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  1. superbank

    jpm pyramid 1600 dx

    You really should try Facebook or eBay Eren - I hate seeing machines pulled apart. I hope someone buys it rather than it get broken up.
  2. superbank

    Supertron (Almost finished)

    I remember the Andy Capp game well. That was great!
  3. superbank

    Dutch MFME machines

    That's actually not the case here. Rolo has released a playable layout of a Dutch machine in an earlier thread. And very nice it is too! He's not just here for what he can get, he's actually giving something first.
  4. superbank

    rom burning please

    Are these for some of the machines that you don't own?
  5. superbank

    Epoch engineers!

    Wow I've never looked at an Epoch board before. There's not a lot you can change on that is there?
  6. superbank

    Funny advert

    £1000 spare or repairs. "I was told it was working.......so please assume it doesn't" What a CUNT!!!!!
  7. superbank

    Gold Fever Repair

    Very nice. That "lose" square would put you off going for the gold pot on the skill chance - and its fucking quick too - very nasty! I like the way the nudges held and then gave you non stop the next game. Quirky game - thanks for the vid Steve.
  8. superbank

    Supertron (Almost finished)

    More rootin' than tootin' to be honest!
  9. superbank

    Supertron (Almost finished)

    Haha I certainly wouldn't call it work mate!
  10. superbank

    Supertron (Almost finished)

    Looks good Rolo! I'm quite a fan of the Dutch machines. Used to play them on the ferry on the way to Amsterdam.
  11. superbank

    Golden ghost/golden stepper inbreed

    Love that Cash Arena! I've not seen one of them for a very long time! Hit The Top looks nice too. Some good machines there @Amot nice find.
  12. superbank

    Golden ghost/golden stepper inbreed

    Cool Is this the machine that was advertised on Facebook?
  13. superbank

    Project Coin roms

    With the pull handle on the side of the cabinet!
  14. superbank

    hi,i am new

    Donate then download. It's very easy!
  15. superbank

    1984 MPU3 Naughty but Nice

    Nice machine! The entire fucking post was attached for the benefit of @quattrohead, in case he missed it!