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  1. Fruits1m

    Ace Top of the bill mystery

    Flip A Note was also made in Sp-Ace tech (just to add!)
  2. Fruits1m

    All JPM Vogue Machines

    Filthy Rich Club
  3. Fruits1m

    Can you identify this?

    £10 on the blue silks. Always love a bet on the Gran National
  4. Fruits1m

    Ace Top of the bill mystery

    Thanks! Maybe they replaced it, or had two machines! Like you say, this one is printed. A stickered one would be an absolute mess by now!
  5. Fruits1m

    Can you identify this?

    Never seen one of those before!
  6. Fruits1m

    Can you identify this?

    It's defo not a Bell Fruit looking at that Melon! It also has the same background as Line Up! (Letraset I'm guessing)
  7. Fruits1m

    Ace Top of the bill mystery

    ROFLOL, if I recall correctly, their Flip-A-Note was one of the original test machines. I know this because we didn't have enough time to get the cards printed, so I spend my whole Christmas holiday (and I mean the whole holiday!) cutting out stickers and putting them on all the flipper units for the test machines. Was a nightmare job, but I did get paid well for it thankfully! I went to that arcade to buy something (can't remember what - maybe a Line Up) and saw the Flip-A-Note with the stickers on it. Production machines had properly printed cards of course. The stickers made the units too heavy so they often alarmed or got stuck. TTX - got a pic of one of the numbers? Is it a sticker one?
  8. Fruits1m

    JPM Reel Money

    Cracking game too Nice work!
  9. Fruits1m

    Ace Top of the bill mystery

    Does the error clear? Could be dead battery? (Possibly)
  10. Fruits1m

    Ace Top of the bill mystery

    I would have thought someone here has a manual, or one for Flip A Note as that also used it. Not sure how much info would be there for the unit itself though. The software would almost certainly need a response from the unit to complete start up. The unit definitely runs on start up too, just like a reel would, to find where it is. These were standard, unmodified, units from European poker machines (Popular in Germany I think), so you may find info searching for those.
  11. Fruits1m

    Ace Top of the bill mystery

    Long time ago... (In a Welsh valley far far away) TOTB used a card flipper device. Pretty sure this was 128 stop (or maybe 64). Either way, would likely to have required extra hardware or something? Pound Around used lights for the hi lo. Just guessing, hardware is not my forte lol.
  12. Fruits1m

    Making 3D EWN - can you help?

    I had a Piggybank. Nice game, but kept locking up - always having to reset it. Good job JPM provided a reset switch! The game was effectively Super Bank and would have had quite a lot of compensation. EWN isn't one I've played a lot so can't comment, but would guess it would have some simple controls, like hold%, roll-off (possibly not) and feature trigger chance. Eachway Shuffles definitely did, as I remember older boys sparking them with oven lighters at our local skating rink. My guess is they start off in a good mood and don't remember when powered down. Either that or they were triggering a full reset. I did a similar wiring job with a Club Valentine. I wired the start button up to the 10p insert, so every time you pressed start you got a credit for the next game. Worked a treat until it blew the board lol. Game over
  13. Fruits1m

    Making 3D EWN - can you help?

    what tech are you using?
  14. Fruits1m

    What was this fruit machine?

    Does sound very Ace Coin to me. Probably in that shiny blue fleck cabinet
  15. Fruits1m

    PCP Raffle Ticket

    No argument with the booze lol, but I think Fresh Fruit might be the Super Hold I'm referring to. Use cancel to get 'unlimited nudges' and the coin tubes are yours!