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  1. niftynudger


    Wow shouldn’t have much trouble getting shot of those.
  2. niftynudger


    Hi mike what machines do you have these days?
  3. niftynudger

    SRU Roms whats the difference ?

    Only difference I know is,some when pressing start used to knock the 50p mech light off and no change available and some stayed lit.
  4. niftynudger

    50p payouts

    After eighth wonder,blue moon and cloud nine barcrest made sunset boulevard which did payout 50p’s,which I always wondered why they had gone back to a 50p tube.
  5. niftynudger

    JPM, my view from the inside. Frank Bird.

    Oh yeah wow,shoeless Charles Bingham.
  6. niftynudger

    Bell Fruit buying used cabinets?

    Doubt bfm would need them,and reflex have gone a bit digital as well,but betcom still use the eclipse cab maybe try them.
  7. niftynudger

    Supertron (Almost finished)

    Each to there own.
  8. niftynudger

    Supertron (Almost finished)

    Rootin and tootin?
  9. niftynudger

    Supertron (Almost finished)

    Didn’t know you have worked in Amsterdam graham mate 😉
  10. niftynudger

    I won the day !!

    Doubt that was aimed at you Chris.
  11. niftynudger

    Does a machine really need meters ?

  12. niftynudger

    Does a machine really need meters ?

    Fury was robbed.
  13. niftynudger

    Safe place for Spares?

    My spare mpu2 is wrapped in silk in a sealed plastic tub buried four feet down in the garden,im just not taking any chances.
  14. niftynudger

    Wanted andy capp barcrest original machine

    Wow! Bit uncalled for.
  15. niftynudger

    Can anyone identify this machine

    It’s not an 80s machine so don’t worry there.