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  1. niftynudger

    maygay back glass

    Well done kid.
  2. niftynudger

    fruity repairers?!

    you referring to me?? If so you have a lot to learn you silly silly boy...take or leave the advice.
  3. niftynudger

    fruity repairers?!

    Did I say I was like that?
  4. niftynudger

    fruity repairers?!

    It’s not sold till it’s in the back of your car or van in this game mate.
  5. niftynudger

    Super line up gamcard and ROMs Inc char chip

    What does no characteriser mean? I have that on my snappy viper is this chr related.
  6. niftynudger


    You can’t beat Benidorm.
  7. niftynudger

    Guitar and my Big 50

    Might be dead
  8. niftynudger

    Bellfruit big deal sys85

    They were great machines big deal and ritz,you could get super bells for £150 then both pots then a gamble they used to fly..the one I wasn’t keen on was pick of the pack and double dealer basically the same machine but double dealer had a 10p or 20p play option.
  9. niftynudger

    Bellfruit big deal sys85

    There you go there’s the answer,I’ve seen 20p play £100 jackpot superfruits called super bingo..
  10. niftynudger

    Bellfruit big deal sys85

    There was 150s trust me,might have come along a bit into the production when the jackpot went up,all snooker clubs casinos around here had them.
  11. niftynudger

    Bellfruit big deal sys85

    There she is I want one of them £150 jackpot...
  12. niftynudger

    Bellfruit big deal sys85

    Big deal was a clubber same machine as ritz.
  13. niftynudger

    Only fools and horses bell fruit

    Welcome to the Mecca by the way mate...
  14. niftynudger

    Barcrest line up mpu3

    Is it rare no,is it worth over a grand no,was it popular yes very,are the new versions worth anything no fuck all....and then there’s razzle dazzle,ah I think I’ll leave it.
  15. niftynudger

    Nudges Unlimited MPU 3 Restoration

    Very nice.