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  1. russdx

    Epoch board not reading dips

    i was hoping this was a schematic
  2. russdx

    Epoch board not reading dips

    I think this version goes into more detail? shows some schematics in the photos. https://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/Maygay-epoch-fruit-machine-master-technician-manual/323499569378?hash=item4b5213b0e2:g:sQUAAOSw-YZa3xr9:rk:1:pf:0 Is rather pricey though!
  3. russdx

    Maygay EPOCH MPU repair

    That is insane, how do u solder the tiny pads? whats your setup? Those unpopulated battery area picks are very useful as you can clearly see/follow the dips shift reg clk/data/latch(i think) traces back to cpu and they go straight under the battery. So that must be where mine are damaged! Hopefully can get my dips working again
  4. russdx

    Epoch board not reading dips

    Name and shame so others don't get burned! 2 ways to find epoch boards, buy cheap machines from eBay,fb market place. Or send faulty one to onestopspares for repair. Neither is cheap but are options Ill grab any local machine now just for the board! plus i really like taking them apart Thanks for the post ill have a read, has any one got the schematics? are they available? Or do i need to buy that epoch tech manual for £20
  5. russdx

    Epoch board not reading dips

    wow that sucks, a perfect epoch board are hard to come by these days! its not the end of the world but i like having the machines set with free play enabled. all dips off means no free play. But can still coin it. Iv replaced the battery and will clean it best i can epoch with no dips is still better then no epoch
  6. russdx

    Epoch board not reading dips

    Any one know much about the maygay/impulse epoch tech? I have a board which wont read the dips or some times they just show as floating (ie dip test just goes nuts) They are near the battery (sigh....) it appers they have 2 shift registers next to them so assume only a few traces go back to cpu/fpga to read them. Maybe the battery has damaged them? Any one tried repairing this area of the board or know where the shift registers traces go?
  7. russdx

    Mortal Wombat Roms

    ah very good
  8. russdx

    Any one got machines upstairs?

    ah the pinball 2000 things? with the tv. Id like a southpark as they are a lot of fun. Im putting up a nba fastbreak up there. the prices have gone insane in past 3 years. If you bought 3 years go you was lucky, now your paying a premium Yeah they are very big and take up alot of room. i wish uk houses has basements!
  9. russdx

    Any one got machines upstairs?

    that must be a nice double garage what pins you got?
  10. russdx

    Mortal Wombat Roms

    Do you guys still need the sound roms for this game? If so i can post them for dumping.
  11. russdx

    Any one got machines upstairs?

    lol good choice in position I got a hurricane to take up next so might give sack truck a try
  12. russdx

    Any one got machines upstairs?

    i actually take the machines up in bits lol, remove reels shelf, psu, hopper and then remove the whole top door(epoch only has power / data ribbon / reels loom). And then take the cab up (like half the weight now hehe) Its much easier pinball is much the same remove backbox / play field and all you got left is a wooden box hehe. Got a structural engineer coming out just to confirm its all ok but he said on the phone if the house was built right the general rule is 150k per square metre. So should be all good
  13. russdx


    there was an adams on fb market place other day going cheap.
  14. russdx

    Any one got machines upstairs?

    using above calculator im way under so all good Its actually no worse then having like 10 ppl standing in your room, you wouldn't think twice about that
  15. russdx

    Any one got machines upstairs?

    good to know 4 or 5 will be fine then