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  1. mavroz

    fruity repairers?!

    Was the courier not insured?
  2. mavroz

    Eastenders and coronation street voices

    Is the phrase Quattro posted one of the samples from one of the machines mentioned?
  3. They can be repaired but people don't want to pay repair costs. Repair costs and time far outweigh the financial gain, reselling them. I can buy dud mpu4 boards, repair them and sell them on fully working but any profit made would be very little and not worth the time and hassle after using expensive components etc etc. Non runners are not exactly cheap unless you buy a job lot. This topic has been done to death over the years on here and never goes anywhere due to the factors mentioned. It only works out if I repair them for my own use or acquire them cheap enough to make a bit on to make it worthwhile.
  4. mavroz

    Does this look broken to you?!?

    Not to be pedantic but yes, areas of paintwork can be cleaned (spot cleaned) with a 50/50 mix of white vinegar and distilled water. It is especially used to remove water marks and scale deposits from the paintwork. But you are quite right in what you are saying regarding ocb cleaning. I would never use vinegar to neutralise battery leakage it clean boards. I have seen by boards that have had this cleaning process (many years ago, by myself)) ande damage can be compounded as you say.
  5. mavroz

    Epoch board not reading dips

    I think there are probably circuit diagrams for Epoch Tech.
  6. The varta will probably be on the romcard.... The Coincell on the main Mpu will probably be the one that is flat.
  7. mavroz

    Epoch board not reading dips

    Yes, it looks like it mainly shows inputs and outputs to the main processors, sound chip and maybe the ram. May help but may be difficult to trace faults.
  8. mavroz

    Epoch board not reading dips

    Epoch tech manual doesn't really have any fault finding or repair information. It is more for a user. It does have wiring colours/voltages/PSU outputs but little else.
  9. mavroz

    Any one got machines upstairs?

    I have 2 own. Had 4.
  10. mavroz

    Impact JPM tips

    Is this a card that is being used in a machine? If it is, I would be fairly certain it is knackered from battery leakage, this possibly being the reason said machine won't work...
  11. mavroz

    MPU6 updates

    Can't wait , tell me more. Mpu6 in Mfme 6.2. When will it be released to the public. Hopefully not long ..... 😈
  12. mavroz

    H E L P !!!!!! Maygay, Manual, Shematic, PCL Board

    Bigger font for the partially sighted maybe? 😂
  13. mavroz


    Good to see a future HTS layout in the making.....
  14. mavroz

    EPOCH U10 boot chip V8 WANTED

    There are a couple of members on fruit emu that programmed for some of the manufacturers who used epoch. Maybe they could shed some light on this?