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  1. mavroz

    Electrocoin RED BAR still won't boot!

    I would have thought so.
  2. mavroz

    Electrocoin RED BAR still won't boot!

    Sounds like a relay stuttering. Maybe dud psu. Hopefully you haven't blown this board as well, especially if you have turned that voltage adjustment pot up.
  3. mavroz

    Maygay m1a repair thread and tips

    Yes, you can get IC testers but again a good one usually costs a good price.
  4. mavroz

    Maygay m1a repair thread and tips

    Couple of options to ponder. Don't think I will buy the 2nd hand one. I have noticed that all the software is the same now on the dataman units. Or should I say Mempro is same as the 40. Just says PIC option not supported when select it. I keep thinking to myself, do I need the expense ,I only ever really read and write eproms / roms etc.
  5. mavroz

    Maygay m1a repair thread and tips

    Any ideas what this adapter is doing Andrew? Can turn my Mempro into a 40 pro for £175. I can only guess it is a chip on the adapter, doesn't look too complex?
  6. mavroz

    Electrocoin RED BAR still won't boot!

    Does it do anything? Any noise, any reel movement? How long are you leaving it for before deciding it doesn't boot? Is the rom + card in the right way around?
  7. mavroz

    Rollercoaster Club

    If you are a Wally mate, you hide it well, others evidently struggle with hiding it. You my friend are no Wally.
  8. mavroz

    Rollercoaster Club

    Now this is a proper reply.... if only others had a little bit more about them like you have mate.
  9. mavroz

    Rollercoaster Club

    You will be tarred with the same Small Minded Cuntish brush that i have been tarred with by the new know all do alls mate... Let them get on with it, blind have led the blind off of cliffs throughout history. 😁
  10. mavroz

    Rollercoaster Club

    Looks very promising now prices are gradually falling for 3d printing.
  11. mavroz

    Can anyone identify this machine

    Had this in the snooker club 20 ish years ago if I have my timings right. There was also a Cops & Robbers club next to it. Due to this Arpund the World seemed to be a bit ignored and wasn't as popular. Again, if I remember it may have been this one that was another gamble out wins to get to the big prizes when it was happy.
  12. mavroz

    MPU4 Motherboard Repair WELL ATTEMPT

    Nice one Rich, just check your solder over to make sure nothing is shorting to other legs or tracks and you have no rogue solder drops anywhere. Plug in and hold breath..
  13. mavroz

    MPU4 Motherboard Repair WELL ATTEMPT

    Haha, bless her, i am sure you will get to grips with it mate. Better melt a bit of plastic that doesn't hurt , rather than your fingertips....
  14. mavroz

    Rollercoaster Club

    And finally after advice, why not block them? Finally, i never knew you could do that so i don't have to read, be alerted by or notified of any more shit from Bellends (unless i am bored of course).... 😃
  15. mavroz

    Does a machine really need meters ?

    Ok..... one more ace up my sleeve..... non alcoholic ale.... surely you can't say no to that or juice it is.