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  1. Sock

    Maygay M1A/M1B faulty wanted

  2. Sock

    Maygay M1A/M1B faulty wanted

    hi mat apair on ebay
  3. Sock

    "CPLD 01 PIC ????" MPU5 Error

  4. Sock

    Mario kart 64 jack pot

    hi everyone I've had no luck with getting higher jackpot decals so does anyone have any scaned pic's of the decals so I can print them off regards
  5. Sock

    M1 help

    luckily you mat been looking for a great escape myself
  6. Sock

    Any help please ?

    ben I have send you a pm
  7. Sock

    Any help please ?

    hi if you get stuck I got my donkey running from battery damage so can compare boards also what jackpot are you running?
  8. Sock

    fruit machine

    come on guys mick always helps anyone on here someone must have what he needs
  9. Sock

    epoch mk1 psu

    will do
  10. Sock

    epoch mk1 psu

    new update now have both psu's working checking over the board again f1 is a soldered on fuse that was gone but looked ok replaced with a 10amp car fuse (that's all I had to hand) now working the other board had 2 push in fuses both tested ok but on closer inspection f1 fuse holder was burnt off the back of the board so removed the holder and replaced with a 10 amp car fuse now working 20200301_120202.mp4
  11. Sock


    🤣🤣🤣🤣the site is no more
  12. Sock

    epoch mk1 psu

    fuses all sound going to dig in this afternoon
  13. Sock

    epoch mk1 psu

    hi andy need pointing in the direction to get this 36v/ 24 v running
  14. Sock

    epoch mk1 psu

    hi got a mk1 psu that runs the machine put I have no 36v so no lamps also no hopper c5 and c6 had blown so replaced them doh just read Andy's repair (don't need them) can someone point me to the components that produce the 36v /24v regards