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  1. fruitsnappa

    Sevens above finished

    Excellent job, looks great.
  2. fruitsnappa

    Any one remeber this one

    Didn't the cancel button flash breifly for the hold after win?
  3. fruitsnappa

    NV8 update?

    Not sure sorry, i only see new stuff these days. You may need to enter 123456 in BNV test though.
  4. fruitsnappa

    NV8 update?

    You won't need DES for Scorpion 4 machines,onlu Scorpion 5/6
  5. fruitsnappa

    NV8 update?

    Any help? http://filetransfer.bellfruitgames.co.uk/NV9_10.aspx
  6. fruitsnappa

    Sevens Above ROM

    Hope these are correct? This is a £6 Layout from Compost Corner. 55044-SevensABOVE1280DX.zip
  7. fruitsnappa

    Ace Super Hi-de-Hi

    Many thanks for this.
  8. fruitsnappa

    Can you identify this?

    Bellfruit, something like King of Clubs?
  9. Look at those payout percentages.
  10. fruitsnappa

    Collected this today.

    A lot if not all SWP on itBox where fixed at 30%.
  11. fruitsnappa

    MPU6 - Error 52-36 No ID No characterisation.

    That is the Dallas key. Just with the plastic removed.
  12. fruitsnappa

    How do I ran clear a Pluto 6 board

    Don't think you've any option if machine has frozen. Astra may have a way of doing it in test, not sure.
  13. fruitsnappa

    How do I ran clear a Pluto 6 board

    Short the battery with machine off
  14. fruitsnappa

    Found this...

    Would imagine the switch is cash or token selector?
  15. fruitsnappa

    Pluto 6 Board

    Glad it's all working for you