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  1. wearecity

    MFME v6.1 Released

    Glad you got it sorted and I thought that was the least useful part of my message lol.
  2. wearecity

    MFE 5.1 blues.....

    They are on these here forums, you are posting to. If links are not available or seem broken, it may be the admin here need to activate your membership or you may need to make a certain amount of posts before you can download. Not sure what the rules are for new members on these forums nowadays. https://www.fruitemu.co.uk/ib/index.php?/forum/31-mfme-development/ v5.0 v5.1 Then join up at Desertislandfruits and make an introduction post to get the latest v6.1 and any future versions. http://www.desertislandfruits.com/forum/index.php?/portal/
  3. wearecity

    My YouTube channel. chris217

    Looks in very good nick, shame about the accepts new coins sticker. Was that enforced on manufacturers/arcade etc, or something they chose to do? I like to see it on emulated machines makes them seem more lifelike. Good machine this, I like the numbers coming from right to left. Fast Trak with its mystery feature, still my favourite MPS though.
  4. wearecity

    Sinbad by BWB

    The ones supplied by Andy with the layout above were sd_20_c.1_1, the configuration screen only showed the 84%, but the stake/prize info was blank, as I assume 20p £10, was hard set and not changeable. I've now put in the roms I mentioned in the above post, which are sd_20a_.4_ 1 roms, which in the configuration screen are automatically filled in as 20p £6T and 84%. It appears these are switchable to a £6 cash jackpot as well as the alpha showed 6T/C on initialisation. So the layout is running with 20p £6 token jackpot. The only differences between the £6 and £10 jackpots, are the double bars are £2.40/£3 and the blue 7's £3/£4. Other than that the Bazaar amount never goes above £6 on the £10 version. Everything else is exactly the same, even the crappy 40p, 60p etc board amounts.
  5. wearecity

    Sinbad by BWB

    Thanks for the info, they were definitely not the first version, as they were 20p £10 jackpot, so possibly the last version. I've since got a 20p £6 token version (set 2). That's the original stake/prize combo for the machine, I'm 99.9% sure. I was actually surprised though, because it still played a good game on £10 jackpot.
  6. wearecity

    Sinbad by BWB

    Yep it's actually very unpredictable. From my few hundred through it, any feature on the board, secret passage feature and raider feature can pay utter rubbish or much more than the jackpot, with numerous repeats. 3 holds on Jackpots possible and the reel spin symbol on the middle reel can also lead to a jackpot. At the moment it's most certainly not an early rom, but I see there appears to be 25 sets available from rom sites.
  7. wearecity

    Sinbad by BWB

    This will now be a WIP. 😁😁😁😀
  8. wearecity

    Sinbad by BWB

    Just mucking around with this at the moment. Not calling it a WIP, particularly if someone wants to do it themselves or have already started it. I just wanted to see it working in the emulator and seeing if a layout was viable.
  9. wearecity

    Sinbad by BWB

    Excellent just to see the alpha running through the attract message is great to see.
  10. wearecity

    Sinbad by BWB

    Downloaded the layout above and in v6.1 and v19, the layout loads the reels move slightly, then nothing. Is that correct, or should it be working in v6.1 and/or v19.
  11. wearecity

    Sinbad by BWB

    Sorry for the bump, but Tommy had images, HT6 had roms, is this now a runner in the newer emulators. Please, please, please say it is. 🙏
  12. wearecity


    True, a dx is the best and sometimes only way to enjoy these old lesser known machines. I can visually see a machine when playing classic layouts of modern machines I've played or real classics like Red Hot Roll or Cloud 999. But it's difficult when you don't know what the machine looks like.
  13. wearecity


    Not seen these machines before, hadn't played Bolt from the Blue before it was emulated. So I guess the burning question is what does DJE stand for and can more of their machines be emulated.
  14. wearecity

    What is this fruit machine?

    The cashpot question, will remain a mystery forever I reckon. It caused some confusion at the time and when the layout/s were released. A few things that were strange/annoying about the machine. You can never hit the P on the word stop, if you have the dapple on the ? on the lemon, rather than skill stop, unless it's the only letter unlit. Also the hi-lo giving the same number was strange, but it could make you sometimes think, hmm perhaps I should just collect. The top hi-lo big money was a risk, because you could end up with just £1. In general there is some amount of thinking to be done as to what the best thing is to take or try for, because it's not always the one you think is best, such as taking the trail with the bonus life or a particular feature, depending on the reel set up.
  15. wearecity

    What is this fruit machine?

    Top Stop was one of my most wanted machines to be emulated, then Wizard got the machine and he supplied the roms and Geddy/Dad the layouts. Still think it's one of the better Barcrest of the time, probably just better than the super 2 machines. I too played it at Butlins, but at Bognor Regis would have been aged between 18-21 I reckon. It was in the late night takeaway, used to play it while waiting for my Butlins burger with their own relish to be cooked. I don't regret playing it as I won more on it than I lost, but I always regretted the burger the next morning.