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    I have 62 machines in a 3 bed terrace dating from 1979 to 1990. My era of best game's.


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  1. stevelancett

    BWB Fruit King

    All done now 🥴😎
  2. stevelancett

    Reel Band Production

    Very nice 😊👌
  3. stevelancett

    NEW Machine / Project - PCP Hit Money!

    Very nice. Should of had 2 sets made. So I could have a set for mine 😉
  4. stevelancett


    Its here 😁🥴
  5. stevelancett

    NEW Machine / Project - PCP Hit Money!

    I'm absolutely amazed you've let this go. I remember how much you wanted one. And the trouble you went to make this one. I often wondered if you got the take it / leave it lamps sorted. But life is life 🙂😁
  6. stevelancett


    I'm picking this up next week 😁
  7. That's interesting as these come from there along with the silver ghosts and the clickerty clix Ian now has. When I was in touch with randy senna he told me all came from Atlantic city. So that kind of ties it all up 😁
  8. stevelancett

    MDM No Limit Nudge

    Stunning 😋👌
  9. stevelancett

    Castle Big Fifty Repair

    Interesting machine. Very nice find 😊
  10. stevelancett

    PCP Master Spy

    Nice 50 credit challenge 😀👌
  11. stevelancett

    PCP Master Spy

    Game play 😚😁
  12. stevelancett

    PCP Master Spy

    And finally its done. From a BWB Lucky Lady to a PCP Master Spy 🥰😊
  13. stevelancett

    BWB Line Up

    But as I say loads of times. It's not meant to be the original. It's a machine in it's own right. . It's like saying the shit mini is the same as the Austin mini. Of course it isn't it's a car in it's own right. The only thing I know for certain is mine is far more rare than all the line ups. And I like that 👌😁
  14. stevelancett

    BWB Line Up

    My thoughts exactly. Your be surprised as well Gray. As its created a lot of interest and people wanting it on Facebook and YouTube. I've had more interest in this machine than most others I've picked up in months. The power of Line Up whatever the tech 😁🥴🤣
  15. stevelancett

    BWB Line Up

    A bit of BWB rubbish 🤣🤣