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  1. john_disco

    Hello from france

    welcome Dimitri
  2. john_disco

    Bell Fruit Fruit Drop

    was tempted but its way down south
  3. john_disco

    Mayday m1 help!?.

    have you a logic probe????
  4. john_disco

    parvalux motor ?

    this might help rich parvalux motors are charged as standerd NLGL 1/2 rated grease and are sealed and lubricated for life. In ccertain conditions, parvalux gearbox's may be filled with multigrade (20/50) oil or semi fluide grease and sealed for life ( parvalux.co.uk ) JD
  5. john_disco

    ace system 100 maxima rom bin file requested

    no capt its just a single rom on a 2716 rom chip JD
  6. i know this might be a long shot but does anyone have the bin file for the ace system 100 maxima fruit machine cheers JD
  7. john_disco

    PCP Bars Of Gold (System80)

    very nice machine steve, hope the roms are ok to recover the data
  8. john_disco

    my attempt at fixing an m1b maygay board

    keep at it dave ive done no end of the buggers and still more to do, its most satisfying when youve got em all sorted up and running
  9. john_disco

    Hi there

    welcome to the mad house
  10. john_disco

    PCP Spoof (MPU3) 2p / £1.50JP

    you've got me interested Paul
  11. john_disco

    Tales from Midibob's workshop Maygay MMM

    very nice work there bob
  12. john_disco

    Red Gaming Show Me The Mummy £35/50p Wdx

    thank you for this
  13. john_disco

    Frank 'N' Stein Wdx

    thank you tommy
  14. john_disco

    bellfruit sys85 number1

    cool machine love the sounds
  15. john_disco

    Jpm Add A Note (MPS2)

    nice one steve another good un