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  1. superbank

    Build your own fruit machine!!

    Aah yes, Magik, our resident mad professor! I seem to remember him doing something a few years back but I canny mind exactly what it was. No doubt something spectacularly spectacular!
  2. superbank

    fruit machine

    Top work chief! Good to see these old boards saved. Too many been skipped over the years.
  3. You'd be surprised what has sometimes been known to turn up on eBay after people mention machines on here!
  4. superbank

    Chico the Bandit

    These are getting very hard to get hold of nowadays, especially in working condition. Battery damage was common on these boards and some very nasty examples have been seen. There are a couple of guys here who have been known to repair these so that may be your best option. You'll have to post a few pictures and maybe someone will be able to help you.
  5. Yeah I got raped by one of these in a local of mine many moons ago. Wouldn't mind having a go on one again to see how they play when happy. Maybe someone knows if this has been emulated?
  6. superbank

    How about this lol

    Jesus Christ!! You're running out of skin big lad!
  7. superbank

    Nudge double up deluxe crystal leisure

    its fucking shite!
  8. superbank

    3 classics

    Excellent, look forward to seeing these, Hot Shot in particular!
  9. superbank

    Step 'n' Skip [BWB]

    WOW! Step n Skip - can't believe I missed this release! Thanks ever so much for this Steve, I've wanted to play this for soooooooo long. Boxing day heaven - Football, horse racing, whisky and Step n Skip.
  10. superbank

    Bell fruit 1970s electromechanical machines

    you mean sort after!
  11. superbank

    maygay back glass

  12. superbank

    fruity repairers?!

    If the couriers damaged the cab then you really need to claim back from them. Empty cabs of this era are almost non-existant. SRU machines command top money so you're just not going to pick up a cheap cab unfortunately. Hopefully you can get a few quid back from them which will lessen the blow. Keep us posted.
  13. superbank

    To everyone on here

    This is what happens when you post after drinking heavily!