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  1. mavroz

    Making 3D EWN - can you help?

    I can only dream of having a fraction of the Graphical / Photoshop skills needed to create something of this quality. Looks fantastic, I really enjoy the layouts and machines you create. Thank you.
  2. mavroz

    Sevens above finished

    Looks good, another Project I remember well from my Uni days..... Well, those days spent in the pubs.
  3. mavroz

    Joke of Year - Ben Moore 2019

    I guess if "Matty" said to use Varta batteries on Epoch & M1 then we are good to go. 😁
  4. mavroz

    Joke of Year - Ben Moore 2019

    I guess you are disabling the onboard charging circuit if you are using non rechargable batteries ......... Aren't you?
  5. mavroz

    Joke of Year - Ben Moore 2019

    I can only assume this is what it is like in a daycare centre....
  6. The pic code is obtained from the game software (rom) by looking for it using a hex editor and knowing where to look. The pic chip is not needed to obtain the code it physically holds to make the game run in the emulator. The pic chip is only needed to make a physical rom card function with a specific game. Eg the pic chip must be correct for the software on the rom chips installed on the game card.
  7. Really? If they didn't dispose of them, where do you think they would go? It would cost thousands for storage. Why would they keep them? Same as now. A few make their way to online auction sites and re sellers, thousands still have to be destroyed at the end of life.
  8. mavroz

    JPM Cash Box’s

    Haha, have (had) a few of these and other cash boxes. Drilled holes in the bottom of them, about 14 or 15 for the Mrs to grow miniature sunflowers in through the summer.
  9. mavroz

    Epoch fruit machine bizare problem

    Many people perform a "fix" on a board which then appears to work in their machine, send it to someone else with a different machine, it doesn't work as it should and then they complain it is faulty. This is why a proper rig to test the boards after repair is needed. The board may well work fine in a certain machine, but not another.... Not strange at all. Every input and every output needs to be tested on the board, ideally, to stop the above situation happening.
  10. mavroz

    Yet another test rig!

    Don't say no one believed you matey, I for one believe you with the faulty Mpu 4 boards... Been there and seen these things myself, many a time over the years. I have been of the same view of you for a good while now, to the point of moving lots and lots of boards and parts on. Lost interest you may say. It got to a point where pretty much no matter what I said, it was contradicted or argued against, whether it be Mpu4 to Epoch. Yeah, I can discuss anything and will always listen to anyone but it got to the point where people are on the ignore list for the first time in about 15 or 16 years. I thoroughly empathise with you Andrew.
  11. mavroz

    Yet another test rig!

    There isn't anything wrong with recycling parts other than they may not last long and cause more issues where you end up chasing a fault when a recycled part has become faulty.. The pulls maybe 20 to 30 years old and one thing they may not like is thermal shock from removal and refit with a hot iron. Not to mention how many cycles they have performed. It is a chance you take when using them.
  12. I guess that is why you think there is money to be made on your freebie.. Good luck.
  13. Ok, just stumbled onto this thread. First, the MPU and PSU sound knackered (expensive to fix both). Value wise there is very little in it in the way of spare parts. That is probably why you got it free, as someone else just wanted rid of it and out of the way. Second, it seems like you just want it out of the way now and regret taking it in..... But it seems like you are determined to make a profit from your initial freebie / giveaway, which I think has backfired and personally don't see you getting, in my opinion it is pretty much worthless, you may get a taker (like you look it in) if you give it away, otherwise it looks like you are going to have the pleasure of breaking it down and disposing of it, which will probably cost you in the long run in fuel taking it to a tip.
  14. mavroz

    Mpu5 battery

    One side of the battery, even some boards have a + sign. Just put one lead/probe on one side of the battery and one on the other. It doesn't matter with DC volts really, it will just show the voltage as a negative - if you get the meter leads the wrong way around. The battery will be under load on the board also, so will show a lower voltage than a battery out of the board.