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  1. captainhaddock

    Astra party slots or reel king sounds

    here's some astra sounds Sounds.zip
  2. captainhaddock

    Red Crazy Fruits £15 jackpot data pack probs again!!

    do you have the prom numbers - there's a chance that the matching non-data set could be found from that info, Dave.
  3. captainhaddock

    mystery mpu4 roms

    Hi - I'd say BAT is break and take, can't see anything that matches C Drop in the rom dat - but I think there was an mpu4 conversion called cash drop.
  4. captainhaddock

    MPU4 mod 4 BWB/Barcrest “Red Hot Fever� issues

    this manual should help a little with one of the error codes. Dave. BWB_Volcano_Manual.pdf
  5. captainhaddock

    Bear Climber (Coinworld)

    Here's the coinworld website from internet archive - nothing about bear climber though .. https://web.archive.org/web/19991104194753/http://www.coinworld.demon.co.uk:80/
  6. captainhaddock

    bell fruit proms

    sorry mate can't see those.
  7. captainhaddock

    bell fruit proms

    here's the rom files (with sound)- if you need a different rom version check the numbers on your roms and post it on here. sc4lotrf.zip
  8. captainhaddock

    WANTED Star point Dice and Cromptons Flippa Winna manual

    Here's a vid of a starpoint dice mech,,
  9. captainhaddock

    MFME v6.0 Bugs Thread

    I'm pretty sure that the apha display is the type shown below for this machine, changing it to that type should fix the decimal point problem.
  10. captainhaddock

    Mazooma Card Flip Reels

    Here's a manual for stir crazy if it helps at all - it shows the card unit reel with the number of symbols - but that's about all the info it gives. Stir Crazy (Eclipse).pdf
  11. captainhaddock

    Astra IO3, Freebee and Lucky 7

    Many thanks for the roms
  12. captainhaddock

    MFME v6.0 Bugs Thread

    Here's an astra game that I can't get to run - I'm assuming that it's party time player in the sit down cab,reel 5 just spins and errors yet it's set up the same as reels 4 and 6. pic and layout attached party time player.zip
  13. captainhaddock

    Bullion Bars - Arena

    sorry can't find that version.
  14. captainhaddock

    Bullion Bars - Arena

    Here they are BBMultiV708.zip
  15. captainhaddock

    Bullion Bars - Arena

    I couldn't see that version in the dat - I thought that the roms below were all pluto 6 and they are apart from BBMulti7.08 05/08/2011 18:50 9,581,719 BBARPLATV0-04.zip 04/06/2014 18:14 3,034,856 BBars V1.01 Data.zip 04/06/2014 18:15 3,033,863 BBars V1.01 Std.zip 05/08/2011 18:50 5,115,033 BBarsPlayer V1-00.zip 08/08/2011 17:49 4,377,936 BBMultiV708.zip 27/01/2012 18:50 4,029,394 Bullion Bars Community 1-00 std.zip 05/11/2011 11:38 2,600,100 Bullion Bars Plr Å“35 data Legacy C.zip