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  1. fruitsnappa

    Coins accepting not giving any credits

    Are your door switches operating correctly?
  2. fruitsnappa

    Bell fruit scorpion 5 open door mode

    Bent a pin plugging cab switches back onto MPU? (Bottom second one in) or not plugged in properly.
  3. fruitsnappa

    Star burst jukebox

    Assuming you can get access to open the jukebox? Open jukebox door, put in disc, press music update and hey presto. PM me an address and ill send you one
  4. fruitsnappa

    Star burst jukebox

    Can sort you out with a disc if you like?
  5. fruitsnappa

    Barcrest potluck

    Dont forget the £75er's
  6. fruitsnappa

    Maygay fruit'n'nudge

    Used to have one of these, great clubber, love to see it emulated.
  7. fruitsnappa

    Reel bands

    I'd guess at Lite a Nudge, don't know what version though.
  8. fruitsnappa

    Step 'n' Skip [BWB]

    Thankyou very much for this
  9. fruitsnappa

    WIP - Step 'n' Skip - [BWB]

    Looking forward to this. Old favorite from my younger days.
  10. fruitsnappa


    Many thanks for this Pook.
  11. fruitsnappa

    Hi all and I've just been hypnotised

    Hold down centre hold button and turn refill key
  12. fruitsnappa

    jpm plus money cabinet refill key

  13. fruitsnappa

    bally haunted mansion belly glass help (photo editing)

    Remembered this from a while back. Maybe some use towards your eight track? http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=GwPCon07Gjs
  14. fruitsnappa

    Help with wiyb

    Why not change the settings on the price of play key(if fitted) one here http://www.cmjsleisure.com/switchable-price-play-fruit-machine-spares-p-90.html and change decals.