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  1. oldskooler

    Wanted gas structs and a fruit machine button

    It’s green I tells ya Statto
  2. oldskooler

    My Gamesroom

    Bizarre. Right hand side, lower level towards the main doors, I seem to recall. Hold and Nudge was a Super hold feature. It could be useful, but knowing how the feature worked took a while. Plus you could only step up OR down. not both. Good times in that arcade. Do you remember it burning down in the late 70's, then reopening with all that chrome, pinballs, and that awful green carpet. Statto
  3. oldskooler

    Bell Fruit Jokers Wild Sys85 has landed

    Oh alright then.. Southport Pleasure Land, had 3.5 arcades (The 0.5 arcade, was all video machines). The middle arcade was an old building with corrugated clear plastic placed on the roof to let the sunlight in. The place was dazzling to say the least (and very hot..the sliding doors at both ends where always open) And had some of classics in there. One end of the arcade had 6-7 old em pinballs, the other end had a load of midway / stern em video machines. In the middle was all the BFM machines. Over the years they had £2 black box fireball, triumph. However my memory is better towards the end of the 80’s. I’m walking along the rows, that were set at 45 degree angle, never worked out why. Temptation, Silver Bell, Dragon, Jokers Wild, Superpots. Number 1, loot shoots, super shot, cat and mouse etc. I spent most of my time and money playing jokers wild, and superpots. It just seemed a lot easier, quicker, and better to play than JPM stuff of the time. Memory fades here..not sure if the cash pots repeated. I recall a 9 way win triggered a feature. The arcade had a load of one arm bandits on 1 and 2p play. Brenco machines, some that where quite tall..40p jackpot. And a giant machine called Big Ben. Great for small kids!! Anyway..I do remember several times that I was the last one in the arcade, being 16-17, I didn’t care..my parents did though!! Statto
  4. oldskooler

    Bell Fruit Jokers Wild Sys85 has landed

    I could go on a little trip down memory lane with this one. However..it’s a bloody good machine, and one I always looked out for. BFM gave JPM a good run for their money. Statto
  5. oldskooler

    What was this fruit machine?

    Yes!!. That does bring back memories. The machines I’ve already described must of been a bit flaky. I do recall one machine going nuts. Random lamps, free play, and pressing one of the hold buttons spat out a token. It might of been stuck in test?. However to a greedy 10 yr old I didn’t care. Im pretty sure it was an ace coin, as there was ace symbols for the 27 way 50p win. I think NZO was right about not advancing a bonus climb. Maybe this instead?. One Rosette or Greyhound on the win line was a 10p award, 2 was a 20p award, and all 3 was 50p?. Definitely 1979-1981. I saw these at Knowsley Safari Park, along with a load of Brenco machines, Penny falls, Video games like moon shot, Luna Lander, and Astro Blaster. Statto
  6. oldskooler

    What was this fruit machine?

    Hmmmmnnnn.... Ace machine had two clones of this machine. Both the same game, but one used horse shoes, and the other grey hounds. Top glass had two main lamps. Left lamp was “Normal Game” , the Right “ bonus game”. Reels would spin, pause. You would hold feature symbols on win line ( or may have been a 27 way win ..this bit is hazy), then reels would spin again, pause, player given chance to hold again. And then a final spin to finish the feature. Thinking about it now, holding feature symbols may have advanced a climb trail to the jackpot..which would make sense. Does this make any sense? Statto
  7. oldskooler

    BFM release dates 1984 onwards

    I saw a surprise surprise in the Phoenix 1 cabinet in Hull. Never knew they was a rebuild. Most of the SS I played where in the P2 cabinet. I know there was a £4.80, a £6, and a £8 rom versions. Was there ever a dedicated £5 or £10 cash version ever released?. That would make for an interesting play.
  8. oldskooler

    Barcrest can you dig it

    Took me a while..isnt this a Return of the Jedi clone?. It would be interesting to see if both ROMS would be compatible. Statto
  9. oldskooler

    Super Nugde Banker

    Looks like a conversion of a £3 jackpot machine. Do they still run, or need a little TLC??
  10. oldskooler

    Hello From New Zealand

    Welcome to the forums. Maybe a little difficult for a house call!!. Anyway..got any pics of these machines? Statto
  11. oldskooler

    Castle - 15 mins of fame, unforgotten.

    A 6 year old thread, results in something tasty!. Seek and ye shall find. Thanks mr TTX..as vibrant as I recall it. Statto
  12. oldskooler

    JPM, my view from the inside. Frank Bird.

    Cracking stuff to read Frank. JPM is probably one of first manufacturers I started my 3 decade gambling habit!!. Starting with EWN. That promo pic, is straight from the Sweeney Guv! Statto
  13. oldskooler

    Project Coin Double Up

    It was a 20p version of Jokers Wild essentially. They (Double Up) didn’t last long in the wild..I wonder why? Statto
  14. oldskooler

    Picked up a bargain Impact! ;)

    There was Force 10, Give Us A Break...what was the last one?. Statto
  15. oldskooler

    Picked up a bargain Impact! ;)

    I think Force 10 was the last of those (Vogue??) cabinets?. The next release was Cash Buster in the electra cabinet. I think this style of cabinet was a golden age for JPM. Fast?Trak, RC, Big 50, to name but a few. A steal for that price. Statto