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  1. niftynudger

    "Time Out"

    Lovely old bitch.
  2. niftynudger

    My YouTube channel. chris217

    Big shot didn’t pay out pound coins,the first barcrest to pay pounds was ready steady go,there was a four pound big shot conversion called hot shot.
  3. niftynudger

    Reel fruits Maidstone and mr p,s

    I shall be popping in down there from time to time,localish for me.
  4. niftynudger

    Eastenders albert square red version

    If one turned up I don’t think eBay could do it justice I’m thinking Sotheby’s for the Albert sq grail of all grails.
  5. niftynudger

    Eastenders albert square red version

    Cor yeah imagine the frenzy if an Albert square turned up! I don’t think I could take it.
  6. niftynudger

    Pot the lot

    I remember it joe, had one in my local cafe replaced a Jpm lucky 2s with it.
  7. niftynudger

    Hi there

    What machines did your dad have mate in the cafe?
  8. niftynudger

    maygay back glass

    Well done kid.
  9. niftynudger

    fruity repairers?!

    you referring to me?? If so you have a lot to learn you silly silly boy...take or leave the advice.
  10. niftynudger

    fruity repairers?!

    Did I say I was like that?
  11. niftynudger

    fruity repairers?!

    It’s not sold till it’s in the back of your car or van in this game mate.
  12. niftynudger

    Super line up gamcard and ROMs Inc char chip

    What does no characteriser mean? I have that on my snappy viper is this chr related.
  13. niftynudger


    You can’t beat Benidorm.
  14. niftynudger

    Guitar and my Big 50

    Might be dead