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  1. wearecity

    Anyone know this fruity?

    There is a free emulator which you can play this and thousands of other old fruit machines, all for free. Check out the MFME sections on these forums https://www.fruitemu.co.uk/ib/index.php?/forum/17-fruit-machine-emulation/ and also register at www.desertislandfruits.com and www.fruit-emu.com Do a YouTube search for MFME to see the emulator in action.
  2. wearecity

    My Gamesroom

    Yes, although machines like Cash Connect, Nudge Quest, Take Two, Super Two, Top Stop, Double Up were excellent machine and really kicked off my addictive phase. I wasn't that keen on Action Bank/Flash Cash etc.... Andy Capp, Luxor, Road Hog, Adders and Ladders etc, really upped the game and to a layman like me, I thought they were using different completely different technology. Oh and I assume you meant 94-96 lol 😇
  3. wearecity

    My Gamesroom

    When you look at some of the later MPU4 stuff from the mid nineties, it's hard to think machines like Reel 2 Reel are based on the same tech. It's like the people in Barcrest were cautious and thought ok we have MPU4 technology, but we don't really know what it can do, so let's tread carefully and produce something that looks and sounds like MPU3. A bit like when a new console comes out and early games, don't really show what the technology can really do.
  4. wearecity

    Eastenders albert square red version

    Oh I thought there was something more exciting than a smelly 5p version. Looking at the picture on this thread an £8 jackpot as well!!!
  5. wearecity

    Eastenders albert square red version

    Apart from the colour, what's the difference between the as Ploggy says "proper" red Eastenders and the blue Eastenders.
  6. Crazy Coyote is emulated by Spa see the thread below for the download and some discussion about other similar machines. These were fun machines back in the day.
  7. wearecity

    Eastenders albert square red version

    Albert Square is emulated. It's a classic layout not DX, but at least it's £6 jackpot and not £10. https://www.fruit-emu.com/forums/topic/36468-m1a-maygay-albert-square-20pl6/?fromsearch=1
  8. wearecity

    My Gamesroom

    Cash Pack is one of several early M1a/b machines, that were amongst my favourite back in the day. Looks in near mint condition as well. 30p for 2 symbols, not sure I've seen that before on a £4.80 machine. Perhaps a way of Maygay, selling it, saying it wasn't just the 80p extra in the jackpot amount, that had been upgraded with the new high jackpot. Take Note, was/is a clone of this and is emulated (although it certainly could do with a makeover if @vectra666 has the required artwork etc...) Manhattan Skylines in the same style cabinet, although gameplay is different. It's still one I return to on the emulator, several times a year. Amazing to think it's the same tech that Eastenders/Noel's House Party etc, was built on, although I guess that's more b than a, if they are separate strands within the tech.
  9. wearecity

    Wet 'n' Wild and Stir Crazy

    A couple of machines that use the Mazooma card flip reel. These may be a bit new for here, but without the resources from here, in particularly the manual for Wet n Wild, they wouldn't have been possible. I have proper release thread over at Fruit-Emu and Desertislandfruits if you want to see more details. Just be sure to install any missing fonts to make sure they show correctly. A big thanks to Mecca Members - jonwarby and notallbad1 Wet N Wild.zip Stir Crazy.zip
  10. wearecity


    Thanks for this, not sure I've played it before. The music has more than a touch of Benny Hill about it.
  11. wearecity

    Sinbad BWB German mpu4

    I do hope though, we do eventually get the pleasure of playing the UK Sinbad AWP.
  12. wearecity

    PCP Mirracles & Nudge Money

    Never seen Mirracles or Cash Attraction. So would be great to play them emulated.
  13. wearecity

    My YouTube channel. chris217

    Subbed. Was looking for many years, for evidence of the Circle Line machine, so was a massive surprise and even excited, to see you playing it and knowing it's still out there.. Nice to see you don't just play the real oldie from the early 80's, but some of the more modern stuff from the mid 90's.
  14. wearecity

    mfme help

    The latest version of the emulator which you should have and use is v6.1. It's only available at Desert Island Fruits http://www.desertislandfruits.com/forum/index.php?/portal/ Sign up for free, post a hello message and you will be able to download. Unless it changes, future versions of MFME, will also only be available from there as well. You should also make sure you have v5.1. If a layout doesn't load into v6.1, then load it into v5.1 first, close it down and when it says save, say yes and then it will work in v6.1. Keys are normally 0 to enter coin, space to start, 1 for hold button 1, 2 for hold button 2, 3 for hold button 3, ' (the key to the left of 1 on the keyboard for cancel). Others maybe E for exchange, F for feature, C for collect/cash, R for respin. Most machines you can click on the buttons and the coin input area as well as using the keys.