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  1. frig

    Jumping Jacks

    Well spotted. I only had the classic of this. Converts fine using 5.1:)
  2. frig

    Hyper Games DX

    I make great chicken nuggets...…...Cheaper than frozen Frankenstein ones too! (let me know if you want a recipe) KFC is handy if you want to save money - instead of sending the Mrs to Dr Big Boobs for an op!
  3. frig

    Hyper Games DX

    I prefer Chicken Nuggets as it happens....At least they don't make piss taking layouts!
  4. frig

    Hyper Games DX

    I am beginning to think Me Me is either a Chav or a troll. Seems a bit odd that he/she/it never thanks people for work, ignores everybody, and continues to take zero pride in their/other peoples work!
  5. frig

    Monopoly In A Spin Classic

    Hey Meme...You do realise that all you have to do is put the curser over a graphic, hold Shift down and use the arrow keys to nudge things in to a straight line?
  6. frig

    font id please

    A Bit difficult to tell with that. Is the dot round or square? It could be ITC Avant Garde Gothic Bold
  7. frig

    Wanted... Hoppers

    Ipac for buttons and hopper (coin out) inputs, and a PacDrive to drive the button lamps (5v) and hopper motors (5V). I use about 8 relays in my small cabinet to do all the triggering, but 2 of them are for a daft note changer I added. As for 10p payouts. Well, you can only run 2 hoppers, so you have to edit the Pacdrive outputs in MFME accordingly. Here is an example of a 10p hopper and a 20p token Hopper, for a game that pays out Tokens, 10p's, 50p's and Pounds You simply use the multiplier column to attain the right denomination.
  8. frig

    Clickity Click - JPM (SYS 80)

    Hi Guys Someone has spotted a number missing on reel 2 and 3. For some reason they were unticked on my PSD files for the reels. So please change reel 2 and 3 for the following files, or simply download the updated version above (V1.01) REEL 2.bmp REEL 3.bmp
  9. frig

    Crown Jewels £5 DX

    It's short for 'Me Me'
  10. Hi Guys As a special Christmas treat for you, I am pleased to bring you my MFME version of Bar 7. This uses USA ROMS that Richy100 managed to get from Ian Eason:) Fortunately they are the same as the UK ROMS as far as gameplay. The only difference seems to be the lack of a 50p change facility and token input. I was able to make this a UK machine, thanks to some top glass pics Richy100 sent me during the draw process:) Included in the download folder is: READ ME.txt for short cuts and full information Personality Pack. AKA Bar 7 Manual (Thanks Richy100) Flyer of the original machine (Thanks Richy100) Thanks to Ian and Richard for your support:) Reg (desertislandfruits.com) for final testing, and finally Wizard for making everything possible with MFME! Download and have some nostalgic fun: Bar 7.zip Happy Christmas:) Andy B
  11. frig

    Clickity Click - JPM (SYS 80)

    I mentioned a few things in the Read Me.txt file included in the download. As far as I know the main difference is that it plays the jackpot tune if you press collect, as well as when you win a jackpot. Other little things are non game play related, like no 50p change given, no token payouts, and payouts are in multiples of 10p for odd wins, and multiples of 20p for even wins. I am not sure if the US version would of used a 10p and a 20p pay slide, or a 10p and double 10p pay slide or not? In the EMU this is easy to configure for people with cabinets anyway.
  12. Hi everyone. For those of you that were curious about the recently imported Clickity Click machine from the States. I have put together an MFME version of it for you. Please note that I gave this the UK look, and if the UK ROMS ever turn up, they should be able to run on this layout with no extra artwork. Special thanks go to Instance Automatics & Louie Bee for providing the ROMS, and Ploggy for uploading them to here. Also, thanks to Richy100 for providing the additional Clickity Click flyer. As always, a big thanks goes to Wizard for all his hard work in making MFME what it is today:) Download and have fun! Clickity Click v1.01.zip
  13. frig

    Mystery Tech?

    Have you tried plugging it in to a Jamma cabinet?
  14. frig

    Lucky Strike club Decals? Mpu4

    Madrone font is a very close match.
  15. frig

    chances unlimited

    That brings back memories! I used to have one of them in my living room. One of the most generous machines I ever owned, apart from a JPM pyramid clubber I had which also seemed to pay out too much. Same tech I think?