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  1. I know one thing Dave, I would have been in and out of the skip and bins before the recycling and re using started.....
  2. Thanks for the pictures Dave, looked like a very interesting place to have worked.
  3. mavroz

    connectors for old molex type plug

    Look similar to what Project use, especially the connector between mpu and payout unit.
  4. mavroz

    Mpu 4 sound error

    Alarm sounds are generated by the mpu4. Either the sound Rom may be missing or the wrong kind of Rom card is being used for the machines.
  5. mavroz

    Maygay machine delivered today

    Will be interesting to see which Rom version it is when powered up. I am guessing it will be a later revision, especially with it being on £5 jackpot unless this is switchable. Probably a flat game on this JP also.
  6. mavroz

    Working on Fruit machines

    Lectrix bites much above 50v tend to hurt and sting a bit, sometimes bites lead to certain death.
  7. mavroz

    crystal mpu4 board with a jpm rom

    Have seen these before a long time ago. I think you need a Crystal Mpu4, there have been subtle mods made to these mpu's. Not sure why the display shows backwards, again maybe to do with the mpu. They may use a different 7 seg display also, the opposite of the regular mpu4 7 segs. Maybe positive anode. Again, I am struggling to remember the setup. Crystal mpu4 maybe the one that is a law to itself.
  8. mavroz

    Display name

    You can change your name under Account >>> Profile I believe.
  9. mavroz

    Yet another test rig!

    Looking good. On the first video, it looks like there is some sort of ghosting as the lamps are cycling. Eg, when cycling the horizontal rows, it looks as if random vertical columns are very slightly randomly flashing up also. Still not sure why you get the continual lamp error with testing mpu4 boards, i have never suffered with it on ut4.
  10. mavroz

    Who is ron ?

    Ron = Legend......
  11. mavroz

    Italian job need help

    Probably requires a new mpu and/or a lampboard which the alpha is connected to. Alpha is one of the first things to suffer from board damage on Epoch.
  12. mavroz

    Fly wired battery vs battery on board

    They can be fixed. Pretty much anything that is created by human hands or machines can be fixed. Experts don't really wish to fix boards unless they are for their own personal use. This topic has been done to death, bringing expense, time and possible other issues into the equation that the person who needs a board repairing doesn't want to pay for. It isn't too much effort, it is the cost that is too much for many to stomach. They say they are willing to pay the going rate but when a price and breakdown is quoted, they balk at it and shy off. Many can botch PCB repairs with a little knowledge, information and guesswork. How good it is and how long it will last is debatable. That is the cold hard fact of PCB repairing.
  13. mavroz

    Fly wired battery vs battery on board

    Not really but just keep an eye on things. I have seen one or two bad ones over the last 20 or so years.
  14. mavroz

    Fly wired battery vs battery on board

    Yes, it travels up the copper cores of a wire, destroying the core as it goes. It will then start on the board where the wires join to it. It does take a long while but it does happen.
  15. mavroz

    Fly wired battery vs battery on board

    It can and does but i don't have any pictures. I guess the electrician isn't a micro electronics specialist as he is wrong? Boffins once said that Space Travel can't happen.... Don't always listen to what the so called experts say.