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  1. oldskooler

    Super Nugde Banker

    Looks like a conversion of a £3 jackpot machine. Do they still run, or need a little TLC??
  2. oldskooler

    Hello From New Zealand

    Welcome to the forums. Maybe a little difficult for a house call!!. Anyway..got any pics of these machines? Statto
  3. oldskooler

    Castle - 15 mins of fame, unforgotten.

    A 6 year old thread, results in something tasty!. Seek and ye shall find. Thanks mr TTX..as vibrant as I recall it. Statto
  4. oldskooler

    JPM, my view from the inside. Frank Bird.

    Cracking stuff to read Frank. JPM is probably one of first manufacturers I started my 3 decade gambling habit!!. Starting with EWN. That promo pic, is straight from the Sweeney Guv! Statto
  5. oldskooler

    Project Coin Double Up

    It was a 20p version of Jokers Wild essentially. They (Double Up) didn’t last long in the wild..I wonder why? Statto
  6. oldskooler

    Picked up a bargain Impact! ;)

    There was Force 10, Give Us A Break...what was the last one?. Statto
  7. oldskooler

    Picked up a bargain Impact! ;)

    I think Force 10 was the last of those (Vogue??) cabinets?. The next release was Cash Buster in the electra cabinet. I think this style of cabinet was a golden age for JPM. Fast?Trak, RC, Big 50, to name but a few. A steal for that price. Statto
  8. oldskooler

    Sinbad by BWB

    Great machine, and if it's an early rom there is a 30 quid cash streak (potential) on the Tomb Raider feature. This got chipped out, and I got bit by this hard, pushing for it. Jackpots are not that hard to get. Just don't force for the last feature..it's pretty dire. I recall it's a reel win stepper kind of feature. However..to see it in the light of day..is testament to peoples resourcefulness and dedication for finding new stuff for the scene. Thanks Statto
  9. oldskooler

    WANTED JPM Rollercoaster

    I didn't know the 15 quid jackpot was pushed this far on this machine. Wow, that means it started out as a 6 quid jackpot, and went through a minimum 4 rom upgrades. Can't vouch for playing anything higher than the 10 quid jackpot..which was a tight machine to say the least. 15 quid must of been a long slog. Anyway, probably the best of the corry series on M1a One machine that BWB refused to convert. Unless people know differently. A rare machine, you didn't mind losing a little on, and maybe trying a bit more..and a bit more..you know how that goes. Statto
  10. oldskooler

    Rebuild machines

    Even though the BWB version was an inferior clone, there is nothing stopping you, putting in the original program..you'll just have to use your imagination for the win table, and the features, when it paid. Or I could be wrong..? Statto
  11. oldskooler

    WANTED JPM Rollercoaster

    The ones that do survive, will need very deep pockets. Great machine though..got my first (or close to) £50 streak on this. Stato
  12. oldskooler


    They built stuff for MPU4 lo tech cabs. Red White and Blue is one I recall. The double nudger here, is their own product, for the MPU4 rebuild cabinet. Only played this once in Brownhills Walsall..and it's quite a blast. They also made a rebuild kit for MAB's Super Bar X roll top cabinet. Super fruits I think. And a rebuild for JPM's Impulse / Red Alert, which used the same lamp masks, But replaced all the features / cash / Nudges with Win tables for 2p / 5p / 10p. The Notestack was replaced with 1-10 nudges. It was innovative, but ugly as hell to look at. Statto
  13. oldskooler

    fruit machine

    Weren’t these highly illegal?. If they are the same ones I’m thinking of. You could place any stake, from 10p upwards. makes my blood run cold..just thinking about them. Statto
  14. oldskooler

    Bellfruit system 83 coundown classic

    Racking my head here, it sounds familiar..especially with a £3jackpot. Looking great, so far. Statto.
  15. oldskooler

    More brencos on YouTube

    I know you meant rubber gloves, but autocorrect, has a sense of humor. I know a few scousers that could help you out. Statto