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  1. launton

    fruity repairers?!

    That'll need a cab swap. They're out there, it's just who will part with it.
  2. launton

    fruity repairers?!

    Let's see pics the cabs are easy enough to fix unless the actual chipboard has snapped in half or something.
  3. launton

    All the bands I've made

  4. launton

    All the bands I've made

    Chunks so they aren't lost I will remove the first link off my google drive in a few months plusmoneyreelsFINAL.zip Reel Band Publisher Finals - 1.zip Reel Band Publisher Finals - 2.zip Reel Band Publisher Finals - 3.zip Reel Band Publisher Finals - 4.zip Reel Band Publisher Finals - 5.zip Reel Band Publisher Finals - 6.zip Reel Band Publisher Finals.zip
  5. launton

    All the bands I've made

    I don't mind what people do with the content in whatever form, I'm expecting to see them on ebay anyway 😅🤣😂 Good work extracting the png files 👍
  6. launton

    All the bands I've made

    Maybe Pete will make an exception and add it as one zip file here. I agree there was a lot of work done to make them. They won't be lost I'm sure
  7. launton

    All the bands I've made

    And I mean the upload restriction is 80mb per piece. I can split them when I get the time
  8. launton

    All the bands I've made

    I only mean they'll change dimension, for emulation purposes you can do what you want with them 😉
  9. launton

    All the bands I've made

    The files are too large to upload unless they are in chunks but I'll either see if Pete wants to do a one-off, or split them up into parts.
  10. launton

    All the bands I've made

    You can extract the images out of the files but the sizing may differ. I did think emulation for bands would help
  11. launton

    All the bands I've made

    I've made a few reel bands/decals here and there for people but I'm packing that in, so I'm posting them all here for you to do with what you want. No instructions but you will need Microsoft Publisher to view and print these files out, also only (AFAIK) Epson printers can print the length needed (most are up to 89cm), and you may need to create new paper sizes in your printer/application settings. Some were printed on A3 before my printer died and some are on A4 (21cm) width and anyone who knows how to use DTP will be able to tweak them out. Most Printer shops can deal with these but you'll get better results at home on glossy paper on a roll. Merry Christmas. It's a 390mb zip file. Click top right 'down' arrow for that otherwise you won't get them all Download Now
  12. launton

    12v meter alarm on my Barcrest Lucky Strike

    Rock On can be emulated if the roms are dumped and some decent photo's are taken, I might even have the reel band images if I didn't lose them in a hard disk crash, or deleted them. Would have bitten hands off for this years ago, now not so much but it'd be nice to see it emulated.
  13. launton

    Barcrest line up mpu3

  14. launton

    Hi Ho Silver DX

  15. launton

    Let's talk tools!

    Fixes EVERYTHING! Ask Sam