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  1. mavroz

    Countdown Classic

    I reckon so...
  2. mavroz

    Refill switch

  3. mavroz

    Cirsa motherboard

    If I remember a while back, someone had Wild Cherry machine(s) that needed these boards replacing and they were non existant ....
  4. You will be very lucky to get more than the 40 quid you gave for it....
  5. mavroz

    Monopoly In A Spin Classic

    Well, now you do.
  6. mavroz

    Monopoly In A Spin Classic

    How much more straight forward can Player say it? He wrote the Streets Ahead feature. He coded it, it was his feature he made. Understand now?
  7. mavroz

    New but not improved

    Not really, that is a generic Mpu5 manual. Machine specific may have settings for that machine alone. If the board is flash memory and not eproms, you may have to stick with the settings you are already on.
  8. mavroz

    New but not improved

    If there is no stake or prize key fixed to the mpu (nothing in the slot) and the machine runs fine on £70 jackpot, then buying a key to put in may not make the jackpot and price of play adjustable. These settings may be hard coded into the rom set and will need an adjustable set of roms burning to enabler you to change the price of play and jackpot. If you have a manual, check that to see if the settings are game specific, the price of play and stake may be adjustable on the mpu dip switches (bank of 8 switches) if so. For the not acceptor to work, you will have to refloat the hopper with the required amount of £1 coins or you will have to make the machine think the hopper has been topped up (is full) for it to accept notes. The hopper will only probably dump the coins it has, using the dump button but you may need a refill key also to allow this to happen. If you ever manage to change the jackpot, the decals will need changing also as the awards (cash ladder) will vary. Good luck.
  9. And I am too young to know what a record is.... 😉😆
  10. That told you Rich... Haha. Ps. What is a record? Or a broken one? Is that what they break in the Olympics? 😉
  11. mavroz

    is this a trusted seller?

    I think CourtneyBlush may be another one of his, or something similar?
  12. mavroz

    is this a trusted seller?

    We'll..... Nottingham isn't far from Brum is it.... I wasn't too wide of the mark! 😆
  13. mavroz

    is this a trusted seller?

    He has 3 or 4 aliases if I remember. Nottingham area.
  14. https://uk.rs-online.com/mobile/p/adhesive-backed-supports/0220787/ Available in various sizes.