ticket. But luckily the seller was honorable in a deal is a deal
  3. stevelancett

    PCP In for a Penny, In for a pound

    I did mate. But i was fucked over. These things happen unfortunately
  4. stevelancett

    Nudge Double Up deluxe

    Great to see it running mate. Its all about the memories. Even bad ones 🤣😅. Thank you for sharing 😊
  5. stevelancett

    few for sale on ukpinball?

    You need a unit like me 😅😅
  6. stevelancett

    New Machine! JPM Give Us A Break AWP

    Glad it arrived all ok..I was a bit worried about the whole process of pallet and no strapping in the vehicle. I said to him will it be ok. He was like yeah it will be fine 😀😊
  7. stevelancett

    new toy delivered today

    Nice very nice ❤😉
  8. stevelancett

    JPM Reel Money

    I agree the last 2 free ones I got. Always8 and Cashino . Utter shite 😉😉😉
  9. stevelancett

    JPM Reel Money

    I thought you had all of them.. There is a tip right by my unit. Perfect for epoch rubbish 🤣🤣🤣🤣
  10. stevelancett

    JPM Reel Money

    I quickly realized that lol. Or you get the farting sound when you flick the token switch. I know 8 is test. I will find what the others are 🙂😃
  11. stevelancett

    JPM Reel Money

    Few pictures 😋 20190913_161353.mp4
  12. stevelancett

    JPM Reel Money

    A free Facebook one. Quick restore and done 😊
  13. stevelancett

    Golden ghost/golden stepper inbreed

    I was going to go for that . But didn't because I seen this thread. I even know someone who could of picked it up for me. Could of back converted my Cash Filla or Fruit Connexion 😊😁
  14. stevelancett

    Instance Automatics sys80 cpu card

    I never had any doubts about these. I've seen them in his Clickerty Click. I have 13 system80 machines myself. But luckily mine all work. And I have lots of spare boards. And cpu ics. In fact I've just found another cpu supply. And I've bought 2 to try for less than £15. But I've been too busy to try them yet lol. Remember it was me who discovered the last lot when a lot said they wouldn't work. So I bought 30. And now we all have them 🙂😉
  15. stevelancett

    PCP Raffle Ticket

    It took me a while to work it out. But its actually really easy. The Raffle Tickets that are lit before the game are in play. You can mix them for some more if you like. You get so many picks via the numbers on the left hand side. If you get say 6 to pick. You then pick at random. Any that match pay the amount in that given column. It sometimes offers exchange for nudges. I've not had the full strip feature yet. So if you get say 6 picks and you match 3 that are lit. You get that amount. It has a few random things going on like hi lo and fresh fruit. Basically step up and down. I'm sure there will be a few more things I will discover as I play this 😁