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  1. I switch just “D” which gave a bad character alarm so switched “E” too which solved it. Andy Capp up & running on the correct jackpot. Thank you mate. That information is so useful 👌🏽
  2. Cheers pal. I’ll have a play later & report back 👌🏽
  3. So here are my Andy Capp program cards. Looks like they’re 1992 sampled sound. Didn’t know there were so many. the first photo shows the card that works. Unfortunately it’s the wrong JP. The next photo shows my spare card with the correct JP. It doesn’t seem to want to work in my machine. It came out of a working Andy Capp so I don’t understand the compatibility issues. Perhaps it’s just corrupt? Or is it something to do with the CHR? Can I simply transfer over 1 or more chips to the card that I know works? If so, which chips? A - E. Thank you
  4. Crest, WOW that is some incredibly good information. I’ve got a couple of more specific questions but I’ll need to look at my boards when I get home. Thank you mate 💪🏽👍🏽
  5. Stuie78

    Percent key error

    Thank you. The problem has randomly disappeared although I removed the mech to get it updated. Machine currently switches on and gets me beyond the fault no problem. Hopeful that it doesn’t return when the mech goes back in this week 🤞🏽 If it does, I’ll assume a fault with the key first and the board it connects to second. much appreciated 👍🏽
  6. Good morning all. Just a post to expand my knowledge...I’d love to hear your answers but am also happy to be corrected on anything that I think is right but isn’t. Barcrest/BWB MPU4 program cards. As I understand it...on a Barcrest game card there are 4 EPROMs. 1 for the game play, stakes, jackpot etc, 2 for sound & 1 skinny one. 1. What’s the skinny one? 2. I’ve read the term chr...what’s that stand for? The other chips are permanent chips so I don’t need to know what they are or what they do. The Barcrest “security chip” (I don’t know what that is or where it is on the card). 3. Is that security chip specific to the game or to the machine? I mean, for example, can any Andy Capp program card go in any Andy Capp machine or is it 1 card, 1 machine? 4. Depending on the answer to that...to change the game stake & jackpot, do I replace the program card with new EPROMs on or do I replace the EPROMs on the current game card? And do I replace/burn all 4 EPROMs or just the game card? 5. Are other mpu’s as restrictive? It looks like they’re not as the EPROMs either go directly on to the MPU or the game cards are a lot more basic Thanks very much
  7. Stuie78

    Coins stopped being accepted

    Cheers Mavroz. Working my way through the problems. I’ve bought all 3 recently from different places (although great escape was known not to be working). Board replacement got that (nearly) going. problem above solved 👌🏽 Switched the y chute with another machine and it worked so just need to source a replacement. memory alarm was dead battery. Luckily it was already fly wired so sorted that ok. great escape percentage fixed itself so not sure about that one. Might replace the percentage board shortly to be safe. thanks mate 👍🏽
  8. Stuie78

    Mem reset alm

    Thanks very much. Left machine on for much of the day. Turned it off and back on and Was fine. Turned it off for an hour and the initial problem was back. The battery needs replacing which I’ll do shortly..hopefully that’ll solve it
  9. Stuie78

    Mem reset alm

    So, given that everything else works, we could be at the very early stages of battery leakage? I’ll check it out & get it off the board. thanks Matt
  10. Stuie78

    Mem reset alm

    Thank you Mavros. So simple but charging the battery wasn’t something I’d considered. I’m learning as I go. Thanks
  11. Stuie78

    Percent key error

    Hi all My maygay great escape started showing error code 4.4 No prcent key. the photo shows the payout percentage selector board which looks like there’s a few bits missing! Strange given that it worked ok before so perhaps not. What am I missing here? thanks
  12. Stuie78

    Coins stopped being accepted

    Hi there. On my JPM roller coaster, the coin slot no longer lights and every coin gets rejected. I’ve recently moved the machine but can’t remember if it worked after moving...😬 there doesn’t seem to be any plugs dislodged though. Tried removing & re-inserting any plugs I could see. Any idea on what could be wrong? photo of my coin mech. thanks
  13. Stuie78

    Mem reset alm

    Hi there having the following error coming up every time I turn on the machine. It goes away after I’ve confirmed the date and the machine plays fine but I’m guessing it’s forgetting previous payouts etc. any idea how to rectify? thanks
  14. I’ve just done this Matty and I’m getting the problem. Any reason you thought this? Everything was working fine (except the sound but I’m working on that) (maygay great escape), switched out the board to test another one. That didn’t work so I switched everything back but am now getting this error. Mine is the percentage though rather than stake/jp.
  15. Stuie78

    Routing plug

    Managed to get really lucky! Bought an Andy Capp with the exact configuration I needed. Switched the routing plug over & works perfectly. Now I know the configuration I need 😎