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  1. frig

    Making 3D EWN - can you help?

    It's coming on nicely:) BTW: let me know if you want a HQ JPM logo, as I recently redrew one for one of my newer layouts. (It's a 25meg PSD )
  2. frig

    Electrocoin bar x deluxe

    Did you check all the plugs inside the machine before turning on (reels, mechs, boards)? Stuff tends to come loose during transit, especially on older machines.
  3. frig

    System 80 Club Vegas ROMS Edit + pics.

    Thanks Louie for taking the time to upload all this material. Thanks to you, we can now all play this:) Andy B
  4. Hi Guys Here is a DX version of JPM's Club Vegas from 1982. Hopefully there will be some members on here that are actually old enough to remember this? A big thanks goes to Louie Bee for uploading the ROMS, and some pictures on which this is based off. Thanks to Richy100 for providing the flyers (inside the folder). Thanks to Reg (desertislandfruits.com) for testing. And finally, thanks to Wizard for providing us all with MFME and its evolution:) Shortcuts and further info is in the Read Me file if needed. Download Layout: Club Vegas v1.zip I hope you enjoy this.....Andy B
  5. frig

    Rock On Video as promised :)

    Pack it in before you go blind!
  6. frig

    Making 3D EWN - can you help?

    I have just been going through my really old back up DVDS, and found the original PSD files I made, from the pics I took off my old machine. These will be easier to clean up for you. I also spotted my original photos too. (Also added) FRUITS 1.zip glass pics.zip
  7. frig

    Loadz of ROMz

    Pook released Crackpot on 10p/100 on MFME a while ago. You should be able take the roms out of it, and burn them. Crackpot_DX.zip Just noticed the post is 6 years old, so it might be a bit late lol.
  8. frig

    system 80 jpm club vegas

    Thanks for the replies. Looks like I will have to try and force it for a couple of days.
  9. frig

    system 80 jpm club vegas

    Hi Guys. Does anyone know if this has got more than 1x 50p tube? I have it running perfectly on the latest version of MFME (credit display, meters, reels, payouts, buttons, test, door switches, 5p/10p play) but I have 4 triacs left over, and I want to know if these are for an extra 50p tube + meters on the 50 and 100 pound jackpot? So far I have only been able to win up to 25 pound, which came out as 50x50p. Please let me know if you have any idea. Thanks:)
  10. frig

    Making 3D EWN - can you help?

    You could try asking Launton. I had to lift them fruits off an old bitmap I had, because I lost the original PSD in a HD crash a number of years ago. They are exactly the same symbols as the early electromechanical JPM's. Everything else apart from the logo was drawn from scratch, so should be 150 PPI.
  11. frig

    Making 3D EWN - can you help?

    Unfortunately not. There are literally 100's of individual layers. I can export sections/groups of it in PNG though. Here is the top and bottom glass (PNG) with no background (unlit), so you can cut out anything you need. And the top and bottom glass with backgrounds lit, without the cabinet or mechs. I will also include the reels that I made as bitmaps. reel 1.bmp reel 2.bmp reel 3.bmp
  12. frig

    Making 3D EWN - can you help?

    Let me know if you want the full PSD file of the layout I did, it has everything in separate layers (65meg) and you could pick bits out of it.
  13. frig

    Electro Mechanic Emulation

    I just found my original scan of Pool Play schematics in some old folders on my laptop, and uploaded them to Dads forum if anyone is interested. Fully readable now:)
  14. frig

    10p tongues

    Looks like an easy job for a 3D printer?
  15. frig

    Electro Mechanic Emulation

    I still have a scan of the schematics for Pool Play if anyone wants to have a go at it , but it needs a bit of deciphering as when I took the pic, digital cameras were only 2 mega pixels.