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  1. launton

    H E L P !!!!!! Maygay, Manual, Shematic, PCL Board

    Shematic sounds like a transexual robot. I love it.
  2. launton

    Bar Sevens DX

    Just had a bash. Lovely
  3. launton

    Bar Sevens DX

    Thank You
  4. launton

    Cash n' carry classic

    Thanking all
  5. launton

    Top Streak DX

    Thank you!
  6. launton

    Barcrest potluck

    Those tubes look spotless! Nick @sulzerned is going to be grinding his teeth when he sees them 😂😂
  7. launton

    Enjoying a hobby

    Pics seem to be associated to an amazon Prime account so I can't see them, download them and up them here instead
  8. launton

    Barcrest potluck

    Looks lovely
  9. launton

    Blue Moon mpu4

    Er dunno why that's happening. I've texted you, if I get nowt back I'll give you a buzz me owld china
  10. launton

    Blue Moon mpu4

    That'll be gone like shit off a shovel
  11. launton

    Changing glass on a machine

    I'm sure Canonman or Superbank will be along shortly to advise
  12. Brilliant post Ronacle. Just what this place is about <3
  13. launton

    Tokens Jamming in the Tubes

    That just looks like a 10p tube to me. As Martin says, it's too wide.
  14. When you put the date in are you saving it, I think you use the start/hold buttons. Need more information.