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    anything to do with the old fruit machines esp, EM ones any parts, flyers, well you get the idea.:)

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  1. classicgambler

    old snap machine

    cheers mike been very busy just lately but im all good ta
  2. classicgambler

    old snap machine

    here is a few for you of snap machine that i had restored hope this helps
  3. classicgambler

    Clearing out old arcade at Blackburn

    some nice old ones in there but way too far for me
  4. classicgambler

    SR5 coin mech re-routing help

    now thats one thing i didnt check i did the dump hopper procedure but still going into the bottom boxes, so i will check those out and see if anything is out of place
  5. classicgambler

    SR5 coin mech re-routing help

    Hello guys I have a sr5 coin mech but the £1 goes into bottom box rather than the hopper can anyone help me please thanks
  6. classicgambler

    wrong place

    HEH ?????
  7. classicgambler

    JPM THE WINNER 1970's

    Add sounds to it??? How can that be done sorry if I sound somewhat curious but I have one too
  8. classicgambler

    Horse Racing / Roulette.

    your quite right about the tight lip thing, even if you want any tech help from WB they just want you to get it wrapped and ready for pickup if anything needs sorting out but you do have to let them know what is wrong with them but they wont tell you how to do it they wont even give you a manual for it as they say they dont have anything that is older than 10 years, yes i have two roulette machines but not the button type ones, mine are much older late 80's and 90's versions hoppers and payout tubes, anyway like the jumbo and topper cranes they are a pain in the arse to unblock that was until is cable tied the coin chutes to stop the 2p's getting stuck every 10 mins. anyway i think from one of the roulettes there is roms in the roulette but i will have to double check first though when i go back on monday. im not sure about the derby though as we dont have one of those.
  9. classicgambler

    Safe way of cleaning chrome?

    yes there are members on here that do reelbands but make sure you know which reel band is for each reel i normally number them at the back of each one if you struggle to get any from here i would choose henry powel automatics who also make them but i think they are £20 each set
  10. classicgambler

    jumbo crane help sending me nuts

    thanks for all the replies guys i will have a go 1001arcade at your suggestion and see if any of it helps
  11. classicgambler

    jumbo crane help sending me nuts

    it continues to allow the claw to drop and fall over before lifting i do have an elaut manual with the machine itself, i had a good read through it and it stats that the srting should be at least 5ft long to give it some leway but i checked today and there is 4ft 9" on it and that it should have at least 4 - 5 turns of string on the wheel. so maybe i think it could be the string is too short i have this picture its a bit blurred but as you can see the string it goes to the right when it should really wind on to the left on the top right wheel
  12. classicgambler

    jumbo crane help sending me nuts

    no rich thats quite the opposite mate the string is in the correct possition the right way but after a few goes or just one go it winds itself the wrong way when the claw goes back up
  13. classicgambler

    jumbo crane help sending me nuts

    hello guys i know its not a fruit machine but i have a jumbo crane i have restored this one, the thing is the string that goes around the wheel keeps on going the wrong way round all ballsing it up it is very embarrassing to say the least can anyone help me out here please picture of the machine below thankyou
  14. classicgambler

    Super Line Up Rebuild

    nah i cant see them either mike
  15. classicgambler

    Hi barcrest mpu5 manual PDF required

    yer welcome to the forum