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  1. wearecity

    Wet 'n' Wild and Stir Crazy

    A couple of machines that use the Mazooma card flip reel. These may be a bit new for here, but without the resources from here, in particularly the manual for Wet n Wild, they wouldn't have been possible. I have proper release thread over at Fruit-Emu and Desertislandfruits if you want to see more details. Just be sure to install any missing fonts to make sure they show correctly. A big thanks to Mecca Members - jonwarby and notallbad1 Wet N Wild.zip Stir Crazy.zip
  2. wearecity


    Thanks for this, not sure I've played it before. The music has more than a touch of Benny Hill about it.
  3. wearecity

    Sinbad BWB German mpu4

    I do hope though, we do eventually get the pleasure of playing the UK Sinbad AWP.
  4. wearecity

    PCP Mirracles & Nudge Money

    Never seen Mirracles or Cash Attraction. So would be great to play them emulated.
  5. wearecity

    My YouTube channel. chris217

    Subbed. Was looking for many years, for evidence of the Circle Line machine, so was a massive surprise and even excited, to see you playing it and knowing it's still out there.. Nice to see you don't just play the real oldie from the early 80's, but some of the more modern stuff from the mid 90's.
  6. wearecity

    mfme help

    The latest version of the emulator which you should have and use is v6.1. It's only available at Desert Island Fruits http://www.desertislandfruits.com/forum/index.php?/portal/ Sign up for free, post a hello message and you will be able to download. Unless it changes, future versions of MFME, will also only be available from there as well. You should also make sure you have v5.1. If a layout doesn't load into v6.1, then load it into v5.1 first, close it down and when it says save, say yes and then it will work in v6.1. Keys are normally 0 to enter coin, space to start, 1 for hold button 1, 2 for hold button 2, 3 for hold button 3, ' (the key to the left of 1 on the keyboard for cancel). Others maybe E for exchange, F for feature, C for collect/cash, R for respin. Most machines you can click on the buttons and the coin input area as well as using the keys.
  7. wearecity

    PCP Royal Line :)

    Not sure I've seen this one before, but I do like the PCP super series machines.
  8. wearecity

    Any one remember this

    I remember playing that machine several times back in the early 90's The machine has been discussed on here before, would like to see it emulated definitely. I can't remember everything about the machine, but IIRC, it has shades of the Scorpion 1 machine Power Lines for getting on the feature, ACE's sp.ACE Play It Again for the swaps between wins and features and Maygay's M1a Machine, Manhattan Skylines for gambling once on the feature.
  9. wearecity

    King Kerching Wdx

    Go into design mode, by press CNTL E, then click on configuration and change DataPak from loopback to yes or no. Come out of edit mode by pressing CNTL E again and close the configuration screen down and press CNTL R to reset the machine.
  10. wearecity

    Poundaround DX

    Yes, you do need v6.1. The latest version is here http://www.desertislandfruits.com/forum/index.php?/files/file/116-mfme/ There's been about 5 or 6 updates, since the version you have.
  11. wearecity


    Great machine back in the day. I still play it a few times a year emulated.
  12. wearecity

    Maximum DX - MPU3 - Associated Lesuire

    Said my thanks on Dxcellent forums, but just to say a big thanks to Loubie bee for the resources, that made this possible.
  13. wearecity

    Lost machines

    40 or 50 years, so some as far back as 1938 and 1948. I guess things like Allwins and others like here https://www.ebay.co.uk/sch/i.html?_nkw=penny+machine A whole ton of fruit machine history gone. I bet they never built that Sainsbury Superstore either.
  14. wearecity

    gow do hi get my account green

    Perhaps English isn't Ben first language or he has learning difficulties. They are already a member of fruit-emu and desertlslandfruits. I've sent him it, as at least they said please in their opening post.
  15. wearecity

    Movie Magic Club DX

    Dxcellent is now hosted on desertislandfruits.com, so you get two for the price of one and that price £0 for all this goodness and much more, including some interesting FME topics and FME nostalgia.