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  1. superbank

    question regarding voltage ?

    I'd say not Del.You could, no doubt, up the supply voltage to 230V but the output voltages will go up. What's it out of? There are quite a few secondary windings. If you wanted to try anything then you'll have to disconnect it and measure the voltages coming out on all the windings.
  2. superbank

    question regarding voltage ?

    Put a picture up Del.
  3. superbank

    Roms - Question

    Shame, but thanks. The search continues....
  4. superbank

    Roms - Question

    I've been looking for one for years. There were three Maygay machines of that era that I played an awful lot - Safe Cracker, Super Safe and Step Up. Not seen any of them for donkeys!
  5. superbank

    Roms - Question

    Yes I fear the same Steve. Pity, would love to see that machine or ROMs surface.
  6. That's exactly it Chris. If the ROMs are corrupt, or missing, then it's virtually worthless. Shame as it would be nice to see this emulated. I know Lancett has a version of this.
  7. Cheers Del! Well there you go. Shame no interest but not that many people want to pay over a grand for a project. The prices are a lot lower than before too!
  8. superbank

    JPM In 2019

    Agreed, have missed Frank's stories of late. Hope he's ok, would be good to see him back!
  9. Someone picked up a Clickety Click a while back, a genuine UK one. Can't remember who though. Hopefully the ROMs will be made available. Didn't he have a couple of Bar 7's in that haul too?? Not heard or seen anything of them at all!
  10. superbank

    Roms - Question

    Great haul, no doubt someone will dump this lot so we can see what gems you've uncovered. That Safecracker really intrigues me. I remember a 10p play £3 Maygay machine called that, played it loads back in the day but not seen one for 20+ years. Here's hoping!
  11. superbank

    Can anyone repair this broken epoch alarm board for me

    To be honest you'd probably be the only person on the entire planet who would buy this, so there goes his only potential buyer.....
  12. superbank

    My Gamesroom

    Probably hundreds of them either converted or scrapped Nick!
  13. superbank

    My Gamesroom

    Wow, had no idea this was an S80 machine! Was convinced it was SRU due to the cab. You live and learn!
  14. Haha nice one @Amot Hope he gives the fart-encrusted notes to his wife and kids. They'll no doubt think that their dad has shitty fingers (to go with his shitty underhand dealings).
  15. superbank

    My Gamesroom

    Quality machine Chris - not seen one of these for many a year! One of the rarest SRU machines I would imagine?