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  1. russdx

    WANTED - Epoch MPU

    Little update, my board came back from onestopspares popped it in my machine and it booked straight up So they get a thumbs up from me! So thats one option to get a working epoch Also many epoch machines on ebay going dirt cheap so picked a few of those up as well Regards Russell
  2. russdx

    WANTED - Homers reel bands

    ah yes thanks
  3. Thats pretty cool, i dont particularly want to do this but is a last resort! I dont have a manual or wiring diagram either but guess could grab lamp numbers from emulator. Regards Russell
  4. russdx

    WANTED - Hurricane Fruit machine

    Thank you
  5. russdx

    Maygay EPOCH MPU repair

    I will certainly have a read
  6. Wow cool, i will take a look
  7. Lets say you have the glass and vac but no lamp loom. Is it possible to buy lots of lamp holders or grab from a doner machine and then hand wire the matrix? I guess long as you have a map of which row/column each lamp belongs to this should be possible? any one ever tried this? Regards Russell
  8. russdx

    WANTED - Hurricane Fruit machine

    No love for hurricane
  9. russdx

    Maygay EPOCH MPU repair

    oh i see, does each board just have a set of like shift registers on it? How fast is the clock?
  10. russdx

    WANTED - Epoch MPU

    indeed that side of things i don't know...
  11. russdx

    Maygay EPOCH MPU repair

    i guess on epoch and mpu5/6 or any other serial linked boards all you need to test is the audio works / the serial link? so if u simply just connect a lamp board to it and the alphanumeric runs you can safely say the epoch is alive and well? the serial link is its only connection to the rest of the machine so if that is send/receiving data its all good? Yeah as we was discussing in another thread it would be amazing for the emulator to emulate the serial link as well (if even possible) as this way you could have the emu controlling a real machine via usb with a fpga/micro on the end. Or even directly from a raspberry pi (depending on how fast this serial link is) Would be a great project and put a an end to this epoch rocking horse shit madness
  12. russdx

    WANTED - Epoch MPU

    technically yes but im not sure how licences n stuff would work in a commercial environment. I was thinking more home use like how the emu is used now (not for profit etc..) but on real machines in your home.
  13. russdx

    Maygay EPOCH MPU repair

    ah what does the test rig include? do you repair boards? or just test?
  14. russdx

    WANTED - Epoch MPU

    you guys have good memory... what have i been up 2? (quick version) - blood stained mondeo is now a mercedes - now have 2 young kids - still work for fruitsim Have decided to get back into fruites after a long loooooong time (also did not realise it was still being developed) @wizard How much do you know about the serial link? ie what protocal it is? exactly how fast it runs? Is it encrypted? Can you emulate it? Could we emulate it in hardware using a micro/fpga or maybe even directly from raspberry pi gpio(if fast enough) Good enough to trick the other io boards into thinking they are receiving/sending data to a real board?