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  1. niftynudger

    Monopoly In A Spin Classic

    That was bad that stuff wasn’t it,not fit for purpose really.
  2. niftynudger

    Hyper Games DX

    I know you and the others tommy etc are different class,I’ve been drinking all night, I’ll take this opportunity to apologise for my gee ups.
  3. niftynudger

    Hyper Games DX

    It’s all subjective who you like, it’s the sam fox Linda lusardi dilemma you’d take the hinges off the pair of them! But choose one it’s not easy,
  4. niftynudger

    Monopoly In A Spin Classic

    Very nice.
  5. niftynudger

    Hyper Games DX

    Who’s the best Barcelona/Real Madrid,Ronaldo or messi,Tommy c or meme,I don’t know it’s just the circle man.
  6. niftynudger

    Hyper Games DX

    I understand the old guard are getting a bit rattled by the new talent it’s just the circle of life.
  7. niftynudger

    Hyper Games DX

    Well yes but I see a future dx star here.
  8. niftynudger

    Hyper Games DX

    Yes played it not too bad at all,toss up really his is good yours is good yours maybe got the edge.
  9. niftynudger

    Hyper Games DX

    I think this lad deserves a chance,he’s improving all the time.
  10. niftynudger

    Hyper Games DX

    Excellent work many thanks.
  11. niftynudger

    just got this

    20p tokens were out,wild hold pays 20p tokens which pre dates bust out,but the video does pulse 30 times for jackpot so strange...I’m sure they payed 20p tokens.
  12. niftynudger

    Poole Dorset

    I do.
  13. niftynudger

    chances unlimited

    Not wrong!
  14. niftynudger

    cam setting tools on ebay

    I’m impressed that the seller knows what they are!
  15. Ornaments to me without uk roms.