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  1. captainhaddock

    Astra Party Time player conundrum

    PTP 7.03 ARCADE
  2. captainhaddock

    Astra Party Time player conundrum

    dip settings on mine
  3. captainhaddock

    Astra Party Time player conundrum

    yes sure sorry about the quality.
  4. captainhaddock

    Astra Party Time player conundrum

    4 more v03 files not tried these yet ptp003.zip
  5. captainhaddock

    Astra Party Time player conundrum

    here's the rom files PT Player 70 V1-05.zip PTimePlayer V1-04.zip
  6. captainhaddock

    Astra Party Time player conundrum

    Those roms are the "comfort zone" version in the layout, I also have the casino stand up version with alpha and would like the gamble option enabled - all the bulbs are there, just wonder why they disabled it in later versions - mine is 7.03 - I have the rom files for newer versions on pluto 6? if they are needed at all (ptplayer70 v1-05 and ptimeplayer v1-04)
  7. Hi Ramon here's the ones you mention - (thanks to whoever dumped these ) Dave. Nudge Up (Barcrest) [Rom].zip Top Action (Barcrest) [Rom].zip
  8. captainhaddock

    Astra party slots or reel king sounds

    here's some astra sounds Sounds.zip
  9. captainhaddock

    Red Crazy Fruits £15 jackpot data pack probs again!!

    do you have the prom numbers - there's a chance that the matching non-data set could be found from that info, Dave.
  10. captainhaddock

    mystery mpu4 roms

    Hi - I'd say BAT is break and take, can't see anything that matches C Drop in the rom dat - but I think there was an mpu4 conversion called cash drop.
  11. captainhaddock

    MPU4 mod 4 BWB/Barcrest “Red Hot Fever� issues

    this manual should help a little with one of the error codes. Dave. BWB_Volcano_Manual.pdf
  12. captainhaddock

    Bear Climber (Coinworld)

    Here's the coinworld website from internet archive - nothing about bear climber though .. https://web.archive.org/web/19991104194753/http://www.coinworld.demon.co.uk:80/
  13. captainhaddock

    bell fruit proms

    sorry mate can't see those.
  14. captainhaddock

    bell fruit proms

    here's the rom files (with sound)- if you need a different rom version check the numbers on your roms and post it on here. sc4lotrf.zip
  15. captainhaddock

    WANTED Star point Dice and Cromptons Flippa Winna manual

    Here's a vid of a starpoint dice mech,,