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  1. superbank

    Monopoly In A Spin Classic

    Tracing paper!
  2. superbank

    Monopoly In A Spin Classic

    Two shits in one day.... nice! 💩💩
  3. superbank

    Hyper Games DX

    This thread has now descended into a farce!
  4. superbank

    is this a trusted seller?

    Your're totally missing the point Del. The bloke is a shithouse rip-off cunt who ROUTINELY fucks people over on eBay. Well known and respected members of our community have been conned with the shite that he hawks on eBay. Some doesn't turn up at all, he re-uses stamps, he does anything he can to make a dishonest buck. Agreed, some things do get killed by our machines, but this bloke has a known history of selling dodgy gear. It's NEVER a coincidence where he's concerned! The bloke is a cunt, and to be honest, you'd do well to stop trying to defend him!
  5. superbank

    Hyper Games DX

    Fuck me - it's like comparing lemonade to champagne!! Tommy, have a word with Meme will you FFS - you need to learn how to do a proper DX mate!
  6. You've not met shoddy work until you've met Del! If he had a building company he would name it Bodgitt & Scarper!
  7. superbank

    Jumping Jacks

    Never seen one of these before. Nice find @Dazza
  8. superbank

    is this a trusted seller?

    Con artists need outing, we should protect one another on here - if we know someone is dodgy then people need to be warned. I think "odd hiccup" will already be qualifier for understatement of the year Del, and it's only the 21st Jan! The blokes a cunt, and nobody should ever buy anything from him, Ever.
  9. superbank

    MPS Machine tripping house RCD

    Have you tried running it without the mains filter?
  10. superbank

    Bell Fruit closing

    Quite a compliment, coming from the master himself!
  11. superbank

    Mazooma Stag Night

    Fuck me, has he not given you enough??
  12. superbank

    Mazooma Stag Night

    That's not what he said, so one of you is lying!!
  13. superbank

    MPS Machine tripping house RCD

    It's gotta be something on the mains side, so if it's not the PSU then it can only really be the ballast on the fluorescent lamps as Kev said above.
  14. superbank

    MPS Machine tripping house RCD

    I wouldn't mess about with the tap settings, either change the RIFA's or remove them and add an in-line filter. If you're happy enough to take it on then I've got a set of RIFA's that I'll send out to you if you like?
  15. superbank

    Having trouble soldering battery leads on

    Thankfully, neither do I!