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  1. superbank

    Lucky Lady BWB System80

    Oooh Masterspy!! I've not played one of those for years!! Very nice Steve. 😊
  2. superbank

    Guitar and my Big 50

    Haha it's a bit new for roulette wheel head!
  3. superbank

    Guitar and my Big 50

    Spot on! That's the spirit of The Mecca.
  4. superbank

    Bellfruit system 83 coundown classic

    Great news, so glad that this is going to be emulated. Wing it over when you're ready mate looking forward to seeing this.
  5. superbank

    Potluck club v1.2

    Lovely. Thank you.
  6. superbank

    JPM Top Streak

    About £500 i reckon. Make him give you the money!
  7. superbank

    Lucky Lady BWB System80

    Very nice. Begging to be converted.....
  8. superbank

    fruit machine

    It's about the only place you find beer mats nowadays!
  9. superbank

    Pcp cashablanca classics

    Lovely, thanks very much Seb!
  10. superbank

    Stop the Clock MPU4 Barcrest

    Nice one Bob - a great machine! I remember the first time I played one - sounds were miles ahead of anything else at the time. You almost had to queue to get on it!
  11. superbank

    How about this lol

    Fucking hell big lad you look like a patchwork quilt! Will be interesting to see what it looks like when it's all coloured in.
  12. superbank

    bwb cashcade classic

    Excellent, many thanks for this Seb! Never played this on 10p/£3 before but it can streak mentally on the feature when it wants, have had 20+ repeats a few times!
  13. superbank

    Newbie Former Previous Member

    Is system80 still about?? Not heard of him for years. He used to be a regular here, was pretty good at getting people's backs up!
  14. superbank

    Collecting new project,interesting

    Very nice. Brings back memories from our pub years ago. Glad you got it up and running.