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  1. launton

    Blue Moon mpu4

    Er dunno why that's happening. I've texted you, if I get nowt back I'll give you a buzz me owld china
  2. launton

    Blue Moon mpu4

    That'll be gone like shit off a shovel
  3. launton

    Changing glass on a machine

    I'm sure Canonman or Superbank will be along shortly to advise
  4. Brilliant post Ronacle. Just what this place is about <3
  5. launton

    Tokens Jamming in the Tubes

    That just looks like a 10p tube to me. As Martin says, it's too wide.
  6. When you put the date in are you saving it, I think you use the start/hold buttons. Need more information.
  7. launton

    slot machines

    Have you tried logging in?
  8. Sounds like it's not saving the date info properly. Or the battery is nearly flat. Either way it needs fixing. Seems a lot of MPU5's are dying battery - wise around now and that calls for a new MPU
  9. launton

    Free Bee mpu4 machine

    I quite like it.
  10. launton

    Free Bee mpu4 machine

    'honey money' How gay
  11. launton

    Free Bee mpu4 machine

    Looks like you'll need a Mod2 MPU4 or a converted mod4 (AY chip) Check the spade connectors on the PSU and the springs are working in the fuseholders, all prone to dying with age. Dump roms What extras are on the 4th reel?
  12. launton

    Free Bee mpu4 machine

    Ah! I was talking 777H. I remember you having trouble finding a rom you were happy with in that machine. I would have lost a bollock to own one in the past. Enjoy
  13. launton

    Free Bee mpu4 machine

    What batshit rom version is that Martin?
  14. launton

    Free Bee mpu4 machine

    Why did that give you 3 blue 9's on a mixed hold? I've never seen that
  15. launton

    Jpm Silver Ghost