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  1. russdx

    Fruit machines

    looks like you cant just disconnect coin mech / hopper.
  2. russdx

    Fruit machines

    thats crazy its not gambling if no money comes out. Its no different to a video or pinball.
  3. russdx

    Fruit machines

    most ppl on ebay just seem to list as free play only with hopper/coin mech removed to get around the license.
  4. russdx

    Caster wheels on a machine

    the position of them means even if they did fail the machine would just tip slightly, no way would it fall over. Worse Case is 1 corner would fail but even that is like 0.0001% chance I definitely wouldn't worry about it.
  5. russdx

    Fly wired battery vs battery on board

    yeah cant be that bad or surely literally every product with a battery would fail? (ie every phone ever made) you get the same in pinball where people have left old batterys on the pcb its eaten all the traces but takes like 10 years!! just swap em every so often.
  6. russdx

    Fly wired battery vs battery on board

    cant you just swap to another type of battery ie the coin cell style or just aa's and just replace them every few months? None of this rot crap to worry about hehe.
  7. pinballs prices have gone crazy in last 3 years! The vfd alphanumerics always have burn looking marks inside the glass its just how they work. have you got a scope? check the alphanumeric output make sure its got its power rail voltage 12v? then check for any activity on the serial data pins ie clock / data etc...
  8. russdx

    all sorted now

    tried your local museum?
  9. russdx

    Yet another test rig!

    have you had a look a circuit maker? its altium designers(one of the best professional pcb design software available) free version. Only downside is its cloud based. Nice large community based library of components though.
  10. russdx

    Yet another test rig!

    If you want cheap you dont use dhl use china post (takes a while though) and only makes sense if you want a few copies. may i ask what company you use? are they uk?
  11. russdx

    Yet another test rig!

    pcbs are dirt cheap from china these days with pretty fast shipping. http://www.pcbgogo.com is one i use often. you can find even cheaper if you really shop around
  12. russdx

    Fly wired battery vs battery on board

    On the subject, does any one know what the Re epoch boards are? are copies of the original? or remakes using original design files?
  13. russdx

    Fly wired battery vs battery on board

    They can all be fixed just takes time and effort.
  14. russdx

    Mpu3 Alpha issues

    the segments are all multiplexed just like a lighting loom, its like a row or column is stuck high for some reason?
  15. russdx


    see these often on fb market place