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  1. mavroz

    50p payouts

    Probably more software related than hardware. Either a rom revision which is incorporating 50p payout units or this may be selectable via the mpu4 dip switches.
  2. mavroz

    Pcb laqueur

    Pcb solder resist. Cheap and unreliable stuff from Ebay. Decent stuff from Rs or Farnell. Also need a UV light to cure it or a day / couple of days sat in strong sunlight.
  3. mavroz

    JPM, my view from the inside. Frank Bird.

    Wow, flares "and" turtle neck sweaters..... Seen these in pictures, thought they were fictional.😉
  4. mavroz

    JPM, my view from the inside. Frank Bird.

    The guy 3rd from the left (Ron Watts) has an uncanny look of Mark Webber, the Aussie Ex F1 driver.
  5. mavroz

    JPM, my view from the inside. Frank Bird.

    Ok, my guess, 2nd in from the right is Mr Bird?
  6. mavroz

    Cloud 999 reel symbols required

    Just a quick one. Did you Photoshop the Cloud out for the unclouded 9's ? If so, it looks like they are too far over to the right (as on the clouds, which they should be), the unclouded 9's are central to the other reel symbols i think on the machine. Just my OCD. Hope you get what i mean and thanks for this.
  7. mavroz

    Up and coming op clearout!

    Ok, good luck with your quest. Possibly think Rich is right with talking an offer of clearing everything at once. (As I said previously, i have had a few clearances where all has had to be taken although there a a few more whole machines here which may bring a few more quid if they all work). It just depends on whether the owner just wants everything clearing and doesn't have a price in mind, in other words happy to get whatever for it but get rid in one go.
  8. mavroz

    Up and coming op clearout!

    Had a few clearouts like this, usually it was someone who has bought or inherited the building etc and just really wants all the junk moving out with no cost to themselves. Machines are difficult to move on, especially without getting a single licence for each of them. Spares are hit and miss as most cannot be tested, buyers whinge that whatever they have bought doesn't work, unless it is sold for a lot less as spares or repair. Time and effort is spent on postage/packing etc if items are sold individually. Don't have a clue about jukeboxes. If 100% working and undamaged, i reckon they may be worth a bit of cash. Storage of lots of junk can be expensive, especially if you have to rent somewhere or rent container storage. If you can sell the machines, fully working, privately, it is worth a punt as there is profit there alone. You say:- "So far an offer has been made of £500 to clear the lot. I'm in 2 minds to put 2 job lots on Ebay one for jukes other for fruits?" Is it you that is selling these "items" and want them clearing? As it sounds like they are yours to sell if you are thinking of splitting into lots. I guess another party has offered £500 to clear the lot, if you are not the seller, the seller may take the £500 just to have the place cleared as there is a few van loads with a small tranny van, maybe less with a Luton and i guess they don't want to fanny around letting people cherry pick, they just want the place clearing. Interesting to see how these things pan out.
  9. mavroz

    Bell Fruit buying used cabinets?

    I think they stopped buying second hand cans a long while back now. Maybe I am wrong?
  10. mavroz

    Bell Fruit buying used cabinets?

    Bell fruit or Reflex (can't remember) were advertising for them around 5/6 years ago. Possibly to do with a shortage of cabinets / parts so were snapping them up. Good money to be made from this if a seller could get a good few non runners together. Read about it, probably on here.
  11. mavroz

    JPM, my view from the inside. Frank Bird.

    When I was but a young fella, I always thought JPM was John Player Machines..... The old man smoked John Player Cigs, I tried putting two and two together and got seven. In recent years I learned I was wrong for a long while. Yeah mate, I heard something like this, it was the first letter of 3 individual surnames. Ron will know for certain.
  12. mavroz

    Frank Bird ex JPM Hello! ;-)

    Very pleased to meet you Frank. Welcome to the Mecca, please feel free to share the stories and memories you must have gathered over time. Thank you for sharing.
  13. mavroz

    Project Coin Double Up

    Yeah, i remember the Double up's around that time too. 7th Heaven, Sevens & Melons and Jp 7's seemed to be the ones to me that were in the pubs forever. Our local had a jp 7's, then a 7th heaven for what seemed like years, then i am pretty sure we had a Barcrest Viva las vegas on £6 token after this.
  14. mavroz

    MPU4 Test Jig Software

    What psu are you using? It will need to be the older one with the Ac supply to power the triac payouts. (Newer supplies just had a supply to power a hopper I think). This maybe an idea to look at for the 50hz error. You also need other things such connecting up as the triac outputs, as one of the startup tests cycle through these then operate just one output and leave on if there is a ram fault. You need to connect an rs232 plug to the rs232 socket with the pins linked as mentioned above (can't confirm pins 2 and 3 are correct at this time but probably are) for the test software to bypass this part. You need 8 x meter connections wiring into the circuit as the test will stall in meter failure. You also need 2 x 8 x 8 lamp matrices setting up as the test will error on every row and column it finds to be open cct. There are very few shortcuts you can take building one of these rigs if you want it to work correctly. Probably other things I have missed out also as this is from memory. It was trial and error for me building from scratch finding each and every one of these steps from pictures alone with nothing else available.
  15. mavroz

    Machine stuck in Self test

    Maybe a fix is too expensive and complicated for people to be bothered with, even those who know what to do to fix the problem. Non running mpu5 and mpu6 machines are ten a penny. My suggestion to fixing the machine once and for all is... https://www.amazon.co.uk/Silverline-394968-Fibreglass-Sledge-Hammer/dp/B000LFXD1W/ref=mp_s_a_1_2?keywords=sledgehammers&qid=1559792708&s=gateway&sprefix=sledgehammer&sr=8-2