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  1. stevedude2

    PCP In for a Penny, In for a pound

    Great to see one of these again after so many years. They used to have a couple of them on the Grand Pier in Weston-super-Mare when I was a kid and you used to get a good game for your money which was nice because it was a 30 minute walk from my house to the pier. Lovely to see these old PCP's still going strong. Nice work Barrie
  2. stevedude2

    All JPM Vogue Machines

    Great thread. There was a Box 13 as well if memory serves. Bright red cab, for the bingo sector. No pics, sorry. Another game called Twin Turbo as well, failed test I think. Did JPM ever do Powerspin in this cab? I seem to think they did?
  3. stevedude2

    Making 3D EWN - can you help?

    Nice-looking project so far - I wish you the best of luck with it I used to love the Mk2's as a kid; really decent game-play and as you say, you never saw one on its own; they were always lined-up together in a row. Most of the Mk2's round my way had the 'newer' reel-bands, which had a cherry above the JPM on reel 1 and only one melon on reel 2. But there were definitely some with the older reel-bands; plum above JPM on reel 1 and loads of extra melons and grapes on reel 2. With the 'cherry' reel-bands you very rarely ever got more than 7 nudges, but on the 'plum' version you did see 8, 9 or 10 nudges from time to time. The Mk2's were superb games which seemed very fair. They got the balance just right. The Mk3's were absolutely dire by comparison - horrible cabinet, daft nudge music and far too many games with nudges, so much so that you nearly always got 1 less than the number you needed. The £2.40 jackpot didn't help either of course. Disgusting games really, although the later Crystal versions somehow managed to be even worse...
  4. stevedude2

    Picked up a bargain Impact! ;)

    First game I saw in the vogue cab was some sort of Robin Hood-themed game on test in my local arcade. Didn't last very long. I think Indy was next, or maybe Big Banker or Money Talks. I can't think of any more Vogue games that started out as £6 token jackpots, apart from Roller Coaster. Would be fascinating to see a release schedule for this period. I didn't know that Indy was prototyped in the System5 cabinet, unless that's a Dutch version or something, but it doesn't look like it is. Fascinating to see
  5. stevedude2

    Golden ghost/golden stepper inbreed

    Great selection of old games there. Thanks for sharing :)
  6. stevedude2

    BWB - LUCKY LADY 2p / £1.50

    Ooh nice one
  7. stevedude2

    Ghost Buster (BWB)

    Great layout mate In all seriousness many thanks for fixing the lamps and adding those bits - I haven't been able to look at it 🏆
  8. stevedude2

    Ghost Buster (BWB)

    Thanks for this Chris, I'll have a crack at it this evening
  9. stevedude2

    Ghost Buster (BWB)

    Yeah I did notice the collect button come to think of it. I was using those reel lamp numbers at one point as well How do I sort the CHR out? Once it's tidied up I'll re-issue it
  10. stevedude2

    Ghost Buster (BWB)

    BOO! Hehe! Hope I didn't scare ya ;) It's 90 days until Hallowe'en so what better way to celebrate than play this classic layout I've knocked up for Ghost Buster by BWB. It's set to 10p play, £6 jackpot and 78% payout. Keys are - ` - CANCEL 1,2,3 - HOLD / NUDGE F - FEATURE C - COLLECT SPACE - START Many thanks to whoever it was that uploaded the ROMs (there was quite a selection but I went for 10p play as that's how I remember the game), and also Wizard for MFME and for taking the time to get this particular one-off game running as I believe it was a bit of a sod to sort out. I had a bit of trouble with the TREASURE HUNT lamps always staying on for some reason, maybe it's just the ROMs? Also, there's a strange noise that gets played sometimes after pressing start. Maybe a hidden secret in the game but I couldn't work out what it is for. Lastly, if you get three mixed 7's on the winline you get a mystery feature, which I didn't even know until a couple of days ago! Any issues let me know and I'll fix and re-upload :) Have fun! Stevedude2 Ghost Buster [release v1.0].zip
  11. stevedude2

    JPM Impact Valuation

    Those mini-reels were a real pain back in the day. There were a few machines in the arcade I used to work in which had them (QPS Medallion Job for example) and in the morning when we turned the mains on they would often not initialise. I used to thump the glass as the reel reset and it often did the trick for some reason. Once it had initialised the reel was perfectly fine for the rest of the day. Only ever happened on rebuild machines on Impact technology. Every now and then we would take the reel out and remake all the contacts right back to the MPU and it would be OK for a few weeks. That machine in those pics is in really good condition I must say. There was another game MDM did in that JPM cabinet called American Dream which was quite a fun game. Nice sample of 'CRW - I feel love' on the feature lapper board when you got a skill stop if I recall correctly. Coliseum was one of my favourites for a while because of the abundance of skill features on it. Hope you get it working
  12. stevedude2

    2 SRU machines discovered

    Those Crystal rebuilds are an abomination. They did EWN and Lite-a-Nudge as well, £5 jackpot, played like horseshit I hope you enjoyed the originals instead
  13. stevedude2

    Step 'n' Skip [BWB]

    Yeah the reels do drag a bit when I am playing on my laptop or on a small screen unfortunately, probably due to the graphics being resized. If you play it on a larger monitor in full resolution, it runs fine. Also, if you put the game in edit mode you can see the real size of the layout albeit in a small window, and it runs nice and smoothly. That cancel button feature slow-down comment - I also noticed this as I did the layout and wondered if I had the door switches configured correctly, but all the money gets metered properly. Must have been a quirk on the original game or on those particular ROMs. Thanks for your comments
  14. stevedude2

    Step 'n' Skip [BWB]

    Here it is folks, I hope you like it (Sorry it took so long) If there's any issues post them on this thread and I'll sort them out in the next few days. Once any mistakes are fixed I'll upload it to the other sites mentioned in the notes. Play in MFME v6.1 or higher. Works best on a nice big monitor Many thanks to - SteveP for his help with the starter layout and whatnot Road Runner for the ROMs Wizard for his continued hard work on MFME. These days are truly something to behold and I cannot thank him enough Cheers, Steve Step & Skip 1.0.zip
  15. stevedude2

    WIP - Step 'n' Skip - [BWB]

    Cheers for this pic. Only ever knew this game as 2p play, and the only other pic we have is of the 2p version so to see it as a 10p play game is quite refreshing