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  1. Stiffy

    Rock On (MPU2) DX

    Awesome - Thanks Frig
  2. Stiffy

    Body match (mps)

    Amazing Work Seb
  3. Stiffy

    Mississippi Lady German MPU4 Video DX

    Thank you - Will be giving this a good bash having played it on holiday many years ago
  4. Stiffy

    MFME v6.0 Release Thread

    Thank Chris - Excellent as usual. Merry Christmas and a very Happy New Year to you.
  5. Stiffy

    Body match (mps)

    Indeed an awesome machine - Cannot wait. Thanks HTS
  6. Stiffy

    Lamps fuse blowing on Electrocoin Super Big 7

    Thank you both. I am pretty sure this one has loads of lamps however. it looks to have about 40 at the top and then one in each button - none are working
  7. Hi. A friend of mine has a Super Big 7 which I am trying help him with. Apart from the 2 flourescent reel lamps, none of the other lights are working. We checked and replaced the 8Amp lamp fuse and each time it just immediately blows again (luckily I bought a pack of 10) I noticed that the Varta battery at the bottom of the main board has leaked and so that could be to blame, however he claims the lights were working fine until very recently and that damage looks really old. Aside from the lamps, the machine does run and work correctly and he also recently had the coin-mech updated to take the new £1 coin. It does display an 'F' on the LED briefly when starting up but I assume that is F as in Fuse as some sort of warning? Does anyone have any advice on how to diagnose what the lamp problem may be? Do we need a new main board and if so any ideas where we can get one from? Thanks if you can help Stiffy
  8. Stiffy

    MFME v5.1 Release Thread

    Thank you Chris
  9. Stiffy

    BGT Roms + a PROCONN Request Please

    Thanks anyway Dad - How about the Sound Rom for Mazooma Random Monopoly (ADDER5)?
  10. Hi I would like to get back into layout designing - trying the new tools. Are the Roms available for any of the following BGT games?: 1) Turkish Delight 2) Hot Slot 3) Casino Max Also does anyone have the roms for Projects (PROCONN) Play Your Cards Right? Thanks if you can help and Merry Christmas Stiffy(1231)
  11. Stiffy

    Bell Fruit Golden Shot (Black Box)

    Looks Awesome Danno - Cannot wait
  12. Stiffy

    Bfm's Firecracker (club) Wdx

    Fabuous Release - Well done and thank you Vectra
  13. Stiffy

    MIAMI DICE 1400 DX

    You have made my day Orchid - Many Thank for this
  14. Ah - gutted Thanks for the info anyway - Are there other MPU3 Video machines?
  15. I just found the flyer uploaded by riche100. You can find that download here: http://www.fruitemu.co.uk/ib/index.php?/files/file/1051-barcrest-take5-mpu3-video-machine/