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  1. oldskooler

    Swago new member

    Morning Paul, and welcome to the forums. Got to admit, thats a first time I've seen that hashtag. Looks like we're all going the social media route!. Anyway, enjoy your stay. Statto
  2. oldskooler

    Hi Ho Silver DX

    JPM had a good thing going, with these early system 5’s. Fireball was the best known for massive token streaks. I do recall reel bands on these machines, becoming burnt over time...I wonder if that was down to the attract mode??. Anywho, I have been secretly looking forward to this being emulated, and it has had the Ploggy treatment!! Yea! Thanks! statto
  3. oldskooler

    just got this

    Just to add, this was briefly a £4.80 machine, but you can clearly see that it was designed with the higher jackpot in mind. Especially the hotel bonus on Bond Street. A rare example how a follow up machine, can better the first. (Ahem..cough..cough..DOND...cough) Has it been emulated?? Statto
  4. oldskooler

    my grail ..after all this time is secured .

    Many happy memories of this machine. Couldn’t really go wrong with it. The jackpot was a tough one, as lots of little wins would upset the percentage. Sadly there was only one place I saw this, and that was London Road amusements in Liverpool. They had 2 back to back. And the operator just let them rot, never replaced bulbs. One had no sound I recall. fast forward to today, and it’s wonderful to see one, in a very nice condition. A lot of time and work, has gone into this. Statto
  5. oldskooler

    1991 Bell Fruit Temptation

    For a second there, I was hoping it was the sys83 version..or might of been earlier than that?? Statto
  6. oldskooler

    Super BAR-X DX

    Quicksilvers had plenty of these. Not all set at 92% though. However the triple jackpot, wasn’t hard to get. It would of been a bit more interesting if electrocoin skewed the pay table, for a £2.40 win for the xxx’s. Yes I know, 20p payout wasn’t available on most machines, but it could of been done, and probably made a better game if they held a lot. Im rambling. Thanks for the release. statto
  7. oldskooler

    Ace - Hot Profit Sys1

    There is a DX of this floating around somewhere. I’ll have mooch for it. Statto
  8. oldskooler

    Top Streak DX

    Oooh.. tasty stuff sir. Although, not as easy to find as winsprints and top sprints of the day, the win step feature was a nice touch, usually could drop in grapes, but never had the melons..anyone say different to that. The seven sets on the top glass...that configuration, reminds me of the original Moneybank (two player of Superbank). I wonder if JPM reused boards for some machines?. Playing this later.. Statto
  9. oldskooler

    Fortune Trail DX

    Probably one of the better 2p play machines, from JPM. Liverpool Las Vegas has two of these side by side, and always generous on the features. Grapes seemed to be the killer win, if pushing for the jackpot. download this in a bit, and see how long it takes to sink the melons. Statto
  10. oldskooler

    The Rise and Fall Of BGT

    I think that might of been, their most successive release. A brutal game, when on the take. However, £75 streak on a £15 jackpot I witnessed. Is yours original roms?. Statto
  11. oldskooler

    electrocoin sphinx attract mode

    I cannot recall Sphinx or Pyramid ever playing an attraction mode tune. That being said, I might of only played those machines, with that option off. So no real definite answer. Labyrinth had a nice midi sample... Statto
  12. oldskooler

    Cash Smash_PCP.jpg

    With these rebuilds, you often wonder what the base machine was. Most of the time, the clue is with the buttons. Especially that bigger start/gamble button. Possibly a money belt / cashfalls era?? Statto
  13. oldskooler

    Coronation street original wanted

    Ironic that “Eastenders” is in search of a coronation. Statto
  14. oldskooler

    Attention Call Manager

    So last time you played, could you confirm All coins paid Bank at zero I don’t see a note acceptor fitted. Is this true? Could be a few things. Check all connections are tight on the hopper, and coin mechs. I’m not really familiar with this tech, you may have to use the service mode, to reset issues. Possibly somebody else has some ideas?. Statto
  15. oldskooler

    Attention Call Manager

    Hello Sadie R, and welcome to the forum. We welcome new members, and like to know a little background, about the problem you're having. Namely: What machine is it? What is the manufacturer? What year is it? All this will help. Statto