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  1. So I got the mech updated and of course now pound coins getting jammed in the tubes. Got completely bored with sanding and it seems almost impossible, so bought some clear acrylic tube. With a dremel and some 2 part epoxy glue, the transplant is complete! Took the "funnel" off the top of the old tubes and fixed to the new. Dremel cut slots for the switches and we're in business!
  2. Sent my mech to Hartley Hare to be done, £20 including return postage seemed good to me. Battery removed 👍
  3. Thanks for that. I've done a lot of repair work on pinball PCBs over the years, and nasty battery corrosion is often an issue on those too. Fortunately this one has been caught in good time (just), no creeping blue death under the mask. One thing that I don't seem to find is full schematics of any of the boards, or wiring diagrams for the cab. With pinball machines all of that was published by the manufacturers (including wire colours) so is easy to get hold of. I guess that kind of information was for internal use at JPM only?
  4. So, picked up the machine yesterday. It does work, but is certainly in need of some TLC, possibly not such a good buy, but as it's my first I'll learn a lot from it. Just about caught the battery in time, looks nasty but hasn't spread. Cab has been broken into at some point in the past but not too badly, just a little wood glue needed in one corner. Coin mech is a C435A. Is it worth getting this one reprogrammed for the new £1, or is it cheaper (thinking about postage) to buy one already done from Ebay? I see one on there for £33 including postage. Some lights out, got some new bulbs coming in the post. A few of the bulb holders have lost a tag, so don't clip in properly (on the right side in the photo for example). Any idea where I get a few replacements? I'm sure there will be more things as I dig into it Manual arriving shortly I think.
  5. Thanks for the links. I think I've tracked down an original manual; if that works out I'll scan that too and post it up here for others to reference.
  6. Where did you get the new tube from?
  7. Thanks for the info. I'm picking the machine up on Friday and will check what coin mech is in there. Cross fingers the tubes will hold the new coin OK.
  8. I made a forum donation too, I think there are some downloads here that might help
  9. My fruit machine background is in older Bally EM slots, and I've also done a lot of work fixing and restoring pinball machines, and I decided I wanted to have a play around with a more modern fruit machine. So I found this not far away on Ebay and I think the price was OK... It's a Club Casino Crazy https://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/250-Jackpot-Super-Casino-Fruit-Machine-/113948097856?nma=true&si=8Kqi7r7tU8xHb6cOQFtQmyPaAIc%253D&orig_cvip=true&nordt=true&rt=nc&_trksid=p2047675.l2557 Like the Bally slots and pinball machines, I want to dig in and understand it better. So a bunch of what probably appear to be dumb questions to get me started if that's OK. I think this is a JPM machine, although I've also found reference to Crystal (I didn't pick it up yet). Which is it? Is a manual and/or schematics available somewhere, either as paper or to download? What generation of JPM machine is it? Common things to check/fix? For example I know a lot of machines have a battery on the MPU, that's the same with pinball and on pinball machines we always move the battery to a remote mount. Any "must read" threads on here, or elsewhere, for someone new? It has a £250 jackpot. How much money should be in the machine to make it worth playing? The coin mech will need updating to the new £1 etc, is that something I can do or should I send the mech off to someone? Just trying to get myself some grounding before I start my fruit machine journey.
  10. Hi Folks On the fruit machine front, I used to have a nice collection of old Bally EM machines, but sold them some years ago and switched to pinball machines. I've restored/repaired a bunch of solid state pinballs over the years, and decided I wanted to play around with a slight more modern fruit machine. Looking for advice etc, folks on fruit-emu.com pointed me here. I'm picking up a machine on Friday, so if OK I'll post in one of the other topics with a bunch of dumb questions I have to get me started - essential reading, where to find manuals/schematics and suchlike thanks Mark