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  1. Sock

    how do i set it to 10p play donkey kong

    so I have a 6 dip stake/prize card set to 1 and 4 on the game 5p/£5 can't find any info on the net all 8 dip switch any info chaps greatly received
  2. as above is it changed with the dip switches? I have no manual would like it 10p/£5 jackpot it's running 5p/£5 jackpot regards keith
  3. Sock

    M1 machine faults

    hi just a thought my donkey kong doesn't have a dongle will I need one?
  4. Sock

    wanted epoch mpu board

    seller on ebay selling epoch boards anyone had any dealing with him?
  5. Sock

    psu needed for maygay m1b

    battery removed damaged tracks repaired
  6. Sock

    psu needed for maygay m1b

    wow Norway that's a coincidence my last name is warr
  7. Sock

    wanted epoch mpu board

    need a mpu for my Italian job 2
  8. Sock

    psu needed for maygay m1b

    yes I get 5v there I will have to trace it from there
  9. Sock

    psu needed for maygay m1b

    could do with a psu for my donkey kong got no 5v on my
  10. Sock


    any help is always welcome
  11. Sock


    lol just donated to the site as I feel I'm in for the long haul 😁
  12. Sock


    I also want to convert it to run today's coins if possible so as to use it as a piggybank
  13. Sock


    not really drived in yet I was doing a machine repair at a local company and it was sitting up a corner looking sad for itself so I saved it (I hope) it will go well with my 1991 t2 pinball are there wiring diagrams available?
  14. Sock


    hello back only got it monday cleaned all the dust and spiders off it not been run for I don't know how long checked the fuses in power supply also battery looks ok no leaks but flat when I turn it on only get -12v led on ......the fun begins
  15. hi just joined after 12 years of running a t2 pinball I've crossed to the dark side with a maygay donkey Kong that is dead but I plan to bring it to life to join my pinball regards keith aka sock