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  1. always_eight

    Pcp system 1 starstruck classic

    Looking good mate :) Getting a bluechip vibe from this.
  2. always_eight

    Hot shot classic

    Thank you matey :)
  3. always_eight

    Project coin???

    If i remember correctly...you held the Double up and something else for a guaranteed nudge? Very much like Hit The Six.
  4. always_eight

    Project coin???

    They had loads of these at Southend on Sea. Best times when there were plenty of different Project coin machines to play. Now its all... FOBT shite :( This also had a nice little run in it when it was £4.80 jackpot, the 5p play, £2.40 jackpot one had a nice game if you were lucky... Never played the 10p play one.
  5. always_eight

    Project coin???

    Ooh! gotta love projects Double Up! :D
  6. always_eight

    Hello all :)

    Hey and welcome :)
  7. always_eight

    Hello from uk

    Hello and Welcome :)
  8. always_eight

    Pcp this 'that classic

    :) We all have them days mate. lol
  9. always_eight

    Each Way Shuffle Deluxe DX

    Thank you :)
  10. always_eight

    Hi Ho Silver DX

    Oooh never seen this one before! Thanks matey :)
  11. always_eight

    Pcp this 'that classic

    Wow! Looking good so far mate :)
  12. always_eight

    Astra's jackpot x classic

    Thanks matey :)
  13. always_eight


    Looks great! Thank you :)
  14. always_eight

    Super BAR-X DX

    Thank you :)
  15. always_eight

    Ghost Buster (BWB)

    Thank you matey :)