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  1. oldskooler

    Rebuild machines

    Even though the BWB version was an inferior clone, there is nothing stopping you, putting in the original program..you'll just have to use your imagination for the win table, and the features, when it paid. Or I could be wrong..? Statto
  2. oldskooler

    WANTED JPM Rollercoaster

    The ones that do survive, will need very deep pockets. Great machine though..got my first (or close to) £50 streak on this. Stato
  3. oldskooler


    They built stuff for MPU4 lo tech cabs. Red White and Blue is one I recall. The double nudger here, is their own product, for the MPU4 rebuild cabinet. Only played this once in Brownhills Walsall..and it's quite a blast. They also made a rebuild kit for MAB's Super Bar X roll top cabinet. Super fruits I think. And a rebuild for JPM's Impulse / Red Alert, which used the same lamp masks, But replaced all the features / cash / Nudges with Win tables for 2p / 5p / 10p. The Notestack was replaced with 1-10 nudges. It was innovative, but ugly as hell to look at. Statto
  4. oldskooler

    fruit machine

    Weren’t these highly illegal?. If they are the same ones I’m thinking of. You could place any stake, from 10p upwards. makes my blood run cold..just thinking about them. Statto
  5. oldskooler

    Bellfruit system 83 coundown classic

    Racking my head here, it sounds familiar..especially with a £3jackpot. Looking great, so far. Statto.
  6. oldskooler

    More brencos on YouTube

    I know you meant rubber gloves, but autocorrect, has a sense of humor. I know a few scousers that could help you out. Statto
  7. oldskooler

    Hot Pot MPS

    From memory of playing, the original Hot Pot on £3jackpot only ever paid 10’s and 50’s. When the £4 upgrade was released, then £1 was allowed to be paid. However...I think this only applied to later MPS machines. Retro fitting..could be possible, but I suspect not Anyway..have a chunk of silver in your hand is part of the nostalgia. Others on here may tell you different. Statto
  8. oldskooler

    My YouTube channel. chris217

    Pure filth Chris. You should be ashamed of yourself!! Statto
  9. oldskooler

    Duff Beer Guide cabinet

    Thanks everybody. I’m going to have a try some time this week. I doubt I’ll have it off, as quickly as 5 minutes..!. The reason why I’m doing it now, as is annoying inserting coins, as some of them miss, especially 5p. The door problem, was an issue when it was still located in the arcade, in Brownhills back in 2002. It has survived a trans Atlantic journey, and 4 house moves across Ohio. It’s time to fix, and probably sell. And...better invest in some gas struts. There’re cheap, and originals ones stopped working sometime ago. I’ll keep you all updated..if you’re interested that is!, Statto
  10. oldskooler

    Duff Beer Guide cabinet

    Just a little repair, and I believe it's a common problem with this cabinet. I suspect it's the brackets, that are (or where) not up to the job. So I'll ask if there was any made, that were made from stronger stuff. Failing that, I'll have to get some made. Removing the vac. Is going to be the biggest worry. Any hints or tips from anyone who's done this before?? Many thanks Statto
  11. oldskooler

    Swago new member

    Morning Paul, and welcome to the forums. Got to admit, thats a first time I've seen that hashtag. Looks like we're all going the social media route!. Anyway, enjoy your stay. Statto
  12. oldskooler

    Hi Ho Silver DX

    JPM had a good thing going, with these early system 5’s. Fireball was the best known for massive token streaks. I do recall reel bands on these machines, becoming burnt over time...I wonder if that was down to the attract mode??. Anywho, I have been secretly looking forward to this being emulated, and it has had the Ploggy treatment!! Yea! Thanks! statto
  13. oldskooler

    just got this

    Just to add, this was briefly a £4.80 machine, but you can clearly see that it was designed with the higher jackpot in mind. Especially the hotel bonus on Bond Street. A rare example how a follow up machine, can better the first. (Ahem..cough..cough..DOND...cough) Has it been emulated?? Statto
  14. oldskooler

    my grail ..after all this time is secured .

    Many happy memories of this machine. Couldn’t really go wrong with it. The jackpot was a tough one, as lots of little wins would upset the percentage. Sadly there was only one place I saw this, and that was London Road amusements in Liverpool. They had 2 back to back. And the operator just let them rot, never replaced bulbs. One had no sound I recall. fast forward to today, and it’s wonderful to see one, in a very nice condition. A lot of time and work, has gone into this. Statto
  15. oldskooler

    1991 Bell Fruit Temptation

    For a second there, I was hoping it was the sys83 version..or might of been earlier than that?? Statto